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dawn dion's picture
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Last reply 5/20/2011 - 10:03pm

After a verrrry long 10 weeks of PET scans, biopsies, CT's, MRI's, ECHO's, EKG's and many blood draws I am finally starting my new trial.  After having ipi fail me and testing positive for a gene change (much to the excitement of my Dr.  - still not sure how excited I am) I now start  the B-RAF/MEK combo.   Here's hoping that it works because I am really tired of being poked and prodded.    I swear I don't know how some of you stay sane! :)  I know why you do it - believe me I get it, but sometimes this process really pisses me off.  So I'm putting on my big girl undies and do what I have to do win this war!  

Now enough of my whining - Any input from anyone who is on the B-RAF/MEK - I would love to hear from you.   Many of you out there have posted amazing stories on this forum and might I say THANK YOU!   It really makes it easier to live in this world  when you know you are not the only one out there fighting the fight and surviving all the odds.  It's a impressive bunch.

I refuse to let this beat me. I WILL NOT LEAVE MY GIRLS! MELANOMA CAN BITE ME!

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Ohdearjessica's picture
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Last reply 3/3/2011 - 8:42pm

I can breathe again until the next scan!


I got a prescription for soma for my shoulder/neck pains. Has anyone tried this before? I am uninsured so I have to figure out how much it will cost me

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Hi folks,

I didn't go, but I thought I would post the link the the Melanoma Conference that was held at UNC on 2/24/2011.  The first link is just photographs -- not much information:

The second link is to a powerpoint presentation on staging, which might be of use to some of you.

Best wishes to everyone!


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Last reply 3/4/2011 - 2:03pm
Replies by: Anonymous, KatyWI, Laurie from maine, DebbieH, lhaley

Hi Everyone,


I am new here so this is my first post. I am stage 3 & have had a few surgeries to remove recurrence oin my leg.

I am now facing another surgery on my thigh (3rd sugery at same area). The suregeon tells me the tumor has grown down into the muscle & he will have  cut muscle out to try to get clear margins.

I would appreciate any feedback from others who have had surgery that cut out muscle. What is the recovery period ?, any long term side effects of cutting muscle out.? Pain? etc.

Thank you for your time & any comments are sincerely appreciated.





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This is some new info about how melanomas often develop resistance to the B-RAF kinase inhibitor PLX4032:



I urge everyone to thoroughly educate themselves about melanoma. No part of this post should be considered to constitute any form of medical advice. Please consult a competent oncologist. (I think that prayer can help in ways that we don't always expect).

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vickirs's picture
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Last reply 5/21/2012 - 6:35pm

Dr Rene Gonzalez has opened thie study at univ of colorado.  After failing many trials including compasionate us ipi, i am finally responding to something.  2 weeks ago i was told i had about 2 months to live.  I started this trial then instead of hospice and there is already a noticable improvement.  I lost 13 pounds in fluid wait above my liver and down my right leg.  I started readintg again after months of not being able to.  my upper abdonan no loner feels 10 months pregnat.  when dr gonzalez felt aound today he can tell there is definately shrinkage going on.  It doesn't matter if you are BRAF or not.  I am not BRAF.  And it is as simple as taking pills once a day. Uf any buddy else is on this trial let me know.  up unti know there have only been about 50 people on this study but with such great results they are expanding the the trial.   This definately brings new hope to me.

melanoma is a word...not a sentence

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Amy K's picture
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Last reply 3/5/2011 - 11:16am

Hi Everyone, 

First of all, let me say thank you to you all for the posts and comments on this board!  It has been a wonderful support to me as we've dealt with this awful disease.  It is nice to hear from others going through similar things.  Sorry we all have to meet on this page though.  :)

My husband was stage 3 in 2002 (we found this out a couple weeks after we got engaged), did interferon high dose 6 weeks, low dose 11 months.  We did great for 8 years. We have 3 young, wonderful children. 3 months after our third was born, BOOM this cancer came back and we're now at stage 4.  We were shocked it came back 8 years later.  (We had thought we had made it past 5 years, and thought  there was a low chance it would come back, and we weren't in that low percentile.)  It came back last August and we entered the Roche BRAF inhibitor  BRIM trial.  We were disappointed we got  the chemo instead of the pill, but after 6 months of dacarbazine, the tumors are gone (all 35)!  We are now so happy that we are NED.   

There's one problem my husband is still dealing with.  I wondered if anyone had anything similar or knew of anyone like this.  So, in July of last year he noticed his lymph nodes enlgarged and his eye was bothering him.  The lymph nodes were melanoma and we have done lots of scans of his eye and no cancer is shown in the eye.  However, he's had 2 eye surgeries to fix the glaucoma and then recently to reattach the retina.  His eye is not doing well.  We have heard of auto-immune response to chemo or IL2, but his eye started going bad before we were on any treatments.  Just recently they tested the vitreous (the fluid) of the eye for cancer and came back negative!  Great news.  But, we're still tyring to figure out what is wrong with the eye.  We've gone to several doctors and no one knows the cause and his eye is causing him lots of pain and annonyance.   A couple doctors are suggesting enucleating (removing) the eye.  We're trying to wait and not do that right now.  Any thoughts?

Another question I had.  So, we are so happy the cancer is gone.  Dacarbazine was awful and my tough husband endured that for 6 months even though he kept saying I don't want to do that again after/during each cycle.  We are so glad to be done with chemo.  We know chemo isn't a cure for melanoma.  The doctors expect it to come back but it's just a matter of when.  The doctor said it could be 2 months, and he thought really hard of a case where it didn't come back for 18 months.  We are thrilled chemo has worked so well for us and wondering if any of you have had experiences to how long it can keep the tumors from coming back.  

We are still on the BRIM trial and we can get the BRAF inhibitor drug if (when) it comes back.  We also wonder if IPI would be a better choice.  Although if we did IPI next we couldn't get back on the trial for BRAF inhibitor.  So, I guess BRAF should be first while we can get it and then do IPI.  Let me know if that sounds right to all of you who have dealt with IPI or the Roche drug more than us.  

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RMcLegal's picture
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Last reply 3/3/2011 - 10:11am
Replies by: RMcLegal, mom3girlsFL

I'm a very lucky seven-plus year survivor, healthy and NED, after a diagnosis of Stage IIIc melanoma in 2003.  I read the posts of much younger patients, so often with young kids, who are struggling with my diagnosis, or worse, and it just pisses me off that they have to face this trial.  (Excuse my language, please.)  My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling with this beastly disease.  I don't have a clue why I've been so fortunate and so many others have not.  So, all I can do is blog about the lighter side of my journey at and hope it provides a few smiles and a bit of encouragement.  Best wishes to you all.

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Anonymous's picture
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Last reply 3/3/2011 - 4:32pm
Replies by: Jenjen, Sherron, ShariC

Has anyone on this board thought or their dermatologist thought you had a blood blister when after a biopsy it turns it was actually nodular melanoma?

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BLL in Tampa's picture
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Last reply 3/4/2011 - 12:30am

My husband was dx w/Stage IIIC 12/2010.  I'm sitting here looking over the Pathology/Review Consultation Report received from Moffitt and it says:  3/3/06 Left mid back excision (4.8cm): malignant melanoma, Clark level III, 0.50mm in depth arising in association with the pre-existing melanocytic  nevus, completly excised.

11/18/2010 Axillary mass, left needle biopsy:  Metastatic  poorly differentiated malignancy, consistent with metastatic melanoma.(see note)  Note: Histological sections of the needle biopsy from the left axillary mass show tumoral cells with an epithelioid appearance, centrally placed hyperchromatic nuclei, indistinct nucleoli, and variable amounts of dusky cytoplasm.  Immunohistochemical stains were performed, which showed tumoral cells to be positive for S-100, but negative for LCA, cytokeratin, and MART-1

12/1/2010   Lymph Node, Left Axillary, Dissection:  Metastatic Melanoma in 2 of 16 lymph nodes (2/16), largest metastatic focus measures 3.3cm in greatest dimension involving greater than 90% of the lymph node area, subcapslar and intraparenchymal in location, extracapsular extension identified.

Three options given; 1.  Follow with close observation.  2. clinical trial ipi vs. placebo. & 3. interferon.   

My husband has polycystic kidney & liver disease and his insurance does not cover "Clinical Trial"

As of 12/30/2010 Pet/CT scan NED!!! 

What do we do next.......


One day at a time.....

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LynnLuc's picture
Replies 4
Last reply 3/5/2011 - 10:36pm

I have blood work at 745- see Dr Weber  around 8 and do the last regular cycle in my trial- tah dah I am now going on to my 12 month of Stage 4 melanoma NED...oh NED is my best buddy!

I get scans and apheresis next week  then I guess every 3 months I will get scans, blood work and booster IV of  Anti PD-1 for 2 years if I remain NED.

wow...I also returned to work and nearing my 3rd week -it is still so exhausting but hoping as I get farther awhile from the trial meds the less tired I will be...

Advocate for your own treatment.. Stage 4 Melanoma NED Surgery,Radiation, Temodar 300Mg July 2009-March 2010, then "Phase I Study of Anti-PD-1 Human Monoclonal Antibody MDX-1106 and Vaccine Therapy"

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Jerry from Cape Cod's picture
Replies 18
Last reply 3/3/2011 - 9:11pm

Hello All,

I've been laying low for awhile, but thought it might be a time for an update.

I've just reached my 108th week of participation in the IPI "Brain" trial.  It's a bit overwhelming with all the knowledge I've gained about Melanoma since my "move up" to Stage IV in January of '09 to still be an active participant.

The MRI was consistent with the last done 3 months ago.  3 small "enhancing" lesions (too small to measure) in the brain. The docs are about ready to call them necrosis.  The remains of the radiated tumor in my C-spine is slowly shrinking away as my body disposes of the dead tissue.

The mets on the left adrenal and the small bowel disappeared along with the majority of lung mets over a year ago.

One pesky met in the left lower lobe obstructed a bronchial tube and caused the formation of a couple of small semi permanent pneumonias.  In the last month two bronchoscopes were done on the lobe.  The first, a flexible clearly showed the lesion in a very accessible location.  A week later a rigid tube scope was performed to attempt to remove the entire met.  Unfortunately there were some unforeseen difficulties and only about 2/3rds of the met could be harvested.  In addition the bronchial tube and lower lobe were "compromised" so the decision was made to remover the lower left lobe with a VATS procedure to be done in two weeks..

The bottom line is once the lung procedure is complete I should have no active disease.  HOLY S*iT BATMAN!!!!

The other good news is that I will remain in the IPI trial and continue on maintenance.


Jerry from Cape Cod

It's about kickin' Melanoma's butt! "Meh. Get on with it. Do not feed rabid monkeys. To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another." in memory of NicOz

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heg50heg's picture
Replies 4
Last reply 3/2/2011 - 10:54am
Replies by: ShariC, Carver, Janner, washoegal

Hello , ater 3 and 1,2 weks post lymph node dissection under arm pit     i have swollen up spot the size of my fist. It feels pretty hard and I am gonna see my surgeon tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery.

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Ohdearjessica's picture
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Last reply 3/3/2011 - 8:39pm

I guess I'm just looking for support.

I don't know my original path report by heart, but I was dx in may 2009. I was pregnant at the time so I had to wait 4 weeks to find out what stage I was. 12 days after I had my son I had the WLE and SNB. They found cancer in a node in my neck. Had 2nd surgery a month and a half later where they removed the rest of the nodes came back clear. After all was said and done I was stage 3.

I have had a scan since then and it was clear, but I've been in constant pain at the surgery site (left neck and shoulder). I've been taking ultram for it but the pain is making me paranoid. I guess it's just Pre-scan anxiety, but I'm really freaked out that they are going to find something on Thursday.
I have been very positive until this last week.

Any encouraging words, support, or your experiences are welcome and appreciated

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raelynn's picture
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Last reply 3/2/2011 - 9:14am
Replies by: NancyGM

Hi  -   My father is 81 and has had melanoma for 2 years. He has had a couple of surgeries, radiation, and interferon. His last scan showed a couple of new spots and the doctor wants him to take Temodar. He also has frontal lobe dementia. Does anybody know if Temodar will affect the dementia or make it worse? Our doctor seemed unsure.

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