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Melanoma on a 3 year old?

Hello everyone.


I have a 3 year old girl and last year (2013) around October this weird pimple appeared on her chest. It looked nothing serious, we assumed it would dissapear eventually. Except it didn't, it began to grow , particularly upward, against the skin surface in a pointy sort of way.

We made an appointment with our local Cancer league to have it removed and have a biopsy test made on it.

The thing is the biopsy results don't come until two weeks and the doctor that removed the tumor said that upon looking at it he thinks it's melanoma.

brain mets

For those people who have brain mets, what was your first symptom? I am stage 3b and have extreme dizziness and I am worried. I have called my doctor, waiting for a call back......just wondering if anyone's first symptom was dizziness.

P.s. sorry for overreacting, it's hard to not go straight to the cancer when new things happen.

Scans today!!

Was up half the night thinking about today and it's outcome...I have my scans today to see if my treatment is working or not...I've been told that most of the time the first scan after this treatment could look worse than it did before treatment, that's how this treatment usually works, so i will try not get too discouraged if things don't turn out the way i have been praying for..Wish me luck and can always use some positive thoughts and prayers..I don't get result until the 23rd...If this doesn't work or is working to slow then onto the next one and i'll kick it's ass too.

Curing Melanoma

I'm very confused as I've been diagnosed stage 4 with lung metastasis. I have low tumor burden and my oncologist feels that if ipi or if needed PD1 works, that can be "cured". I thought it was incurable. I know these are new treatments but what is reality?

$225 One Hour Paid Survey For Melanoma Patients

I'm sure most of you here don't remember me.  It's been a long time since I've been on this forum.  My husband, Eric, passed from Melanoma in August, 2011.  I've still been active in the community and I wanted to share with you an opportunity to earn $225 for a one hour survey.  When Eric was alive he did a survey with this company so I know that it is completely legitament.  So that you know I'm legit I'm sending you a link to a story that was done on my late husband and I with The Skin Cancer Foundation.  http://skincancer.e


Hey guys my question for today is.... What is the best treatment for numerous bones mets? My husband has tried IL-2 and Braf combo, now he has had first dose of IPI (have to IPI in order to get PD-1 ). How does PD-1 seem to be working on bone mets. Does anything else out there look promicing?  Also since my husband has failed the braf combo drug, which just stopped bone mets growth for about five months does that mean those bone mets will start growing again??


I was diagnoised  stage IIIa/b in August 2014.  I'm looking for any information or advice from anyone using pegylated interferon, Sylatron. It has been recommended by my Oncologist. Thanks for your time.

MRF "ASK A Nurse" Support

Hi All,

For those who are not familiar with MRF nurse support, if you have a specific, more medically based question, you can submit your question to the MRF nurse by emailing You can expect to receive a personalized answer from MRF experienced nurse within 72 hours.

Stage 3.5

Dear all,

We all probably once believed that cancer would not hit ourselves but instead unfortunate others. Yet here you are, reading this post. And yet here I am, after having browsed through hundreds of messages posted in this forum over the course of the years, posting my very first message on this melanoma forum.

huge tumor and chemo/radiation

Hi there,

i have a tumor in my groin that has been growing out of control, and is extremely painful. It is the size larger than a softball and is so painful I can't walk. Last week, my doctors postponed getting the TIL therapy at the NIH, and my local oncologist agreed.

So this week I am starting on chemo and radiation the following week. I'm not sure what to expect from the chemo (carbo/taxol). It will be an infusion for 4.5 hours, every 3 weeks. Has anybody had experience with this chemo. We are hopeful this can shrink the tumor and give me some relief.