Baby yet John?

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4/25/2012 9:24am
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Hey Jag, what's the status?
Yikes, it's lonely in here. Five shillings for the dark side to be back.
Roll call maybe? Yawn, Dan, Bonnie lea, bill, jag, bg, Tina, Amy, den colt, fountainhead, Charlie, Jerry, sweeeeeet Marie, anon....?
Let's start with me.... All legal fun is a thing of the past.. Moved to the country..(more like bfe). Baby girl, (9), will have last cosmetic surgery for nasty dog bite that created a very large V on her forehead. And, I have a magazine that is going to publish my stories...

jag - (4/25/2012 - 6:50pm)

Circling the runway buddy, definitely in the red zone.  Every single client we (well I finally got her to stay home since she is due on Friday) go see says I need to e-mail them as soon as baby pops out, and to call them, I nod my head and think when the hell am I going to have time to do all of this, talk to my family, take care of the baby, and Merry?  Merry has actually had 4 showers(ridiculous really) our house was a babiesrus hoarders dream for a while, have everything unpacked, crib set up and even the video monitor placed so we can watch the monkey.  Might even set up a skype situation to allow the grandparents to have a peak.  Merry wants to veto it, so I haven't even put that thought in their heads just yet.  

Happy to hear that a magazine picked you up.  Let us know which one, definitely cool.

I think the problem is everybody is trying to act to cool to post, that and I get too much attention from my anon fan club.

Was actually watching to see how long it would be for the next post.  Didn't like seeing my name up there last.

Oops, I guess I just made the last post.  

I think it is because mine are the best, (tee hee)

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jag - (4/25/2012 - 6:56pm)

Oh sorry I forgot, Jerry from Cape Cod passed if that is who you are talking about.  Melanoma sucks big cock, he was a great guy.  Will never forget his post talking about doing the happy dance with all 200 something pounds of him jiggling around when I made an NED post.  

JerryFauq is still kicking ass though.

Glad to hear the 9 year old is healing up well.

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yoop - (4/25/2012 - 10:15pm)

Thanks for the updates john... I am happy for you and Merry... Im sure the delivery will go just fine. Cutting the umbilical cord is a little overrated and with my firstborn son I wished I could have just smoked a big cigar in the waiting room. Yes, that was dickish, but honest..
RIP Jerry..
How much better could you have put when you said melanoma sucks big dong...
Good luck and maybe you should tweet to the world when the little rascal sees daylight for the first time...

jag - (4/26/2012 - 4:55pm)

Not dickish at all Yoop, I'm not into that sh-t at all.  Merry forbids me from going to look "downtown" anyway.  I feel your pain man.  

Ha, I just triggered the profanity filter, but you know what the f-ck that sh-t means anyway.

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Kimmer - (5/2/2012 - 5:30pm)

JAG...really a little baby person?  How exciting...wish you well and Merry all the best for a healthy happy Sweetling.

Take good care, k.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

BonnieLea - (4/27/2012 - 12:21pm)

Dear Mr. Yoop and Jag


yeth, I am here waiting for things to happen.  I am sooooo sorry to hear about Jerry from Cape Cod.  He and I had many a good laugh....lobster vrs cow meat arguments.  John, thanks for telling us.  RIP indeed.  He is up there (mebee) doing that happy dance free from the restrictions he has had in the recent past.

Yoop,  so happy to hear you will be published.  Not Playboy or Penthouse I pray!!  maybe Sports Illustrated? or National Geographic.

Yes me wonders where others have gone off to.  Seems weird.  Us three will carry on.  

John be nice to Merry....she may even swear at you  but you will def understand!  Today is Friday.... am wondering.  Do they (in the USA)  induce on the due date? 

Love Bonnie Lea

Hang in There

jag - (4/27/2012 - 7:17pm)

BL (short for Bonnie Lea) I bet I could be creative with that one, kind of like BS only makes me think of bologna.

I think they induce when they are overdue, too big, or both.  Our doctors told us if there was any long weekends or vacation plans, they would do everything they could to get it out so they aren't stuck in the hospital(kidding).  They also made it clear that Elective C-Sections are not commonly done(which means some people have asked for them and have gotten them done-believable in these here parts)I have a feeling some women want to coordinate them with the complementary tummy tuck , before they hand off the perfect little baby to the nanny, but who is to say?.  I have also been noticing the exact same noses and wrinkle free foreheads on a lot of the women we visit, I bet it is all just a coincidence though.

Hope everything is going ok up in Canadia.  Any camping/bear/snake trips this summer?


If you get an invite to Hef's grotto, ask if they have an invite for your pal would you?.  

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BonnieLea - (4/28/2012 - 8:04am)

yep....  going camping early to end of July.  Daughter along with us.  Her husband not till one of the weekends (he is not a camper persae.  Then when Dotter goes home, sonny boy and his lady come up.  (they all have their own camp sites) and visit eat goof around with us.

DD is there to help Bob set up our massive site (all my junk)  cos I cannot do it anymore.  Better not find any furry spitting choming snakes.  this will be the SAME camp site as when I did get the mystery infection of giantitis foot. with fang marks.  I really don't believe either the doctor nor the pharmacist that tsk tsk bonnie lea  not a snake,   spider perhaps.  NOPE twas a GIANT FURRY SPITTING KING COBRA!


Hey maybe that brought me on my road to losing parts of Bonnie Lea over the past few years?  Boobs, now part kidney? what next????  Other than being soooo lethargic and uninterested in life, I guess I am ok.  kind of worried about my 'earlid insides'  all brown and icky.

Love Bonnie Lea  (not BOLOGNA)  tube steak?  no I am Prime Beef maybe even Kobe beef....

Hang in There