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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 1:25pm
Replies by: Anonymous, MattF, Janner

Hi there,

My surgeon told me I was cured of my melonoma, originally diagnosed in November 2014... stage 1B - middle right side of my back... WLE and SNLB (came back negative).  I've been going to my three month check ups and have had a few more biopsies that have came back negative.  

Just this last week, my WLE scar has developed quite a lump and is super itchy.  The scar is still a deep pink/purple and has always had a textured feeling.  The color hasn't changed, but you can see the lump area has expanded the color, marble size.  

Of course, I'm going to make an appt with my derm first thing on Monday - but I was just wondering about thoughts/ looking for support/ seeking experiences.  I'm a very positive person and am banking on this just being scar tissue that may be inflammed.  Has nyone here had a similar experience?  What was your outcome?  

Thanks for listening!



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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 1:08pm
Replies by: looptwelve, Aiden, kathycmc

Hi everyone!

Here is my story.

I am 35 white male. 

In january 2015 I went to visit my new primary doctor.  I was wearing simple black tshirt and just like that my primary doctor said, " You do have lots of moles on you, you should see a dermatologist. We white people tend to have skin cancer"  Well, that  wasn't my purpose of that visit. Ok.

Anyway, after that visit I schedule a visit to the dermalogist. 

End of January 2015 I am in the office seeing dermatologist. After quick conversation, she told me to undress for the full body skin check. Ok 

She started examining my skin walking around. Suddenly she stopped and said " you do have suspicious mole on your back. I have to do the biopsy of it"  I said are you serious?  Doctor said yes, you have 50/50 to have skin cancer. I was in shock. 

Biopsy done. I am waiting 10 days to find out my final results. Very difficult time for me. 

Finally on Friday afternoon my dermatologist called and said. " I have a good and bad news. Bad news is it's Melanoma, Melanoma in Situ found in the mole, good news it's very early. It's just on the surface of the skin, and didn't even break the first layer of the skin" 

What now, I asked? She said " I don't want you to worry about it. It's very early and the prognosis are great in your case. You need to have a surgery to be done soon. After that you will be under regular check ups" Ok

Mid of February 2015 I had my surgery done at University of Chicago Hospital.  After my surgery I had my final results. All margins are clear. No additional treatment. Continue fallow up with dermatologist. 

Eventhough, my case was cought early, I can't find a peace. I think about that everyday, and trying to stay positive. Soon I am going to see my dermatologist for the first check up. 

How to live with the thought of being diagnosed with skin cancer?

Thank you all for reading my story  





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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 12:59pm

For those with Brain mets, how do you deal with them?  Are any of the therapies that you are on crossing the blood brain barrier?  Do you get yours radiated as they pop up?  And does it work?

My dad has had 3 brain mets to date, not counting the new one found today.  2 were resected via a craniotomy and then radiated.  The last one was radiated.  All 3 were totally gone for almost the past year.  Then scans today revealed another one popping up (only about 1cm).  They feel that they can radiate it easy enough, but I'm just scared of what is next.  There are clearly cells in his brain with melanoma, so this could happen again at any time.  What is working to rid the brain of melanoma, other than surgery and radiation?

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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 11:36am
Replies by: braunerk, Ed Williams

Is there any difference with different therapies with having 
Acral version of Melanoma I have Acral and have not responded to Ippi or it seems Keytruda. Don't know where to go next for treatment. My doc is thinking doing  Ippi again but not sure. Any suggestions would be helpful 


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jahendry12's picture
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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 11:32am

I wanted to post a question that I have not been able to get answered via internet searches.

My husband is Stage IV and NED for over 2 years now :)  I know that we will be having scans for the rest of his life, but if he remains NED for > 5 years, would he then be considered a lower stage or is it once Stage IV, always stage IV?

Thanks for any input.





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Janner's picture
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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 11:12am
Replies by: Janner, ldub, Bubbles, Aiden

 I was diagnosed stage 1a (translates to stage 1b with today's staging) 23 years ago.  I've had two other primaries but am still stage 1b. I just realized that my adoptive father passed away 1 year ago on my anniversary from melanoma.  The anniversary was forgotten last year but I realized the connection tonight when someone emailed me about my responses here and I put into words my long history.  I miss my Dad but he was 89 and had lived a full long life.  The irony that he would get melanoma and pass away from it after my long history never failed to amaze me.  

Anyway, there are lots of early stagers who go on with life and stay early stage!  Never assume the worst!

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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 10:09am
Replies by: mary1233, Anonymous, tschmith

I am looking for info on c-kit mucosal melaonma patients responses to Ipi.  Not much info found.  Here is one article.          The overall response rate by irRC in evaluable patients was 6.7% (2 of 30 patients; . By the mWHO criteria, at the time of the first radiographic assessment (approximately week 12), one CR, one PR, and five SD cases were observed. Twenty-three patients had PD at the time of the first scan. One patient classified as irSD was reclassified as having PD by mWHO given the appearance of new lesions. The overall response rate in evaluable patients by mWHO (6.7%, 2 of 30 patients) was identical to the response rate by the irRC.

These numbers are scary.

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

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lesli's picture
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Last reply 4/20/2015 - 8:00am
Replies by: _Paul_, arthurjedi007, lesli

Hi All,  my scans at 7.5 weeks on Keytruda are showing universal growth in all lesioins.  In all hope, could it be inflammation?  How long to proceed treatment before considering another option (there is still a question about what that is)?  That is, what is the definition of "failed" on Keytruda?

Thanks in advance. Leslie

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410451's picture
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Last reply 4/19/2015 - 11:20pm

My dad was diagnosed with melanoma last summer (originally diagnosed as Stage 2b but Breslow scale 5).  His primary tumor on his trunk was removed in May.  In October it was discovered it had spread to nearby lymph nodes and a baseball sized lymph node full of cancer was removed.  The radiation oncologist strongly encouraged radiation (which I tried to discourage my dad from taking).  In December he started 30 sessions of radiation.  CT scans after radiation showed the cancer had spread to both lungs (at least 10 spots).

Dad is 73 and has less than a healthy heart and lungs before the cancer had metastasized to his lungs and several other issues common with aging.  Because of the side effects of treatment and the low success rate, he has opted not to take treatments.  He could change his mind but  would have to before the cancer burden was too high on his body. 

Recently he has feeling good and had returned to normal activities. He's still pretty active and enjoys outdoor activities, wood working, etc.  But, most of this week he has felt nauseous and has slept a lot during the day.  This is very unusual for him.  So, at this point, I would like to think it's just some bug he's picked up but can't help but wonder if it's the cancer making him sick.  I will call the nurse on Monday to get her input but I also would appreciate if others would share their knowledge.  I live a few hours away from my dad so I know a time will come when I will have to spend a lot more time taking care of him but with a full time job, my own family, the unknown is tough.  So, if anyone has a family member that has gone through something similar as my dad, I would appreciate the candid feedback.

Thank you.


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Last reply 4/19/2015 - 10:23pm

I have my next scan Monday and my doc is already thinking I should be on his ERK trial. Zelboraf and the taf/mek combo both failed me wih zelboraf having really poor quality of life side affects while I was on the med. So I'm very Leary of these targeted therapies for me. If they had shrank even one tumor I might be less skeptical but they didn't. Yervoy didn't shrink anything either. Only keytruda has done that. So for me at least I don't see how this ERK will be any different. It just targets a gene further up the same chain. Granted I'm glad they have something.

They did say they have had 2 people have partial remission so it does help some people. So am I being stupid to not do this or is there something better for me?

For about 4 weeks I've been feeling great and my LDH has continued to drop to 301. Way better than 840 in January. I can walk non stop for 30 minutes again. Sure I have issues and pains and tire out fairly quickly but nothing like a few months ago before the ton of radiation which I think I've fully recovered from.

I think TIL is a good option since Im strong enough now but I doubt if the scan will show any non radiated tumor they can harvest but it might. They wouldn't do the harvest and store it for later at Bethesda at least not for me when I asked.

i also think pd1 combined with some other med like maybe antilag3 might be good for me. The plan was after this scan if needed to go to dr Gajewski in Chicago to see what he thinks is best for me since he has that trial.

Otherwise I'm not seeing other options for me. Most I'm excluded because I've done standard treatments. Some like the awesome virus treatment in Utah I'm excluded because I have bone metastasis.

So I'm very frustrated about not seeing good options and very worried especially since the nurse called me about this ERK thing today. Same trial they said at my last scan in november. I'm still hoping though the scan Monday shows no new stuff and everything shrinking or staying the same. That would be a first for me and I would stay on keytruda and thank God for such a miracle.

Sorry to bother everyone. I guess the scanxiety is really getting to me especially after that call from the nurse today about ERK.


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Ginger8888's picture
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Last reply 4/19/2015 - 7:07pm

Went and got my scan results yesterday and i am still NED and have been since Aug 13th, thank you Yervoy!!! One more good 3 month scan and i get moved to 4 months..

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Hstevens0072's picture
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Last reply 4/18/2015 - 9:42pm
Replies by: _Paul_, Hstevens0072

I've been on the MK 3475 clinical trial for almost two years.  It's been pretty smooth sailing, joint pain and fatigue were the worst side effects up to now.

All of a sudden my blood sugar has risen, today's fasting was 346 and I've been on Metformin for six weeks and have been watching my diet.

has anyone else experienced this?  I'm very worried they will take me off the study.



"The key is don't go to the funeral until the day of the funeral" ~ Valerie Harper

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RoxAnn's picture
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Last reply 4/18/2015 - 6:43pm

I was diagnosed in 1997 with Melanoma, had surgery, had a year of Interferon, horrible stuff as some of you may know. It is now 2015, Melanoma is back again, same leg (on back of right calf), just this time on the front. I had SNB, then had 8 more nodes taken out, oh how painful this is. I am a Veteran, being seen at the James A Haley Hospital in Tampa,Fl.  I spoke to an Oncologist there who has "Interests" in Melanoma, who is from  Moffit Cancer.  First of all, she seems to be "not in a hurry" with me. I recently found out my Mitotic Rate was 20 and found out that is NOT GOOD, I am scared to death. I only saw her for about 5 minutes and she said she has 90 days in which to start some type of treatment, WHAT?!?  I had surgery on the 17th of March and went home the 23rd. Sure I am still in pain, and she told me a while ago, that no matter what I am diagnosed, wait, she said I was diagnosed 3 something, and would let me know if it was a, b, or c after my last surgery, but no matter, my only option of treatment was Interferon again, even if it was a, b, or c. I feel I am being slighted somehow. When I had Melanoma in 1997, I was treated right away. First of all, here is a bit of history. I had my first biopsy way back on the 9th of january, yup, I said january. 2 weeks later, I had another wider biopsy. The BIG surgery was March 17th. Seems to be long drawn out. Is it just me thinking this? Help.



Metastatic Melanoma, Stage IIIc, never giving up Hope!

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chowmene's picture
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Last reply 4/18/2015 - 2:21pm
Replies by: Janner

can or is pain associated with mole growth?

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dentholla's picture
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Last reply 4/18/2015 - 12:29am
Replies by: Janner

***Once again - this forum is a life saver***  For each of you reading my posts and responding I THANK YOU!!!  This is a team effort and we are all our own advocates in winning this race!

The results from my husband's WLE and SNB (node positive) show that there is no residual melanoma in-situ but does say residual malignant melanoma, 8mm?????

History is 1st path (shave biopsy) estimated >.8mm with no clear margins

WLE path shows the above mentioned residual comments and confirmed depth at 1.5mm.  All margins are negative for melanoma (closest margin 1MM (MEDIAL).  With lymphoascular invasion present I am wondering if we do a 2nd WLE because of the closest margin or are we okay?

We are scheduling a PET for next week and God willing moving forward with a modified neck dissection.  What do the residual malignant melanoma comments mean?  I can't find much information about it.

Would appreciate any insite on this if you have the time.


Not anonymous - sorry for the multiple posts :-)

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