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5/3/2012 5:15pm
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going for a brain scan tomorrow.  See whats up in there!  I am so sure I will glow in the dark.  Hope everyone is fine and dandy.  No word yet from the Jag of this world.

Hang in There

yoop - (5/4/2012 - 9:16am)

Good luck today Bonnie Lea,
Will be thinking about you.....
No word from Jag yet? Hmmm 1 week past the due date... Hopefully all is well.

BonnieLea - (5/4/2012 - 4:44pm)

well, he did promise he would write so one week, aint that bad providing all is well.   The hospital phoned me about one hour before CT scan, saying the machine was down, and the booking office will call me later with a new booking.  I am TEEEEED off  had arrangments for my hubby to drive me (don't like driving anymore)  so now I must answer the phone hahah.


Hang in There

jag - (5/5/2012 - 9:24pm)

Bonnie, sorry I didn't get back to you today, after 36 hours of labor, (2 epidurals, 3 hours of labor, 1 episiotomy w/vacuum suction and then a C-section-poor Merry) 

Jedd Andrew Gallagher arrived on the scene.

8lbs 6oz.

high noon cinco de mayo.

Never ever thought that life would turn around this much.  I am completey flabbergasted.

Mother and Child are doing well.smileysmileysmiley

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

yoop - (5/6/2012 - 8:44am)

Congrats to you and Merry... Yep, life will change for sure, all for the better...
How lucky do you feel?
When I was going through my treatment and written off by most, one saddest thought was that Ruby, who was one year old might never get to know her father.... That was seven years ago and I am very, very, lucky that I am in her and Bens life.
I am sure people wrote you off too John....probably isnt a word to describe the depth of your feelings these past couple days...
Congrats again and slow time to enjoy it as much as you can...

Kimmer - (5/6/2012 - 1:25pm)

sending the very best your way, Bonnia Lass.  You are brave beyond the words I have, so let's be done with that.

Love, k.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius