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My dad diagnosed stage 4 Melanoma with metastasizes to the brain and lungs

About 2008 my dad was diagnosed with Melanoma on his head and forehead. The doctor removed it and on both samples it showed clear margins. fast forward to December 4th 2014 my dad was playing poker which is a pretty routine thing since he retired. A lot of the people know him there and noticed that he was acting strange so they called for an ambulance. Thinking he may of had a stroke they did a CT and later an MRI, they found a total of 18 tumors in his brain. The largest ones are not operable because they are so close to the brain stem.

Sugar-like molecules self-assemble into a nano fiber web around bone cancer cells but spare healthy ones

Something I just read about that may help those with bone cancer:

Sugar-like molecules self-assemble into a nano fiber web around bone cancer cells but spare healthy ones

Hello again

Hello everyone, 

It has been a very long time since I've had a presence on this board. I was hired by our local university in July last year and have been so busy between my treatment schedule and work obligations that I have completely lost touch with this board and the people who are on it.

SMR Update with Dr. Keith Flaherty

Dear MPIP Community Members,

Last week, Dr. Keith Flaherty recorded a webinar with us to provide an update on the research and key findings presented at the November 2014 SMR (Society for Melanoma Research) meeting held in Zurich, Switzerland. To access the webinar, please click here. Your name and email address are requested to track the number of visits only.

Does new lesion on hip mean Keytruda is no longer working for me ?

Among everything else I'm dealing with they found out the reason my right hip was hurting a lot is because the hip ct yesterday showed a lesion there. He said that was not there on my November petct scan. Since I've been on keytruda since May with a few tumors showing minor growth but no new tumors and other tumors shrinking does this now mean keytruda is failing me so if I get through my current issues I gotta get on a different systemic treatment fast? radiation to hip starts soon to end at same time as rest of radiation.


Can orange juice be deleterious?

I ran across this article that really surprised me. It says one glass of OJ a day is fine but two can be deleterious. But the source was published in 2003. I hope there is later research. Does anyone know about the risk?

aches and fatigue

My father's melanoma is now metastasized to his lungs.  Awaiting PD-1 trial which starts in week.  He has been complaining of major aches and pains in his bones.  I am fearful it could have spread to his bones.  Is that even possible?  This waiting for treatment to begin is so hard.  Thanks.


Looking for melanoma patients with similar stage and test results

Hello, My name is Mike and I'm reaching out through this forum in an effort to find those individuals with similar diagnosis and test results.   Here is my story, diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma on October 30th 2014 by my dermatologist.   She explained that the mole on my back was malignant and that due to the depth of the cancer cells (5.5mm) and that it was not ulcerous, that I was Stage IIb.   She referred me to a Plastic Surgeon and an Oncolagist with the Cleveland Clinic.  In meeting with the plastic surgeon I was told that the treatment approach was aggressive.  On December 2nd, 201

Has anybody had liver embolization?

Still waiting on my daughter to get scans after liver embolization and four rounds of YERVOY. Anybody have embolization and if so, how much did your tumor shrink if all?