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Non pigmented melanoma insitu

Hi. I had a non pigmented melanoma Insitu in 2009. Initial punch biopsy returned a finding that it was a Nevis but had no cancer cells. The mole was removed and path determined it to be an ameloritic melanoma in situ. Margins of 5 were taken. I have a new 6 months  non pigmented "growth" approx 6 cm from original site. It looks identical to the original. Pale pink.. I cannot get to see my specialist until Nov (her earliest app accord to receptionist). My question is, can Insitu melanoma  recur near original site? Am I just over worrying?

stopping pembrolizumab (keytruda) treatment???

Hi all, I'm new to this sithe and so far am finding it useful!

Brain Mets - Options?

Hi everyone,

Things are moving fast with my brother.  His scans show numerous mets everywhere (easier to list where they aren't) including his brain.  The largest one in his brain is 1.2cm.  He has no symptoms.  The report doesn't list a total count.  He is with Kaiser and they just booked him an appointment to meet with a radiologist Wednesday (two days from now).  He hasn't even met with an oncologist yet (was supposed to be Friday but pushed back to the 23rd).

Pneumonia. Reassurance?

Hi all,

I am 46, stage 3b, NED since July 2014. I see the derm every 3 mos and onc every 4. I'm treated at Loyola in Chicago. My doc is not one to do scans, so I've only ever had one, in preparation for a second opinion at MSKCC.

My health has been great, but lately I've had several easily dismissable symptoms. My node scar area has been aching (hasn't before), but nobody can feel a swelling. Headaches more than usual, but nothing that would cause concern.

No sense of urgency

I have been told I need to get in Treatment as soon as possible, but where's the sense of urgency on the doctors / hospital part.  If I do not like what I here or they have limited or no options I have to start the whole process over. Contact a new specialist for an appointment go through all the paper to get files and reports and CDs of scans to the next doctor and all the while time is passing through my fingers .  I do not know why it's so hard for one doctor to refer you to another doctor and pass on all the records I spent weeks sending to them.

Could be too late for IL2....please keep us in your prayers.

Please pray for my husband. Was scheduled to start IL2 tomorrow. Was admitted to hospital yesterday and not strong enough for treatment tomorrow. Multiple tumors in neck and various places, but larger ones near stomach and in small intestine have been causing severe pain last month or so and had lost almost 30 lbs since christmas which he didn't need to lose. Admitted due to not being able to eat or drink due to tumors pushing on those organs...

yervoy itch

I did two infusions of yervoy 10mg. Third is on the 15th. This week my skin seems to be more itchy but there is no rash. Mostly arms, legs, and on the palms of my hands. When you guys had the yervoy itch did you have a rash or just itchy skin. It's very tolerable now. Greg

Stage IV Roll Call

My brother was just diagnosed Stage IV melanoma and is meeting with an oncologist Friday.  I thought he might appreciate seeing a roll call.  Please let us know when you were diagnosed at stage IV and how you're doing now if you don't mind.

I was Stage IV July 2012 but misdiagnosed until my recurrence January 2014.  Still have active mets but also still here and feeling good.  Anyone else?



Should I go get an Xray?

Ok this may sound stupid but I'm only stage 1a from a spot on the top of my foot. The primary was about and inch or so from my big toe. I've been having pain in the joint and it feels as if the second toe joint is hurting also. It hurts to walk sometimes and at night. I really feel that my mobility is limited in the big toe joint. This has been going on for over two months. What's the chances of such a low stage going to the foot bones?  I should say also the spot on my foot came up from nothing to melanoma in less then 10 months.