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Hi, I am just posting here because I feel like I need someone who knows something to give me an answer..good or bad. My question is: have you ever known an itchy mole to NOT be cancer? I visited the dermatologist over last winter to have a mole checked. He assured me it was a friendly mole. Not a month later it started itching. I recently called back and they say they need to see me ASAP. That itchiness doesn't usually occur with a mole they aren't worried about. Does anyone have experience? I have to wait two weeks now and I'm scared!

Good News: MEK162/CDK4 trial

I have come to this site for hope countless times. Hoping this post helps someone like you all have helped me. A shout out to Celeste who originally planted the seed regarding this trial.

CT scan today (8 wks out) show 30% reduction in liver lesions. 

Thank you.



Recap re my husbands diagnosis:

NYC Wings of Hope Gala Oct 30th Is anyone going?

Hi Everyone,


Just checking to see if anyone is going to the NYC Wings of Hope Gala Next Thurs..  Would love to get together.. Hope to  see some of you there.. 

Love and Light

Carole K

Need answers for my mom

Hi,Jim here from Ohio.About a year and a half ago,my mom got what I guess could be called a small lump-like thing on her arm.It looked like an infected mole or an infected bite of some sort.It was purple.Her regular doc said it didnt look like cancer to her and prescribed a cream for it.My mom said the cream seemed to help for a while but it ran out.When she called her doc,the doc said to see a dermatologist to be safe.The visit was today.The dermatologist looked and said she couldnt rule anything out.She said it could be an infected lesion,treatable skin cancer or melanoma,as she said some

Chemo / Radiation

Hi all, have a question: has anybody had chemo? and radiation to a direct tumor in your body? not the brain. 

I have a huge (grapefruit size) tumor in my groin that will not shrink. I've had most of the treatments out there (Ipi, BRAF drugs, and Anti-PD1 Nivolumab). I'm just wondering I can do? I'm not feeling great about radiation and especially the location of this tumor in my groin. Possible side effects of fertility issues, lower testosterone. Not great. 

stage 3C - Adjuvant ipilimulab Maintenance Phase Trial


I posted before about my son -27 y/old with stage 3C. He is been seeing at Princess Margaret in Toronto, Canada.

He had a few surgeries to removed compromised lymph nodes, lesion on scalp and SLN. They found one lymph node with melanoma cells each time (2).

He had the 4th infusions of IPI every three weeks which ended end of July. Afterward, they found another lymph node with cancer cells (last surgery was a few weeks ago). He didn't experience too many side effects aside of fatigue and maybe some Gi issues from the med. He wonders if the IPI is working.

Resistant Loved One/Thanks for Info and Support

BIL still has no plans to see an oncologist. And he won't have followup meeting with surgeon who did his SNB and WLE until next week. He said yesterday that docs he has seen so far should be fired for cutting into his perfectly healthy arm and scaring him with dire diagnosis and then finding nothing.

Advice needed- Janner please respond

My husband has had stage four acral litigious melanoma for two years. He is on the ipi/nivolumbab phase one trial and is stable. My concern is my 27 year old son in the last month has had three colorless hard bumps appear (one on an arm, one on the neck and one on the chest). I took him to the dermatologist yesterday and gave the history of my husband. The appointment to remove them is next week and the doctor said it will probably need a few stitches. Since I wasn't in the room during the exam, I'm assuming the doctor is doing punch biopsies on all three bumps.


So I have questions about melanoma that I'm not to sure about . How does it spread and how does it get into lymph nodes? Is it a by blood thing?? 


Also so I read its a fast spreading cancer... Does that mean it can spread in a week a year ?? 

i currently have stage 0 so I wanna know what can happen