Anybody who can make some suggestion about iPhone deleted sms,contacts?

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11/20/2012 2:05am
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Hello, this is Shallyfree, I have a problem asking the people here, I got a iPhone, and I crash my iPhone 4s a few days ago, some of important message lost, so, I was wondering if I can get back my lost message ? people in the yahoo suggest me trying some paid software:  iPhone sms recovery, it says it can extract iPhone backup and recover deleted iPhone text message. I don’t know it can solve my problem, and it is not free. please make some suggestion and recommend some free app. thanks.

Hi, Shallyfree,

I would recommend searching the Apple forums. That is how I found my cool iphone case! Good luck :)


Next time Use iCloud and upload the morst important items to it(up to 5mb) or make every 1/2 weeks a backup from your phone with itunes on your PC, i will safe all apps, fotos, contacts, IOS and more. It will help you easily recover your iPhone data directly.

Maybe you can go to google search Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor,it rates perfectly fine on CNET.