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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 4:49pm

after being off interferon for 3 months I have found a small lump in my neck just below my chin on the left side. I am currently stage 3 and only took interferon for 3 months as I had to quit the drug because of the side efects. I developed a bad case of pancreatitus and my Dr. decided that interferon would not be a good thing to start back up after I got over that 3 months later. So my question is can melanoma come back that fast and could the lump in my throat be melanoma. It is about the size of my finger that I can feel.

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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 3:41pm
Replies by: Anonymous, LynnLuc, Bubbles


I am a newbiew to this site. I am stage 4 & waiting for an anti-pd1 trial or anti-pdl-1 trial to open. I have not done yervoy so this ismy first immunology treatment.

There are a few manufacturers (Curetech,Genetech, BMS & Merck) all coming out with anti-pd1 oranti-pdl-1 trials by the end ofthe year.

Does it matter who the manufacturer of the PD1 drug is? Will Curetech PD1 drug be as good as Merck PD1 drug  or BMS anti- pdl-1 drug. I guess what I am asking you, are all anti-pdl-1 &anti-pd1 drug equal and it does not matter who the manufacturer of the drug is?

Also, how does the pdl-1 &pd1 drug work? Does it work like IPI and does it take weeks for PD1 drug to work? Will there be tumor shrinkage soon after starting drug?

Do ALC go up if you are a responder to pdl-1 &pd1?

What are the signs that indicate you are a responder besides tumor shrinkage?

What are the side effects of pdl-1 & pd1? On one of the trial consent form that was given to me, it stated a side effect could be a lowing of white blood cells. That is very differenct than Yervoy where the ALC goes  up.

Any information about anti-pd1 (pdl-1) would be extremely helpful so that I know what to expect.

Thanks  so much


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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 2:38pm
Replies by: Jan in OC, Gene_S, JerryfromFauq, lhaley, Anonymous



I hope things are going well. I am a little worried that you have not posted for awhile.


Anyone heard from Jan?



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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 12:00pm

although we were worried my wife's blood count would be too low, it tested normal and she started the chemo Abraxane today. Kind of funny, even though she has short hair from the craniotomy and bald patches from the cyberknife, the first thing she said when the doc said, "good news, we can do the chemo", was, "oh, this means I lose my hair". I guess in this case it is good news to be able to put poison in your body...and yes, in 14-21 days she loses all her hair. Treatment is weekly assuming her blood counts stay up.

We've also been battling an invisible tumor - the unexplained arm pain persists - although it is being managed well with a heavier daily dose of steroids and a medication called gabapentin, which is an anti-seizure med that has nerve pain reduction qualities. She saw a neurologist yesterday and he is pretty sure there is a small tumor - maybe the size of a grain of sand - and invisible to an MRI hitting a nerve in her C6 cervical spine or in her brachial plexus. She has an EMG, nerve conduction study on Monday. If they can narrow the location down they could in theory radiate it. 


Her motto: "Don't wait for the storm to pass, love dancing in the rain".

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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 11:10am

I sense a bunch of esoteric bullshit relative to Yervoy,  I  would ask anyone, particularly the MRF to give an actual  definition of what constitutes "unresectable Stage III Melanoma" ?

Simple question, and I am soooooooooooooooooo looking for that answer.

Personally, I think the term/phrase  is nothing but a bunch of pimped up horse shit  for appeasement, because this definition is not affording, but rather denying STage III patients a option for a way forward.




Charlie S

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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 11:07am

Started a clinical trial at UCSF for a p13k inhibitor trial,  I had debated on waiting for a PD1 trial but after seeing the Melanoma Molecular Disease Model at   I decided to give the P13k trial a shot as it is listed as the "potentially revelant theraputic" for the NRAS mutation which I have, not BRAF like so many others.  This is the first time I ever saw a NRAS theraputic option!  The Melanoma Molecular Disease Model is meant to be collaborative by researchers and represents an awesome data collection point for all the different melanoma mutations.   

The trial started with lots of tests for qualifying then a a 24 hour stay the first day of dosing so they could collect data via blood, ekg's, vitals, etc.  I was advised that I was the highest dosed patient in the trial so far (twice the doseage)  which made me worry a bit.  My Doctor just said "well, that's twice the potential for it to work".  I was really worried about the side effects after spending 4 weeks in the hospital over 16 weeks of biochemo.  WELL, so far, so good.  No side effects other than I'm a bit tired.  If this is the "new way of treating cancer", I'm in!  Plus, my Doctor will move me over to the PD-1 trial if we don't see some results after my scans at 6 weeks.

I'm having a really good day!  Hope you do as well. 


The circumstances of our lives have as much power as we choose to give them. David McNally

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Last reply 10/23/2011 - 12:50am

I finished my last bag/4th week of IL2 on June 14.  Within a few weeks I noticed some vitiligo on my hands, forearms, and a spot on my face. That was it until yesterday when I noticed a large area on my inner thigh (size of a lemon) that just showed up.  It's been 4mos.+ since treatment.  Anyone else have this happen this long after treatment?  Just seems...strange. 

Thank you for any and all replies.



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Last reply 10/22/2011 - 6:31pm

Hi, our oncologist from Toronto spoke to me on the phone on Tuesday about Derek's ipi response on Wednesday, so we haven't actually seen him.  Last night he emailed and is suggesting scans in 3 months - is this reasonable - what are others doing?



Last ipi treatment was Aug 10, scans done at 3 weeks - no response, and then at 7 or 8 weeks and there was a response (1 tumour stable, several decreased in size by 50%, and other smaller ones had disappeared).


Thank you so much for your responses and I am hoping so many of you on ipi now have the same good news.

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Drew N's picture
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I had my usual checkup with my onco at MDA. He ordered a pelvic/abd CT because he felt like my surgical site... well, let's just say I think he was being overcautious. Even though I really didn't believe anything was wrong, what with good bloodwork and nothing I could feel, I went through the usual gamut of crud. I got my results within 24 hours, though, and everything's fine.

Stage IIIB and almost 3 years out from them pulling a bad node with nothing since. I don't ever feel like I'm 100% safe, but I DO believe that every tomorrow I see gets me closer to the day when a kickass treatment is found. Until then, the curcumin seems to be working.

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Last reply 10/22/2011 - 10:03am

I am new to the MRF and constantly up late at night searching for any type of enlightenment and encouragement in my husband's battle with this disease.   But alas!!!!  In all of my research over the past two and a half months, I have learned so much but can still seem to find no clear resolution as to the most effective adjuvant protocol.  My husband first noticed a lesion in the anterior submandibular area (near his jawline) in Level II of his cervical region (so upper neck at jawline) in 2003.  Due to a primary care physician's casual dismissal of the lesion in the Fall of that year, he was not officially diagnosed by a dermatologist with melanoma until March 2007 after obtaining the results of a punch biopsy.  At which time he was diagnosed as Stage1b - with lentigo maligna melanoma in a non ulcerated form, possessing a Breslow depth of 1.35mm, a mitotic rate of 2, and finally a Clark Level of IV.  He received a WLE and a SLN biopsy later in March 2007.  He received NED on the two nodes thought to be the sentinel draining nodes.  After a follow up resection, he was confirmed to have clear margins, which exceeded the recommended 1cm.  Fast forward to July of 2011 when he noticed a slight enlargement of a lymph node within a few centimeters of his original tumor site.  After a CAT scan and FNA, we learned that his melanoma had returned consequently escalating his stage to 3b at minimum.   He proceeded with a modified radical neck dissection in August to remove 39 nodes in Levels I through V and is recovering nicely.   In the interim since the surgery and after numerous requests for ALL of his records including PATHOLOGY, we learned through the reports of the lymphoscintography procedure from the SLN biopsy that this node was most likely left in since the 2007 surgery as the background counts reported were much higher than the recommended 1/3 ratio of the initial in vivo count.  Ironically the node that he discovered was in the intraparotid area, which we later learned was cited on the report as a problem area from which to extract nodes. THANK THE GOOD LORD!!!  Only the one palpable node came back positive with the pathologist reporting 60% of the node to contain melanoma and no extracapsular involvement was confirmed.  We are considering an ippi trial but I have some questions as to the efficacy of the ippi if one tests positive for a preexisting antibody to the NY-ESO-1 antigen.  Given that my husband is a testicular cancer survivor of 20 years, I was particularly curious as this antigen is a cancer testis antigen and expresses in over 50% of cancerous tissues but not in normal tissues other than the testis in fetal stages.  Given that his bout with testicular cancer might have resulted in a subsequent antibody development coupled with the recent discovery of a reduced effectiveness of Ippi on those patients possessing this antibody, I am itching to determine if he is expressing this antigen.  If not, then has he developed the antibody?  We are reluctant to proceed with the Ippi given its toxicities if his benefit will most likely be reduced. Has anyone here been tested for this expression and where?  If so, did you proceed with the Ippi and was it effective?  I have seen some research of late (literally only published on Oct. 4 2011) that states that there is some question as to the degree of efficacy on Ippi patients who possess this antibody prior to the start of the drug.  My inclination is that these may be some of the "late responders"..just a notion?.  It is interesting to note the tumor antigen specific correlations with all of the current treatments available - Ippi, IFN a, and others.  Also, I have read of a tumor specific expression that correlates to the success ratio of Interferon.  Has anyone had this test run?  Has anyone ventured "down under" to try the current vaccine trials by Oncovex?  All feedback is welcome!!!  

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W.'s picture
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Last reply 10/22/2011 - 9:44am
Replies by: Anonymous, Cynthia C

For those of you with relatively thick melanomas and no good option for adjuvant therapy: it might be worth looking into low dose beta blockers.

There is some evidence that they may improve prognosis, e.g. see on pubmed:

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Last reply 10/21/2011 - 6:23pm
Replies by: ad2424, mombase, Lisa13

I know this is a tough, perhaps unknown question, but perhaps someone has info I have not uncovered.

I have 3 lung tumors: 6 mm, 3mm, and 3mm, with additional smaller. 3 months ago the 6 mm was 2 mm and the others were not mentioned.

Does anyone know if this is the prime time to start Yervoy? I am thinking of waiting 4-8 weeks and having another scan, trying to buy some time to possibly get on a trial of another protocal. Thanks.

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Lisa13's picture
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Last reply 10/21/2011 - 2:54pm

My Dr. told me to start taking my Entocourt today and I'm a bit leery of taking it.  I know the risks of ipi, but other than a tender to the touch area on my lower left side (above my pelvis), I have no symptoms.  He believes it may be the start of inflammation in my colon/intestine and wants to keep it under control. 

I know this drug effects the gut, but it also mentions "weakening of the immune system" which is not what I want to have when I'm so close to finishing this treatment.  Can this steriod take away the effect of ipi or do they not even know this yet?  I see my Dr. next week, so I'll probably take it and see where I stand next week.  I'm currently still battling a cold I've had for a week, so I don't want to weaken my immune system even more.

Many impossible things have been accomplished for those who refuse to quit

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Last reply 10/21/2011 - 2:46pm

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted in a long time (maybe 3 years ago or so), but I occasionally pop on to see how everyone is doing. Well I'm here today b/c I have a few questions. A little background info on me: I was diagnosed in 2003 with stage 1 mel on my back, then stage 0 (thin mel) on my left arm in 2005, then in 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 3a mel on the back of my right leg with micromets to 1 node in right groin. I had all the lypmh nodes removed in my right groin, then started interferon in Feb. of 2007, which I ended in Oct. 2007 b/c of side effects and depression. I've been cancer-free since.

Fast forward 3 years and I received the go-ahead from my oncologist to start trying to have a baby (I'm 29 yrs old, almost 30). I got pregnant pretty quickly in Feb. 2011, but had a missed miscarriage in April -- no heartbeat found at my 12 week ultrasound (baby measured around around 7 weeks). I had a d&c several days later. Now skip ahead to September and I found out I was pregnant again. At 7 weeks, we had an ultrasound and found a strong heartbeat (156bpm). We were really excited, the doc said after you see a heartbeat the risk of miscarriage goes down to 5%. Well a few days later, I had a bit of spotting and they had me come in for another ultrasound; this time the heart rate had dropped significantly (down to 100bpm), and there was little growth. This was early last week. On Monday, I had another ultrasound to confirm the heart had stopped, which it did, and I was scheduled for a d&c, which happened yesterday - I was almost 9 weeks. The doc will be doing some testing at 6 weeks post-miscarriage to see if I have a blood clotting disorder, and if I do, it would prevent the placenta and baby from developing properly. Hopefully I'll have some answers in a couple of months.

So here are my questions:

 - Before I had the interferon, I was told it would probably not interfere with fertility, but of course I have to wonder... have any of you had problems with miscarriage after interferon?

 - I'm also wondering if all these ups and downs with my hormones (with the last 2 pregnancies over the last 9 months) could somehow affect my health negatively at some point, and possibly cause me recur or get a new primary? I have many moles, so I see a derm and oncologist every 3-4 months. I seem to develop new moles all the time. Guess I'm worried that all the ups and downs with my hormones could possibly make my moles change more rapidly. Also, at some point in the last year, I developed a mole inside my eyeball, discovered at my last eye appointment a couple months ago. No idea when it actually developed, I just know it happened in the last year. The eye doc said it's fairly common, about 10% of the population have a mole or "freckle" in their eye, but this really freaks me out, my great-grandfather died from melanoma in his eye.

 - Finally, if they do find I have a blood clotting issue, they'll recommend a baby aspirin every day and they'll also prescribe Lovenox, an anticoagulant, which would be an injection I'd take each day starting when I get pregnant again. So, my question and I hate to think about the worse case scenario, BUT worst case scenario, I develop mel while pregnant, and if my blood is thinner, could the cancer travel around faster? I just have no idea.

My derm and oncologist have both said in the past that pregnancy can change moles, but there's no definitive link between pregnancy and melanoma. Tomorrow I have my regular appt with my oncologist and will ask him all my questions, but I'm just wondering if any of you have any experiences with pregnancy, miscarriage, and melanoma.

My husband and I are talking about trying one, maybe two, more times and if it doesn't happen, or there's a chance that my health could be negatively affected by all these pregnancies/miscarriages, then we'll seriously look into adoption.

Thank you in advance for any advice and/or experiences you can share!

Never say never...

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Last reply 10/21/2011 - 2:08pm

hello community,

today is my first day on this site.  before this, the only message board i frequented was the bump to commiserate with my fellow new moms.

i have a new recent battle to surmount other than trying to figure out why my 13 month old seems to be throwing tantrums 24/7.

i am recently diagnosed stage 3a melanoma.  my first biopsy came from a suspicious mole in aug.  i then underwent the excision in my lower leg and removal of 2 sentinal nodes in my groin.  i was given results on fri that both of the nodes had cancer.  one had a cluster of cells and the other had scattered.  i was devastated.  and i still am.  :(  my life seems to have just started to fall into place.  38 yo, married to an amazing man for 3 years, a new baby... what more could i ask for?

so here i am.  for the past few months, i've been forcing myself to stay off of the internet.  it was overwhelming and superscary.  i was hoping for positive news last week.  now that i know for sure that this is a major fight, i need to educate myself and arm myself... bc i plan to fight.

i have only been able to make a connection with a cousin of a friend who has been through a similar situation.

i'm starting to look into what trials are available.  so far it seems that the most recent are yervoy and zelboraf??  how and when would one know if they have the necessary gene to allow zelboraf to work?

if anyone has any suggestions, pearls of wisdom, kind words, i'd totally appreciate it.  i have zero experience with cancer in general.  please forgive if i've misused terms, etc.  i'm a newbie.

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