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Last reply 7/25/2015 - 7:15am
Replies by: jpg, Anonymous

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Hi everyone and can I just say what lovely support and people on this site. I have been looking and learning has much as possible to help me through my stage 4 lungs liver mels tumours . A brief on my journey stage 2b 2011 but was left a year prior going to my GP for a year on many times worried about a mole was told it looked ok so a year of that before eventually getting to a dermatologist at our local hospital. Mole was taken for biopsy and came back mel 2b had it removed and was told no other treatment apart from 3 months checks for 5 year and if it came back they would catch it in lymp nodes . Was I wrong I was asking them what if due to be left a year it has already in my body but again was assured it would to to nodes first or if a cell had gone my body would probs kill it off . I asked about a scan to check but no follow ups was advices. I wish I acted on my own instinct due to after 4 years checks and telling them my back hurt and scar only to say it was my arthritis and scar tissue eventually did a scan and now stage 4 lungs liver and scatterd else where. Had a course of ippi scans tom scared due to pain where tumours are so worried if it's grown. Looking at treatment anywhere in world can anyone help am in UK am 43 female with 2 children been told clinical trial next no acces to PD1 or nivolumab in Uk am scared and a trial here is chemo and some other tablet sorry do not have details. I thought chemo was not has good as immunatherapy . Any advice would be apriciated .


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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 9:19pm

Hi all! I am on pembro (EAP) since 6 days now. The first 3 days I was really bad, didn't come up from bed. Very much pain where my tumours are, swetting a lot and felt like having fever. Som itching too. But the fourth day when I woke up, the pain and itching was gone and I am really feeling well, better than for a long time. Has someone of you experienced the same?


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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 3:51am
Replies by: stars

So back in october i was diagnosed with stage 1a melanoma. Had the wle done and a few minor scares since then which after biopsied turned out to be nothing. Well over the last month i noticed a mole raising and becoming inflammed. I finally got in to my derm today and he removed it and said it didnt look too concerning but he said he also noticed another mole that had changed and was becoming a halo nevus. He checked the rest of my trunk area, found nothing of note and sent me on my way.

What did i do? Stupidly i went online to find out that sometimes a halo nevus forming at my age can mean melanoma is elsewhere on the body or even internally! Needless to say im panicing again. Any advice or info or comfort anyone can provide will be most helpful. Oh and he did remove the halo nevus. Thanks.

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Last reply 7/28/2015 - 7:18pm
Replies by: DianaD, Janner, kathycmc, stars, mkirkland, Anonymous

My story starts out kind of strange... a few months ago my fiance and I were moving around some furniture when I noticed a flat mole/freckle on his side near the ribs that had started changing colors half way through. I stayed on him to make an apt at his dermatologist and thank god he did. He was diagnosed with stage 1 superficial melanoma. It measured I believe 0.2 mm. We had an apt with the oncologist surgeon and they cut a pretty cut chunk. Well, since then he has been on me to go get this mole on top of my right foot looked at. Well, I finally went in and this week I received my diagnosis... stage 2 malignant nodular melanoma. I was floored when I received this report. I got a copy of my path report and on the report it says it cannot rule out metastasis. My apt w/ the oncologist is not for almost TWO WEEKS. So of course I am curious about others with this diagnosis and how was surgery/treatments? I am scared & nervous but at the same time I have faith that God will see me through whatever course of action we must take. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!    

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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 4:16pm
Replies by: tcell's wife, mrsriddle, Anonymous, dentholla, stars, _Paul_

Just doing the yearly checkin for my husband, Ken, who was 10 years NED from Stage 4 in June.  Ken is doing great and has had no significant lasting effects from the cancer or the treatment. - he is still going strong and living a normal life these days with only yearly check-ups.  It is my wish that this will give others hope that there can be long term remission from widespread disease. 

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Last reply 7/22/2015 - 7:49pm
Replies by: Mat, _Paul_, Brendan, Bubbles

So I'm having a bit of weird issue with my left eye.  Over the past few days, I've had pain that seems like it is emanating from the back of the eye.  Not debilitating pain, but requires Advil.  My perception in that eye is also a bit off--particularly my peripheral vision.  Kind of like the first few second after you rub your eye and then open it in a light filled area, except that the eye doesn't get back to normal.  Not limiting, but annoying.  I've also been running a low grade fever and my white count is high (hasn't been high since I had colitis while on ipi).  I visited an eye hospital on Monday to rule out uveitis (which they did).  I'm waiting for the results of my pituitary panel to see if this is hypophysitis.  I'll let the group know.  Hypophysitis is listed as a (low probability) side effect of Keytruda.  I know that others (Brian) have experienced it on ipi, but I haven't seen anyone report it for Keytruda.

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Last reply 7/25/2015 - 11:26pm

Because I got mine today as well. Pretty good results I think. This was a 6 month scan and the bottom line was that there was no progression. And in fact the new tumor I had growing in my shoulder is no longer visible.

All the tumors in my liver and lungs are still there, but they are all 1cm diameter or smaller. And the one tumor that was zapped with SRS and expanded (consistent with inflammation from the radiation and scar tissue) has now begin to shrink (consistent with a decrease in inflammation).

I would love to be NED, but I will take no progression!

- Paul

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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 4:08am

I have been checking just about every day for the past 16 mts now.  This board and all who visit have been such a source of comfort and information during one of the most difficult times of my life.  Sadly, my father passed away last week.  He was at peace with it all so my family and I were as well, or try to be depending on the moement.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for your wisdom, strength, and encouragement.  

My father was unfortunately diagnosed late, (hemorrhoid??) with mucosal melanoma so I knew the odds were against him however, I knew we gave it the best fight, in part, because of all of the vital, up to date information found on this blog.  Honestly, this was really the one place I knew I could find the most recent information, statistics and personal stories.  So much of what is found online is years old with grim statistics.  There is basically no information on mucosal melanoma to make it worse. 

I wish you all luck in fighting this horrendous disease and promise to do all I can to raise money and help to fight in honor of my father and all of you.

Best of luck

Lorraine Palumbo

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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 4:09am
Replies by: stars, Mom2Addy, Bubbles

After SRS,surgical resection (twice) and four rounds of IPI, my husband begins Opdivo tomorrow.  Full body PET at 6:30 AM, labs at 12:00, see Doc at 12:30 for results, then treatment. Long day! Interested in hearing about side effects and any advice to keep them at bay. Our oncologist (top Melanoma guy in our area) said absolutely no steroids. Thank you and continued prayers for all. 

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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 10:07am
Replies by: pookerpb, Anonymous

Many, many years after my initial Stage IV diagnosis, I'm thinking of looking into Disability.  Do you need active disease in order to qualify?  Has anyone else gone this route? 

Luke 1:37

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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 4:13am
Replies by: stars, Mat, arthurjedi007

A few questions I'm mulling after a CT today.

Been on TAF+MEK for 4 months. PET in April didn't show anything suspicious. Brain MRI in June showed shrinking brain mets (already got SRS'd), CT today showed a new small lesion on the left adrenal gland. Onc (normal, not a specialist) had been preaching PD1 as our next move, but today she changes course and says ipi is probably up next for me. I also see a melanoma specialist at Penn, and the two of them talk regularly, so they are going to mind meld and come to a decision over the next few days.

The Qs in my head are

- why the change of heart? is it based on the location/size of the met that beat the combo? This is mostly curiousity on my part.

- I'm also having a follow-up brain MRI in two weeks, so shouldn't those results be taken into consideration before starting my next treatment? Or is immunotherapy still an adjuvant therapy for brain mets with radiation and/or resection being the primary treatments?

Like the title says, its never great to find a new spot, but it could have been much worse in my opinion.



Just do it

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Last reply 7/22/2015 - 9:28am

Hi all

my wife is under z since august 2014 and from last tac all tumors disappears or strinks.

But some brian mets appears in last tac (16 from MRI only one 6 mm visible from TAC)

Our doc suggest for 3 weeks  wbrt daily session with low radiation and go on with z after (z will be stopped during radiation). 

In the meaning my wife founds some inguinal lynfonode grow up (where was lynfonode sentunel in the primal melanoma removal in 2013.


Have someone similar experience?



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Last reply 7/23/2015 - 2:15pm

Hello All - my husband Charles is on Day 4 of the BRAF combo Debrafenib + far so good.  He is tired but the stress of getting into a new routine with taking the drug/eating and a little waiting for the "side effect shoe to drop" could also be a cause of fatigue.  

For those that took this long after you started it did you start to see, if any, side effects?? Thanks - here is hoping that he is part of the happy camp with great success and little toxicity.

Hope everyone is doing well, 



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