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Worried Sick after 3 monthly Ultrasound Check Up

I had a SNB a year ago which came back positive for melanoma in one lymph gland and I elected to monitor by ultrasound rather than do the CLND.

I just had my three monthly ultrasound check up and the scar tissue where one of the lymph nodes was taken out a year ago now looks bigger and has some vascularity according to the doctor.

The doctor said it didnt look like the melanoma that was taken out in the SNB and was unsure what it was and has referred me for a Pet scan to make sure.

The doctor said all the other lymph nodes were clear on the ultrasound.

Diagnosis - mhardes- asking for Janners advice

Hello, I got your message last night and thank you.  I have learned a lot during this process and am embarrassed at times with how I have let this put my life on hold..even had my deductible set aside for my max payout on health insurance.  It has really bothered me.  I guess I have been fortunate so far.  It has been a tough year in my life, in my marriage and I am upset with myself that I waited 1 1/2 years before getting checked again.  I am mostly upset that I have taken so many things for granted when others are so much worse off than me.

Got good but strange results from WLE scar. Janner?

I posted a few weeks back about a dark spot that had been in my WLE scar since it started to heal.  Always had dead skin in that area but just thought it was healing differently or I had an ingrown hair or a suture not dissolving.  Anyway it started to bleed and so I had my derm look at it and remove it.

He didnt think it was anything. 

advise- Janner

I was looking for advice last week and I was feeling better after I went to see my doctor. He had sent my biopsy out for second opinion and I was having a hard time with the waiting. I went to see him last Thursday and he said that if he were to diagnosis he would say pre melanoma but take out enough to cover a melanoma in situ. He wants to be sure. I was ok with the worst case scenario ..but the results were suppose to get back by Monday. .I called yesterday and no I am concerned. .I know it went to harvard last wed....maybe just patience..not doing very well...

Husband/father of 5. Understanding FISH test results!

My husband,father of 5 young boys, had a few "annoying" moles removed about 2 weeks ago.
The Dr. Sent the moles to Mayo clinic and today called us into the office to hear the results.
Mayo did a FISH test and im not fully understanding these terms.
Obviously, my heart and head are in a whirlwind and ive been trying to gather as much info as possible.
All moles came back normal except for one on his lower back. It came back positive for malignant melanoma.
Here is what mayo sent back


Would like to know what type of side effects to exspect or what if any should I really look out for.

Very Confused - Newly Diagnosed Stage III

I appreciate all of the input and support that I have found on this site thus far. Yes, I am one of the newly diagnosed patients with melanoma. I had a mole on my back that was considered "no big deal" and then turned out to be melanoma, initially thought to be stage 11b. I have had the wide excision completed with SNL and removal of both axillary nodes in April. My left arm biopsy turned out to be positive so I just had a complete removal of my lymph nodes under my left armpit (axilla) on 05/08. The node contained 0.15 mm of cancer cells and the rest of the nodes were negative.

New Melanoma Diagnosis-Stage1

I was recently diagnosed (via initial biopsy) with Melanoma. Just got back from my wide excision. The surgeon said that it was a Stage 1 (.3mm) and no further treatment/action was necessary. He said there was no need to do any lymph node testing. Will being seeing my dermatologist every 3 months for awhile. While I feel like shooting off fireworks, I am hesitant in believing everything I am told. Is there really no chance of lymph node involvement if melanoma was thin (.3mm)?

Phase 1 trial thing might want to know

Just thought someone would like to know what I've learned about phase 1 trials. Basically they are very hard to get into. If I understand right from the several places I've talked to they seem to work the same. Basically they start with usually 3 open slots. If this trial is shared among multiple sites then the slots are shared too. When the last of those slots are filled the clock starts. In about 8 weeks they examine those folks and determine if the trial can continue and what they need to do like raise the dose or whatever. Then 3 more slots open and the process repeats.

Severely Atypical Actually Melanoma

Hi I recently had a "severely atypical" mole excised from my neck.  I read a paper that says these sometimes are diagnosed as actually melanoma after the full excision is biopsied.  This thing has been on my neck for at least 1.5 years, and I'm kind of freaked out that it is actually melanoma.  Can I generally rely on the original pathology report that called this "severely atyipcal?"  How generally common is it for these severely atyipcal moles to actually be misdiagnosed melanomas?