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Moffit center recommendations.

We may be traveling and need to establish an east coast relationship w a melanoma specialists. Any recommendations??

Vitamin D and melanoma

As melanoma warriors we face an interesting dilemma with respect to vitamin D levels. We know that melanoma incidence is correlated with low levels of vitamin D. We also know that sun exposure increases vitamin D levels. The dilemma is that sun exposure is known to increase the likelihood of melanoma incidence.

FISH Test?

so since this last biopsy is hard to call between a MIS or stage 1a, they are sending my stuff off to get this molecular test done.  Anyone had it?


Biopsy showed melanoma in situ on epeidermis but well organized in dermis with no mitotic rate, no ulceration.  They measured the breslow depth at .32.  So they are treating as clarks level II (stage 1a).  The reason they are confused is the mole is showing 2 features for both cases and went ahead and measured the depth (begnin moles have a depth to just no need to measure..or reported as they are begnin). 


Early Keytruda side effcts-cellulitis type

Hi Folks,

Had infusion 2 -18 days ago. Currently Stage III Melanoma-on drug  trial Keytruda v placebo to prevent recurrence.

10 days after first infusion had dramatic inflammation and rash following route of likely lymph redirect- round thigh and buttock - (inguinal and pelvic lymph dissection late Dec 2015). Resolved to bruising- Lymphoedema practioner was interested and took photos.

How long is safe to wait for surgery?

I was diagnosed last week with melanoma on my upper chest area.The Pathology report says it is the superfical spreading type, was non ulcerated, had a Breslow thickness of 0.28, Clark's level of 2. The dermatologist referred me to a plastic surgeon who is setting up my surgery with a general surgeon who will do a SLN and a wide local excistion. They said it will take up to 5 days for the pathology report to come back and that it will be left open (covered with dressings) until then and then the plastic surgeon with close it up with a flap.


My husband is stage 4. Had his 12th treatment of opdivo and now developed a fluid Pocket around his elbow about 3 inches from where they removed his tumor on his arm. He does not have any pain so i don't think its bursitis. He's had it for a week now. Any thoughts please??

Age old question of....Genetic Testing or No?

I have had 2 MIS and one stage 1a.  Derm said it might be a good idea given my history.  No one in my family has had melanoma, well immediate.  My grandmothers father did. So I guess that counts. I do have alot of atypical moles. I mean it would be good to know if this is genetic but at the same time does that increase my worry even more? I am already a worry wart of this stuff. 

Spitz Nevus-seeking advice

Dear All,
I have found this forum as I am seeking advice regarding my histopathology results and I've decided to post a new topic since I believe that I will find people here who will be able to advise me. I will be genuinely grateful to anyone who would like to read it or assist.  If there are any doctors  who would like to share their opinion I would be indebted too.
I am 26 year-old white man ( from Europe) who has blond hair, blue eyes and plenty of moles ( more then 50) on my entire body.

MIS or Stage 1a...Dermpathologist cant decide????

This one is a doozy!!! As much as I would prefer a MIS, it appears to me a stage 1A since there is a breslow depth of .32.  They are treating as a stage 1 which I am okay with being aggressive.  I am having sent to my other dermapathologist back home for his review too.  Of the 4 derm path. 1 said MIS, 1 undecided, 2 for stage 1.  The mole appeared new or was a super light freckle (cant really tell on my professional pictures).  The 0 mitotic rate is throwing them off too...

Here is lab report: