Chat Room Policies

Below you will find some basic chat room rules of proper etiquette that will ensure a pleasant chat room experiences for you, as well as the others in the room.

  • Do not verbally abuse, attack, embarrass, or threaten anyone else in the chat room, no matter what they might say to you. This is probably the most important rule. You are bound to find some troublemakers on the Internet. But, the best way to deal with offensive comments is to just ignore them or simply leave the room.
  • Do not use obscene, offensive, or sexually explicit language. You don't need to use this kind of language in order to speak to someone or to get your point across to others.
  • Never type using only capital letters. On the Internet, this is considered to be screaming or yelling at another person, and, of course, this is nothing short of rude. If you want to *emphasize* a word or phrase, simply type an asterisk in before and then directly after your word or phrase. This is a widely recognized way to get your point across without being rude.
  • When you are entering a chat room, always greet everyone whether you know them or not. But don’t interrupt; wait until there is a lull in the conversation already in progress. And, when someone else enters the room, you should recognize their presence and greet them with a friendly "Hi (their screen name)!"
  • Don't speak unless you know what the conversation is about first. Quietly observe what people are talking about ( or “lurk” as it is sometimes called on the Internet). Also, try to avoid “speaking” in long, detailed messages that will take a lot of time and space to type. Also, never interrupt someone else. Be patient; you will get your chance to speak. By following these rules, your chat room experiences can be positive ones.

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