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Spouse of new patient - Questions

Hi, everyone.

My husband, age 72, had a melanoma removed in May with wide excision. At the time, the plastic surgeon said that for the most part the margins were clear but one cell remained.

Recently, small, pink bumps have been coming up on his scalp. He says they hurt when he presses on them. 

He is supposed to have an appointment soon with his dermatologist. I am going to go into the appointment with him because he doesn't hear well and I have some questions.

Concerns but hopeful for nothing

Hi all! Kevin & I have been quiet for a while since his last surgery and scans. Stage 4, but NED. Lately he has been having some mild discomfort in his belly on the opposite side of where he had his small bowel resection. He thought he might have tweeked it at the gym, but it just won't go away. As I know you are all keenly aware of being hyper sensitive to anything out of the ordinary, he is at the doctors. I am so praying for it to be nothing, but can't rule anything out either. Please keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Need to be concerned?

I'm stage 4 and since May I've had slight neck pain. Many of you a familiar with being hyper-sensitive but I think it's always better to err on the side of caution. It's nothing excruciating and some days no pain at all. I'm not sure if it pillows...I've been using newer foam wife stopped because it hurt her neck. I also tweaked my neck good years ago in Marine Corp. I wasn't real kind to my body when I was younger. Anyway, thoughts from anyone who can tell me what a met to spine or bone feels like? I have scans Oct 3rd....yes getting nervous!!!


Ipi Clarification

I dont know when or how but now I'm a little confused on the Ipi progression....

Isn't it that the yervoy itself works late? or the side effects come late etc?

I'm on my 2nd infusion and my visible palpable tumors in soft tissue areas are smaller.....just not looking for false hope lol.


Clnd healing

Hi everyone!  I just recently ( last Thursday) had a clnd under my left arm.  The had found a few micro melanoma cells in the sentinal node- so had the clnd.  I was curious what your recovery was like... Length-time- range of motion- weight limits with holding objects.  It's been hard because I haven't really been able to pick up my 7 month old for almost a week.  Also- it's so hard not to be scared and discouraged.  I'm praying that this surgery takes care of any would be melanoma left. Thanks for your thoughts!  


Here is an update on my husband... He has been on the braf combo for about 5 months now he stared having a slight amount of pain in July ( Oncologist said was probably nothing and CT showed stable bone mets), I knew in my gut something was wrong. Two weeks ago he finally said the pain was more than he could handle and he needed to go back for more scans..... CT showed stable bone mets, Doctor agreed to do MRI due to pain...... Friday he had his MRI, as of this moment I have yet to hear from his Oncologist....

Proton Therapy

Has anyone had proton therapy for brain mets?  Do you know if they can treat multipules at once or if they can treat more because of protecting uneffected tissue?


Pictures of pinhead size melanoma?


I have a very dark brown mole that is literally 1mm in diameter that I've had for years that I am a bit concerned about.  My dermatologist has no concern, but I started searching the internet and found multiple stories of people talking about "pin head sized melanoma" which are getting me a bit worried.  However, I can't seem to find any pictures to compare.  Does anyone here have pictures, links to pictures, or experience with a literal pinhead sized melanoma?

Thank you!


Can anyone tell me if they have taken temozolmide and whether it has been successful

Jualonso UPDATE , fail BRAF

Hi friends, 

i would like to ask for an advice from you, now i have to take my first important decision, Today my PET/SCAN has revealed Progression on COMBO BRAF INH. then i have to go one step forwards.

In this moment what i have available is Ipilimumab, because EAP of pembro is just after fail ipi.

Other Option could be wait a little to see clinical trials i can do it, Im in Spain and nothing interesting is available at the moment.