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3rd keytruda scan not good enough

I've had a good 11 month run on keytruda plus 8 spots of radiation. Still it hasn't been enough. Stuff keeps growing. Since it's doing some good and it's fda approved I can stay on it until I get on something else.

Virus Treatment

I was wondering if anyone has any information on the treatment for melanoma mentioned in the last paragraph of this article.  It looks like there's some major progress being made.

How long does Keytruda treatment last?

I would like to know how long Keytruda treatment last. Hoping somebody on this board have experience with the treatment.
Good luck to all of you!

Changes at Moffitt?

Anyone heard Weber was leaving for NY?

Looking For Some Inspiration


I started Mekinist and Tafinlar today and I'm looking for some positive stories from people who are having success with this treatment.  I am 35 years old and stage 4.



Good Luck Artie!!

Just wanted you to know thinking of you and saying a prayer!!


Stage 1b Progression

Good Morning:

I was wondering how many on this board started as a stage 1a or b, progressed to a later stage, and the time frame of the progression.   I was dx stage 1b in June 2014 with a nevoid melanoma and I know that my chances of never having to deal with melanoma again are excellent, I still can't completely move past the thought that it one day will resurface.  

I find myself coming to this site often not just as a resource but to silently cheer on and offering up prayer to those who are so bravely fighting this awful beast.

Blessings to you all

23 years early stage and the irony.

 I was diagnosed stage 1a (translates to stage 1b with today's staging) 23 years ago.  I've had two other primaries but am still stage 1b. I just realized that my adoptive father passed away 1 year ago on my anniversary from melanoma.  The anniversary was forgotten last year but I realized the connection tonight when someone emailed me about my responses here and I put into words my long history.  I miss my Dad but he was 89 and had lived a full long life.  The irony that he would get melanoma and pass away from it after my long history never failed to amaze me.  

I can't find a peace?

Hi everyone!

Here is my story.

I am 35 white male. 

In january 2015 I went to visit my new primary doctor.  I was wearing simple black tshirt and just like that my primary doctor said, " You do have lots of moles on you, you should see a dermatologist. We white people tend to have skin cancer"  Well, that  wasn't my purpose of that visit. Ok.

Anyway, after that visit I schedule a visit to the dermalogist. 

End of January 2015 I am in the office seeing dermatologist. After quick conversation, she told me to undress for the full body skin check. Ok 

How long before Keytruda treatment is considered "failed?"

Hi All,  my scans at 7.5 weeks on Keytruda are showing universal growth in all lesioins.  In all hope, could it be inflammation?  How long to proceed treatment before considering another option (there is still a question about what that is)?  That is, what is the definition of "failed" on Keytruda?

Thanks in advance. Leslie