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Last reply 3/29/2011 - 9:58pm

I got a wonderful response from the IL2. The first week I could only do 9 bags of the drug. The 5 days i had to recover were not enough. i went back n got another 6 bags. Its all my body could handle. My heart rate bottomed out both times. But my Doc says i done good. He had only hoped I would get at least half of the 28 bags that ya need to fully get the effect of IL2. I got 15 bags so he was happy. To me it was horrible but totally worth it. My 3 tumors in my neck have disappeared. Well they aren't budging out anymore. The huge one under my arm is about half its size now. Maybe 2 inches wide compared to around 6 inches. We are excited about IL2 working. Doc says im not out of the woods yet but at least it is working. He says my on immune system has kicked in and i should be seeing the tumors shrink even more as the days pass. As far as being back to self after 2 weeks, it didn't happen for me. Im into my fourth week at home and just now feeling some sort of normal. I was extremely weak when i got home and couldn't eat because of nausea, even though i had meds for that. Everything liquid tasted like tinfoil. I realize now i should have listened to you guys on here when you said DRINK water water water.. ..... I took most of every ones advice with me to the hospital.. I Thank God for you all. Even with all the love and support i had with my family and my caregivers{ husband and sister} I would not have gotten thru the IL2 without your words of wisdom and the strength that you all have and for that I Thank You All. Words cant express how much I feel for you. One bit of advice to a caregiver out there, force liquid at all times even if its just a sip. Being dehydrated and the IL2 is not a good combination and no the IV is not enough. And one more thing, if ya see the patient acting weird or saying wired thing or are seeing things notify someone immediately...It can become permanent if not acted upon. Luckily for me my hallucinations were pink fairies and butterflies it could have been the exact oppistie.They continued for about 2 days after i got home and slowly started fading away. I get a PET scan in May and hopefully it hasnt spread anywhere else. I do another round of IL2 the end of May and im scared to death to do it but i will. I have a wonderful team that takes care of me. I can only say good things about Vanderbilt and its employs. Well thats my update. And once again Thank you all. My prayers are with you all that whatever treatment you get or are getting works and gives you back the HOPE that we seem to lose with this terrible disease.

Carol b

Believe all thing are possible, believe faith can move mountains, believe in the healing power of prayer and never ever give up on your dreams

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Last reply 3/28/2011 - 1:51pm
Replies by: barns1, Janner, Carmon in NM

Hi, I have had two melanomas, one in 2005 ulcerated and one in 2009 non-ulcerated. I also have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. What are the chances the melanoma will show somewhere else in the body because of the ulceration? I have never found any stats, thought maybe someone else has. Thank you.

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We are looking to speak with patients diagnosed with specific types of melanoma including basil cell carcinoma to participate in a confidential paid phone/online study.


If they meet the study criteria and participate

They will be paid $175 for a one-hour teleconference

The discussion will be scheduled at their convenience anytime between April 7th to April 15, 2011.


This study is being conducted to help improve treatment and education for people living with specific types of melanoma.


To see if you qualify click this link


For additional information please contact:

Jane Walker at 888-392-5000

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Simmy from Oz -Melbourne's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2011 - 11:35am
Replies by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,

Ive been taking plx4032 for bout 9 weeks now, with amazing results in regards to shrinking all my tumours.  Only problem is Ive got the most severe, acne- like, extremely sore facial rash :-(    Its been like this for  5 weeks now and only seems to be getting worse.  Its in my ears, on my head, up my nose, down my throat, its crazy stuff!! The rash is all over my body but not as sore or severe as my face.   My whole body is so itchy tho, its driving me nuts! 

Has anyone else experienced this? & how have u treated it?  My oncologist gave me some tabs to treat acne and infection, and some cortsone type cream.  Hes given me a week, and if theres no improvement in my skin, he is going to drop my dosage of PLX, which Im  a bit scared to do when Im getting such a good response.  He does not seem too concerned about dropping my dose & thinks that 6 tabs a day instead of 8 will be sufficient for my body weight (53kg)

What do all you experts out there think & has anyone had this RASH problem...Will it ever GO AWAY??  

Thanks all for your wonderful kind hearted replies,

keep smiling everyone  :-)          Simmy from Oz     xo  

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Our family is walking in the ACS Relay for Life in May, in honor of my battle with stage 4 thyroid cancer and our 15 year old son's current battle with melanoma. Do any of you have any info/statistics/personal stories on how ACS has aided melanoma research or patients? I would like to have some melanoma-related info to share with friends when asking if they would like to contribute. Thank you in advance!

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Last reply 3/31/2011 - 6:57am

For your help in getting me to see a decent Onc for the first time in 3 years :) AND for your support in the consult & for taking several hours out of your day. You're an angel- but I already knew that xxx I'll get the histopath, MRI & bloods within a week & fingers crossed to get on that bloody trial asap :) xxx again!!!

Meh. Get on with it. Do not feed rabid monkeys. To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another

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The last several trials in this URL are for c-kit melanomas.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

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The first Oncologist I saw was not to keen on Interferon, was suggesting watch and wait, and going to check with colleague regarding clinical trials.

I opted to meet with Dr. Samlowski (he seems to be the Melanoma guy for Las Vegas) personally. I'm glad I did-he was very informative and much more comfortable discussing melanoma, statistics and treatments (not that I remember everything he said). He is suggesting interferon. The high dose phase for sure, and for as long as I can take take it the 3 times a week injections. He says it's tough, but they will help me get through it. He thinks it for sure prolongs time to progression of disease and therefore it is prolonging overall survival. He thinks in my situation ( Stage 3B with an ulcerated lesion) it could improve my odds by 10-20 percent.  I'm going to quote him he said "we keep running this horse, because it keeps winning". He is also optimistic about IPI-he says he has used it for years and he has patients with years of no progression in their disease. He said a trial is due to open very soon-early April.

After coming home I read all the news of Yervoy being approved (on this board) and happened to read the patient insert (link posted by another helpful member on this board). Yikes!!!! Some of the potential immune related adverse events sound pretty scary. Some irreversible and some even causing death. Tonight I looked up Intron and found some good ones in there as well.

My head is spinning-all the reading I do seems to make me more confused. Is there another choice I should be asking him about? Has anyone done both Interferon and IPI-is one easier than the other? I wouldn't get to choose if I'm in the clinical trial-it's randomized between the two. I meet with him again in a week. I also need to get a brain MRI, my PET scan was negative except for some reaction probably related to surgery and inflammation as it was only 3 weeks post surgery.

From what I have read on here-you have only so much time post surgery to get started on Interferon and some clinical trials.

I have to say though, I think I'm feeling better about doing something vs nothing. I reread my posts and they sound so jumbled up-so many of you post such eloquent coherent words! It has been so informative reading all the posts and I'm so thankful that you all have been so generous with your first hand knowledge about this disease. It is overwhelming, but I'm going to fight it!!

Julie in Las Vegas

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Sunny Sea's picture
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Last reply 4/18/2011 - 6:12pm

Hi Everyone. 

I'm so glad to have found this site.  This is so overwhelming.....the people around me who seem to actually "get" how serious this is are few and far between.  Most telling me "dont worry" ....yeah right.   The complete loss of control over my future .....I mean, from now on, this *thing* is a central component of my existence.   I can never "not worry" that it will come back.....someplace.   And now, every little ache or pain i have is the cancer spreading.  I feel like i'm losing my mind.  And I'm kicking myself for pulling a wait-and-see approach when i noticed the thing changing about a year ago.  All i'd ever known about skin cancer was basal cell or squamous cell.....(cut it off, it's gone) so i didnt feel any urgency about getting it checked.  The fact that skin cancer can kill....I was so clueless.    ---and i'm a freaking RN, you'd think i might have known better. 

I know it all comes down to reports and results.  This is my biopsy report.  I had one mole taken from my back that my dermatologist found (it was atypical) and then the one on my wrist which was melanoma. 

     A.  Skin, right upper back, punch biopsy:
     B.  Skin, right forearm, excision:
            - CLARK'S LEVEL:  IV
            - DEPTH OF INVASION:  1.0 MM
            - NO ULCERATION
            - NO REGRESSION
     Dr. Buckley, Dr. Frazier has also reviewed specimen B and concurs with the interpretation of spindle cell melanoma.
41 y/o caucasian female
A) irregularly shaped dark brown macule.  R/O atypia
B) irregularly shaped multiclored macule with dark brown center.  Nevus. R/O melanoma in situ.
    A.    Labeld with the patient name and "right upper back".  A pigmented skin punch measuring 0.8 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in length.  Bisected.
    B.    Labeled with the patient name and "right forearm".  A skin ellpse 1.4 x 1.0 x 0.4 cm  No orienting marks are identified.  Inked, breadloafed, and submitted in one cassette. 
    A.    An asymmetric lentiginous proliferation of melanocytes in variably sized nests as well as individually at the tips and alongside rete pegs with extension into the dermis, highlighted by immunohistochemical stains for pan-melanocyte antigens, controls appropriate.  Broad zones of confluent melanocyte proliferation along the junction extending beyond three rete ridges in width or significant upward pagetoid migration are not observed.  There is a variable host fibroinflammatory reaction including melanophages.   Mild degrees of melanocytic atypia are identified.  The biopsy margins appear clear in the plane of section. 
   B.     Sections show broad, irregularly-nested and solitary atypical junctional melanocytes overlying sun-damaged skin.  Dermal cells are spindled with superficial mitotic figures identified.  There is no perineural or angiolymphatic space invasion identified.  The pan melanocytic marker highlights the spindled dermal melanocytes within the reticular dermis measuring to 1.0 millimeter.  There is no ulceration or regression.  Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes is absent.  A Ki-67 proliferating marker shows low proliferative activity of the dermal melanocytes.  An HMB-45 immunoperoxidase stain shows weak positive staining of the dermal spindled cells.  A pHH3 mitotic stain highlights a rare dermal mitosis.   The margins are clear of both melanoma in situ and invasive melanoma. 

So, I had the initial biopsy in mid-February, they got the results a week later and referred me to a surgical oncologist.  The soonest appointment was March 1.  He in turn set me up for a WE and SNB which will be done this Thursday (3/31).  So, about 2 months have gone by since this thing was removed.....could it have been spreading or causing more problems while i'm sitting here WAITING...(the waiting is horrible).  

If the WE removes all the tissue from around the site, HOW can the thing come back in the same area??   Can the still leave "stray" cells behind even when they're removing so much surrounding skin?   If it does come back, will it show up on the surface of the skin or just pop up in some random place in my body?   Could it not already BE somewhere else?  Is there a reason why they wouldnt have done a PET scan yet?  Wouldnt that be a logical step to take while we're waiting for the surgery date?   Ok, as you can see....i'm overthinking this and driving myself nuts.   I try to remember to take one day, one moment, one step at a time.   That's much easier said than done.  

Thank God for all of you and the courage that you have to be on here, helping us "newbies" while continuing your own fight.   I'm sure the "freak-out" factor must get old after a while but i know that if anyone can understand it, it is those of you who have been here before.   Any help or guidance you can give would be appreciated.  

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FormerCaregiver's picture
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Last reply 4/12/2011 - 2:28am

If you have recently joined this forum, it would be very helpful if you
could create a brief profile so that we can quickly assess what stage you
(or the person that you are concerned about) is at.

There are some very knowledgeable people in this forum, who are more up to
date than some doctors are. However, in order for you to get the best
possible answers to your questions we really do need a basic profile in
order to help us to help you. It doesn't have to be very long at all, but
should include the following as per your profile page:

Melanoma Stats
Initial Diagnosis date
Stage at Diagnosis
Current Stage (this is important)
Depth of Primary (this is very important)

Treatment Stats
Treatment Center:
Clinical Trials (this is extremely important)


I urge everyone to thoroughly educate themselves about melanoma. No part of this post should be considered to constitute any form of medical advice. Please consult a competent oncologist. (I think that prayer can help in ways that we don't always expect).

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I have spent a significant amount of time reading as much as I can from everyone regarding the BRAF Mek trial.  Everyone has been so positive and their words have truly helped.  My mother in law has stage IV melanoma.  She has multiple tumors under the skin in her torso, legs, and two on her head.  Her scans also show a tumor in her right hip.  Her scan have indicated that the cancer has not spread to any vital organs.  She is tired and has a lot of right leg pain.  Tomorrow is a big day.  She will begin the BRAF Mek trial at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  We are hoping for the best.  I am her primary care giver and I have told her about this website but she is not ready to read it.  I just wanted to say thank you to all those who are sharing their experience.  It has helped me stay knowledgeable about what to expect. 

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debandmike's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2011 - 2:50pm

My husband was just diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma with tumors in his lung and liver. He will start treatments on April 11th. Would love to hear from others who have tried this treatment.

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Nebr78's picture
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Last reply 3/28/2011 - 11:33am

I have had a very good friend of mine says that he knows of two people that went somewhere in Mexico and got cured of Melanoma.  Of course you never know if you are cured.        It cost a lot of money $25,000.      This friend is not barking up a tree.   He is from Iowa and I am from Nebr.  We were in service together in Korea (1951.       Does anyone know if any of our Cancer research people have looked into this.   I would think they would and give an evaluation.     There is a fox in the chicken house somewhere.    Ipilimumab was supposed to be approved in Dec. 2010 and then in March 2011, and so far hasn't.    Is there any good reason for this.  I have 2 lumps in lung (4 cent. and 2 cent) and what I have been getting does no good.   Is reasearch really being done?????????????????


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Replies by: CKasper, Cynthia C, Anonymous

Does anyone know whether the HCG drops for weight loss are safe for melanoma patients?


HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is produced by the female placenta. Its primary purpose is to give directions the hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus gland, in turn, regulates your thyroid functions, fat storage and metabolic rate.

So, in a nutshell, HCG drops tells the hypothalamus to increase your metabolic rate, burn any stores of fat and reel in thyroid functions. This funnels more useable energy into the body.

I'm just curious if there is any reason not to give it a try.  I realize it may not work for me, I can deal with that.  But, I sure don't want to push my NED status.

Nancy D

Stage 3B, NED 6+ years

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EricNJill's picture
Replies 5
Last reply 3/27/2011 - 8:29pm
Replies by: Anonymous, premedy, Lori C, EricNJill, jim Breitfeller

Eric has been on the GSK BRAF/MEK Combo Trial.  The changes in his leg have been outstanding!  His tumors are shrinking rapidly.  One external tumor on his leg went from being 4 1/4 inches to less than 2 inches and his leg is actually normal size for the internal tumors shrinking.

What is confusing for me is that he has new enlarged tumors around his heart and new non-calcified nodules in his lungs.  Why would the treatment work in his leg and not the heart and lungs?  His Oncologist said that if he hadn't obviously had response in his leg they probably would have stopped the treatment.

Thanks for any help.  JillNEric in OH

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