Anyone else having trouble with password?

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7/30/2010 4:08pm
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Every single time I log in, it doesn't recognize my password.  Every. Single. Time.

So I hit 'forgot password,' I get sent a link to create a new one, I put the password in, put the code in, hit SAVE, and we're good to go.

Until I log out and try to come back again.

Could this have anything to do with 'cookies?'  (and don't laugh if that's a ignorant question, or at least laugh quietly!).

The reason I think that is because I believe the 'cookie' disable thingy is on my work computer...




Hey Cyn!

I trade e-mini futures these days for a living and have called TradeStation MANY times about not being able to log in.  They would take me through a several step process which always included:

open Explorer, go to Tools, click on Delete Browsing History, check Cookies

So one day I got a clue and now I delete 'em all the time and don't really have a problem until I forget one of my secret questions.


I bet the folks at TradeStation are glad I don't call so much anymore.  Maybe that is the problem with your login!  You are way ahead of me in figuring it out.

Take good care, K.


And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

this thing just doesn't like you Cyn,sort of like how some people here just don't like  other people here,which i think is a shame because,Lifes to Short people..

 good luck cyn,hey when you hittng th ebig water?