Brain Part 4

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6/8/2012 12:39pm
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well, On June 18th I head for shunt revision, this time with a programmable one.  (no magnets for me, means no MRI's anymore) woe betide.  The other more important news is my hubby is doing swell.


He had a heart attack on May 16th or rather they call it Ventricular Tachacardia.  Was in hobbithall for 12 days and ended up having a pacemaker/debibulator installed  (no magnets for him either)


Our kiddies have been great, helping with driving as Bob is not allowed to drive until check up on the 18th.  Ya ya same day as my brain surgery.  Oh well. But it all is good and I have been quite firm in 'making him sit, stay and be quiet'  His heart rate went up to 282 thereabouts. and much to his shock....he was zapped before they could sedate him. Even cutting off his clothes (one of which was his bestus Grundy Lake fleece zipped sweat.  He was at work, up on the travel lift, (he works in a marina)  he felt dizzy (no pain) came down, rested went back up came down, then one of the customers was wondering why Bob was not yelling at his staff as they were trying to move a big house boat and well, lets say Bob barks.  This customer was a paramedic and immed called 911.

He came over to get me, telling me  "Bonnie, I really need you to come with me"  now at my age......havent heard that one in eons. hahah  I did not know this man...but he saw my face, and immed said  Oh my name is so and so, I am a friend of Bob's and he has been taken to hospital.  You must come now.

MAN WHAT A SHOCK  but I quickly grabbed stuff to wear, (important things like my WINTER COAT? duh......  and away we went.  Had managed to call DD who in turn called her bro, and they all met us at the emmerg.


It has def been a May month I do not wish to repeat.   This is why I have been silent.   We still hope to go off into the woods and fight bears.  Me with bald head, and Bob with strange metal thing in his chest.  (now he has a larger boob)  hahah


Love Bonnie

Hang in There

jag - (6/8/2012 - 2:09pm)

Woa.  Bonnie, glad everything is stable for now, you've been gone so long, this place has gone from dust bowl to desert.

Glad to hear Bob is doing ok.  I thought something had gone awry with people playing with that straw sticking out of your head.   There is a difference between an arrythmia and a heart attack.  A heart attack actually damages the heart and decreases it's ability to pump-not a good prognosis for return to full function unless caught super early.  An arrythmia simply screws around with the rythm and rate.  Just think, with that rate he could have started running marathons!  The most important thing from hear on out is to make sure he takes his medications, never mind sit and stay, just throw in a treat here and there and he will be a good boy, and up to bear wrastlin to protect poor Bonnie.

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

Kimmer - (6/12/2012 - 4:50pm)

well, good grief Bonnie.  hang in there is right. 

all the love in the world to ya!


And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

KyCyn - (6/15/2012 - 10:40am)

Goodness Gracious, Bonnie Lea!  But I can't imagine anything keeping y'all from your annual trek to the woods :)  I am thinking of you and Your Bob.  


Me and My Bob still aren't on the boat, but we think by August we'll be moving on.  Solar panels installed, old water tanks off and new water tanks installed, old diesel motor removed and new electric motor installed, old head removed and new compost head installed ... now we're putting the poor thing back together :)


I must come here more often - it's been so long, I almost couldn't remember how to get here!


Hey, everybody!!