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Last reply 1/27/2016 - 12:00pm
Replies by: Anonymous, Fen

Just recieved scan results.   I have been on ipi/nivo treatment and appear to be responding.   No major side effects.  My results look like a response so far. It's been 6 months and I feel good.   I'm interested in the thinking about the longer term durability of the treatment.   What is the likelihood or relapse or additional mets.   Thanks  for feedback.   Chris.  


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Last reply 1/29/2016 - 8:12pm
Replies by: Cynlee, LoveLife, Janner, Anonymous

I wanted to share my story since I am going in for a biopsy for an atypical mole on my foot. It will then be sent to a pathologist and it's irregular, discolored and with black dots. For those of you with short attention spans, I'll ask my question now before I share. I am having a wide exision biopsy on my foot? How long was your recovery? What was the procedure like?

Now that my question is out, I also wanted to share my story because I'm scared and I've already learned so much from reading this Bulliten Board. Today is the day I audition for a dance company that I've been training several months for. I'm 30 and even though I was overweight and miserable for most of my early schooling, I had a great life change in my 20's and started to salsa dance more intensely. The irony of it all was that I was told I was not the ballet type when I was 5, but Salsa is like ballet with congas!

It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my body. I hadn't seen my doctor in a while. I had a blood clot in my leg that traveled to my lungs (pulmonary embolism) when I was 24 but this is the healthiest I've ever been. I got really sick with a random virus before Christmas and booked a last minute appointment to show my doctor a growth on my pinky toe. It wasn't discolored but she sent me to a podiatrist to have it removed. What I thought to be a superficial visit to the podiatrist became a concerning visit. I actually felt weird going to the doctor for it.

The Podiatrist looked at my toe and then started asking about another mole on my foot. I've had this mole since I was a child. I've had two and while one of them has faded, the other has become more discolored and dark. I made a joke about it and then the Doctor looked at me with a look of concern I couldn't shake off. He asked me if anyone in my family had skin cancer and then took a step back and said, "You need two surgeries and I'd like to do that in my outpatient clinic at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

He then asked, "Can I draw on you?" My first reaction was, "Can I audition on Tuesday?" He didn't look amused or say anything about dance. He then drew the shape of an eye-lid on my foot. He explained how that I needed a wide-local excision. At that point, between his concern and urgency, I felt scared. I asked if this is something that could happen on an existing mole and I can't remember what he said. All I heard was, "My staff will call you from the hospital," and there I was sitting in the doctor's room alone. 

I left the office and went for an x-ray. He said that the grow could be an extra bone but also wanted to remove the mole and the skin underneath to have a biopsy. I usually have a delayed emotional reaction to things. I'm really good at responding to a crisis but this visit was different. I called my primary care doctor since I need to get clear for surgery and she said that I'd have to go on medication before the surgery since I've had a pumonary embolism and bed rest is risky for me.

I took a good long look at the mole when I got home. It's irregular, two different colors and I have some black dots on the side. I remember is scabbed the last time I went on vacation. I also have a new one that appeared on the sole of my foot. I'm scared and in what I've read I have a lot of respect for those with Melanoma. I do not have an diagnosis since I am days before my surgery but I kept telling my friends two weeks before this happend that I felt like I needed to start juicing and change my diet to feel more energy. I've been calling the office everyday since the doctor needs to submit his notes in order for me to be scheduled. He hasn't done that since Thursday.

I know it could not nothing, something, or life-changing. Either way, foot surgery at the peak of my dance is really upsetting. I went to rehersal last night and cried the whole way home. I wanted to ask if anyone else has had a wide exision on their foot and if so, how long did your recovery take? I obviously won't be able to place any pressure on it and I walk to and from work.

Any advice would be appreciated and for those actively fighting melanoma, I thank you for sharing your story. It's helped me a lot during this time of uncertaintly. In my gut, something wasn't right about that visit. When I played sports we always had to get to know our opponent to create a strategy. I feel like the more I read, the better I can be prepared but at the same time, I just want to know what's going on with that mole.

Thank you for reading and sharing in advance.


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Last reply 1/27/2016 - 1:40pm
Replies by: dnovak, faisrum, Janner, JuTMSY4

Dear Forum members,

Yesterday ( 25th Jan, 2016 ), my 7 yr old boy was diagnosed with Spitzoid Melanoma. This information is hard to absorb for me, as if this is true, this is one of the rarest case. Am originally from asia, my boy came to this country when he was 1 year old. I have a brown skin and my son is having brown skin too. He never had sun exposure. Neither my family or my wife's family has a history of melanoma or skin cancer. 

My boy had a normal looking mole and overtime it changed color. We were planning to take him be seen by doctor. But last month my boy got hurt on his mole while he was playing. His doctor's visit and diagnosis started right away. His mole was shaved off from his arm and was sent for biopsy. The biopsy result came out with a dilemma as below:

It stated: Significant atypia is noted but the degree of atypia could possibly be seen with a traumatized Spitz Nevus. This case presents conflicting features. Although the lesion is superficial in sampling, the degree of nuclear pleomorphism and immunostaining pattern are worrisome for the possibility of a Spitzoid malignant Melanoma. Despite this, a diagnosis of a traumatized benign spitz nevus is more plausible in a 7 yr old patient. Given the diagnostic diemma, the case will be sent out for a second opinion.

And as stated in the beginning, I received the second opinon that it is Spitzoid Melanoma.

Dear members, I have no clue where to start with. I live in Allentown, PA. Please advise me how can I reach out to the best facilities that can further diagnose and treat this.

May God bless you all.

Best Regards,




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Last reply 1/26/2016 - 12:02am
Replies by: jennunicorn, Janner

Hi, this is my first post on here so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I'm just starting to get very nervous and my regular dermatologist doesn't have an appointment for almost a year.

Anyway, I have a family history of melanoma (my uncle passed away a few years ago shortly after being diagnosed with aggressive melanoma and both my mother and sister have had "precancerous" moles removed) and have very light skin and despite always wearing sunscreen burn very easily and have suffered several sunburns severe enough to make my skin blister. I used to be regularly checked by a dermatologist for an unrelated skin condition and she remarked I should keep an eye on a mole I have on my elbow but I honestly forgot and haven't been for several years now. A year or so ago I started noticing new moles but they were small and I didn't think too much of them. Then about 6 months ago one very small one got very itchy and started bleeding periodically for a week or two, but the itchiness has since dissipated.  Then the other day I noticed yet another new but normal looking mole (small symmetrical distinct edges etc.) so I started checking the rest of them and see that the one on my elbow is about 5mm, asymmetrical and has blurry edges, but I honestly don't remember how it looked the last time my derm saw it or if it changed. None of my other moles seem to have changed including the one that was itchy and bleeding. I called my derm but she doesn't have an appointment for almost a year and my insurance won't let me see someone else. I asked my pcp about it but they said there was no point checking it out because it isn't raised or changing dramatically. 

I guess my question is do I need to be worried and if so, enough that I should pay out of pocket to see a different derm, or is it safe to wait the year and just keep an eye on it? I'm just really nervous because my uncle put of getting his mole checked and by the time they caught it there was cancer all throughout his system...

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Last reply 2/3/2016 - 12:34pm

Hi to everyone,

Many of you have responded in the past to some of my posted regarding treatment options for stage 3B......

I now feel like I have a decision to make and no idea how i am going to make it.

Quick recap: Recurrent 3B.....2 intransit/local 11/14 and one 11/15....

Vaccine Trial Spring 2015 after 1 st recurrence

Just completed  (1/12/16)  high dose radiation.....5 the way, side effects VERY mild and now bad.....

Radiation for local control...thought being since both recurrences were in the same place, maybe this would do it ...but of course we know it had no benefit for distant spread.

So of course my main concern at this point is what is the best option to prevent further recurrence and obvously distant mets? 

Current MED ONC-

NYU- ANNA Pavlcik- whom I adore- will not give me IPI due to microscopic colitis from Vaccine reseovled on its won and never needed steroids, but as a result she will not give IPI even at 3mg.....she is reccomending Leukine now that I have compelted radiation.

MSK- Mike Postow- not inclined to offer IPI......

U PENN- I met with Lynn Shcucter last week...she feels IPI at 3 mg is the way to go, and feels my risk of ANOTHER recurrence is 50% or better...including distant mets....Pavlick never acts as if she thinks its quite that doom and gloom. Schucter seems to think she can manage any side effects and at the first sign of anything we would stop it...even if i only got one dose in, or maybe would get all 4.....

She was kind enough to call Dr. Pavlick and discuss with explain her point of view......and mine...

Dr. Schucter knows that i am leaning towards doing something more aggressive.....I cant help but think that IF this does come back that  i wont be able to live with myself......wondering why i didnt do something more agressive than leukine when i had the chance.  (BUT i would hate to leave dr. Pavlick)

I know some will say it has almost the same chance of working if it does come back, but i think that is game changer...then having to live witht knowing you are now stage IV, something all of us hope to prevent.

I am scheduled to see Dr. Pavlick on Monday.....Dr. Schucter gave me her thoughts on waht i should say to dr. pavlick...

Just curious to hear anyone else's  opinions....TOP DOCs with completely different opinions.

Schcuter said to me" I hate when we put patients in this position" wrong answer, but all differing opinions.

Thoughts friends?




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Last reply 1/26/2016 - 7:19am
Replies by: rosa1

Hello all. My dad was diagnosed with malignant melanoma under his right arm back in June. He's had many different therapies including radiation, keytruda, and one dose of chemo. Between having radiation and the chemo he developed sepsis pretty bad. Since then he has been very confused (though he still knows who me and my family are, he's just out of it).

He's had a few brain scans and the cancer hasn't spread to his brain or anywhere else really. After they did the first chemo treatment the doctor said that he was too weak to continue chemo and recommended we check him into hospice. He is completely unable to care for himself due to the confusion and weakness in his limbs from lack of activity. I'm just wondering if there are any other options then to let him rot in a hospice center.

I know it sounds really bad and there probably isn't any hope in this situation but I'm trying to do anything I can to help him.

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Last reply 1/28/2016 - 6:44pm

about a week ago I had my third infusion of Keytruda.  After the first two treatments I felt great and could see subcutaneous tumors disappearing. My only side effect was constipation. I am now experiencing some lower back pain. Has anyone else had that? Do you know what causes it? Could it just be the constipation is worsening? I also did Develop a cold sore for the first time in my life. The doctor immediately ordered a course of  anti-viral medication. Otherwise I feel great! Just concerned about the back pain.

Cancer, Schmancer.

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This website will notify you about current clinical trials.
This is the newest one.


Live 4 today. Thank God for all he has done for us. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow.

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Replies by: Bubbles, Anonymous, AllysonRuth, jamieth29

Big thanks to Eric for finding and sharing this one!!!  Here's my write up and a link to OncLive's report:

That's the best I undertand it with as much history as I could find.  Hope it helps.  Happy Sunday!!!  (Love that phrase, albeit slightly adjusted, Allyson!!!)

Best to you all.  Celeste

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Last reply 1/25/2016 - 10:54pm
Replies by: ldub, Anonymous


my Dermo successfully removed 2 melanomas last year . I have not had any diagnosed before . She says I only need to see her once a year for check ups / mole mapping . 

As melanoma is life threatening I am concerned that is not enough ? My back has hundreds of moles.

Also , she doesn't take photos of my back so she is not able to compare mole changes over time , surely that needs to be done ?



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Last reply 1/31/2016 - 12:50am
Replies by: grahamtosh, Janner, Anonymous, WithinMySkin


hope there's a qualified person that can very kindly advise 

I had 2 melanomas removed last year. So now am wary  and listen to the doc but not too sure  . I have a back covered in what look like atypical Nevi. Dermo has done mole mapping and says she wants to excise  17 atypical moles with margins , from my back . ( they will of course then go for biopsy ). Mainly due to diameter but some smaller ones also due to my age 46 . 

Do I need all 17 excised ? Is this a worthwhile precaution ?

thanks for your advice .


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Last reply 1/26/2016 - 3:17pm

My husband is very sore. His ankles are extremely painful. He's 30 and says he feels like he's 90. I gave him a foot massage, that seemed to help a little. Any other suggestions? He isn't a pain killer kind of guy.


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Last reply 1/25/2016 - 10:09pm

Just had my annual visit to DFCI in Boston.  Annual CT (chest/abdomen/pelvis)  and  MRI  (brain) were clear!   Blessed to still be here.  Still praying daily, working and living life.  Prayers and good vibes to all dealing with melanoma.  

-Rocco, Stage IV in 2005, NED in 2009, Ipi 10mg/kg responder.   

Luke 1:37

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Last reply 1/23/2016 - 4:13pm
Replies by: btcedarr, WithinMySkin, Anonymous, Stlmag, jamieth29

Timeline of my husband's melanoma journey:

10/13/15  Diagnosed with amelanotic melanoma, Stage 2B

10/14/15  CT chest lungs clear

10/19/15 Sentinel node & wide excision. Stage 3C

                 8 mm deep, BRAF, wild type, 4 of 5 axillary lymph nodes pos/removed

10/30/15 first oncology visit.."it has prob mets to your brain; you need to go to Vanderbilt"

11/09/15 MRI brain clear

11/12/15 PET scan clear

11/16/15 Vanderbilt visit; offerred Yervoy/Interferon trial

11/18/15 Made appt @ MD Anderson

11/20/15 2nd oncology visit. Yervoy approved 10/28/15 for Stage 3. Will begin that.

12/09/15 First Yervoy tx. Cancelled MDA appt

12/30/15 No more Yervoy due to Grade 3 derm reaction

01/19/16 Melanoma lesion reocurrs in surgical scar; biospsy

01/22/16 Biopsey results confirm- lesion is melanoma




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Last reply 1/23/2016 - 5:52pm

The short of it.. Husband is Stage IV, been on opdivo for almost 6 treatments of 12.  Constant stomach problems,  coughing and that is increasing in severity.  Now persistant pain under his ribs, and in the kidney areas.  He's lost over 20lbs since treatments have started.  He's cranky (justified) and lethargic.  Positive attitude is deminishing.  Personality and memory issues.  We had a PET scan and MRI on his brain done recently and will get results on this coming Tuesday. 

Draining watching him decline.  I need a break but afraid to leave his side for a minute.  I dont know what he needs from me to support him, sometimes I think Im more of a pain for him.  He doesnt leave his room much.

We're both going through our own hell in different ways with this. 

Im tired, scared, angry and would love to escape for a few days.  Not possible.

Thank you for letting me vent. 




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