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Contrast MRI on brain

Hi all, I had a MRI on my brain with no contrast, I thought at the time it's always been with contrast. My nurse called and said my scans 3 weeks ago stable . I had MRI brain without contrast and CT body. I had a call today from my hospital that my consultant wanted another MRI brain with contrast. I am now worrying hoping it just he wanted it with contrast last time and they did not do that. The worse mets. Wish when they call you they would explain why when all was ok last week. Anyone who had MRI brain has it always been with contrast.


Antioxidants cause malignant melanoma to metastasize faster

Have anyone read about this article? I used to take supplements, curcumin, ip6 inositol, purple mushroom cell forte, vitamine D3.


Any comments, please?



Treatment update- some may find interesting, but more questions than answers

Hi all-  I wanted to share and get some thoughts on my recent oncology consults for next steps in treatment...stage 3B, recurrent......

Quick recap-

Diagnosed Sept. 2013- 1.3mm, right neck.....WLE, but no SNB (long story...but couldn't be done).....thought to be node negative, staged 1B...followed with ultrasounds of neck, all ok until 14 months out....Nov. 2014- 2 tiny pea size bumps- intransit mets....move to stage 3B. Had surgically removed....margins "iffy", had 2nd surgery...all clear....

high anxiety advice please

I'm taking this dx really hard. I'm thinking of going to the doctor for some anxiety medication to level me out. I feel if I don't get help this anxiety will hurt me emotional long term and my immune system. Is there anyone else that takes anti anxiety or anti depression pills. I tried meditation and breathing but that had not helped.


Sister Diagnosed with Stage 4 Melenoma in spine, ribs, pelvis, femur! Please, anyone, Help!

Hello. I am writing this pleading for help. My 31 year old sister was recently diagnosed with Metastic Melanoma in her spine, ribs, pelvis and femur. I am her younger brother but am hoping to get any kind of support, stories/answers. We are going this week to get a second opinion at a top melanoma specialist in Chicago but I have been reading stories on the internet basically saying that this disease at this stage is almost always a death sentence.

Swelling near collar bone

Hello!    I have noticed a patch near my collar bone; lymph node location, that is slightly raised and discoloured.    When I run my hand over it it is swollen to some degree.     I am a stage 3 melanoma patient and had completed a year of Interferon July 2013.    Is this anything I should be concerned about or simply wait another 3-4 weeks and see if it disappears?  I don't like worrying about these things but admit to feeling a little worried when certain things present.   Thank you for your help.    Take care.

Blood work while on Keytruda/PD-1

After searching for hours and hours, I can't find any information on the way Keytruda impacts your blood work.  What has been your experience?  Do any of you know?

Time limit?

I just finished my first surgery(clnd) and will be transferring doctors. Is there a certain time limit where you have to start a drug or the insurance will deny you? (Interferon or yervoy seems like my only options for stage 3) Is there a timetable on how fast you have to start systemic treatment after a clnd of armpit?

Thank you

Anything better for pain management?

I'm currently taking OxyContin in its 10mg 12 hour release pill. Plus oxycodone in its 5mg breakthrough pain pill. The doc says the only thing they can do is up the dosage. I was on some generic morphine 12 hour release pill before the OxyContin. Also sometimes the heating pad still helps.

Last winter I was on oxycodone. And some type of morphine breakthrough pain pill. Plus a couple strengths of fentanyl patch. Plus some awful nerve pain pill. But the radiation that almost did me in got me better so i wasn't on anything until a couple months ago.

clinical trial questions

Hi I'm currently 3b stage. I was just wondering how clinical trials work. I have hmo insurance.

1. Do you have to go to the hospital where the trial is at etc travel.

2. Who pays for the trial. Is there any cost for us.

3. Does my insurance have anything to do with the trial.

4. Does anyone know of any adjuvant trial options I can enter. I'm in the Chicago area.

5. Excluding clinical trial. If I take a drug like ipi since it's approved now. Will the drug be covered in the future if I need to take it again.

Thanks Greg