Brain part five (5)

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6/28/2012 8:53pm
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Hmmmm. Well some of you may know I (we)are AWACBE. My incision is still oozing but not bad. I am hoping to get the staples out tomorrow. But who knows now. The kidney seems ok. To those who thot I lost a whole kidney nope just a portion. (whahooo clear margins). Not mel simply RCC as if that is simple

Now boob onc wants further testing due to 3 or 4 unrelated cancers. I know mekong and LMM are related but boob and kidney??? So gots to ave ultra sound of chest wall (some lumps). Then follow up during first week of camping. Geeze a 4 hour drive to boob centre and 4 hours back. Since hubs can't drive for six months DD has to. God how I hate this dependency. Poop she has only been married for a few months yet here she is driving mum and dad all over the region. I haste this.

I will try to drive the truck. ( F 150). Never driven one beforehand fact I have not driven anything since first brain surgery (2007). Wish any one of you guys were here. But you is alllllll from USA. Tsk Tsk for me hahaha. Bob has apps now and of course alllllll my various hobbitall apps. Do I sound selfish ??? I hope not

Love always Bonnie

Hang in There

CarolA - (7/1/2012 - 11:15am)

Selfish?   You?   Bonnie?   Never, ever!   All of this that you are going through, and somehow you don't even sound like you are whining!!  Oh, wait, I do detect some complaining that you hate this dependency on others?  Now there you go, Bonnie.  Such a complainer, you are (NOT!!!)  I am feeling quite provoked that this is all happening to you, for you, at this time---your favorite time of the  year, blueberries and bears.   Makes me sad, feeling how unfair all of this is.

Please keep us updated on how things are going, how things went.   A follow-up appt during the first week of camping?   Oh this is just not right.   And you will drive the truck?   Yikes!   I feel an adventure story coming up. 

I think it sounds like maybe, maybe DD and the new SIL will be with you and Bob at the campsite.   Phew.  I'm relieved at that.   DIdn't want the bears to be your caretakers, if needed!    Be well, safe and I hope you do enjoy this annual vacation.


One of your southern neighbours! 


BonnieLea - (7/7/2012 - 8:51pm)

Ha! Now plans are evolving. Now sonny boy is driving the truck up to Grundy. Dd and I will go up in her car. She will drive her brother back to his home. I simply cannot think about driving the truck.

(don't want a trucker arm tan now do I). Soooo. JLE hubby is not coming until following weekend. ( with his dad). I will attempt to drive the car as we need ice daily. Neil (my son) will come up again this time with his lady and be there for our last week. Then Neil will pack up our camp site and his own and again drive truck home then turn around and drive back to there home (one hour north of us).

JLE will camp in her own spot (across the way from us). Then we will move her tent to our spot until the 18th. So seeeeeee how mucho involved our normal camp a thon has become? But bob had a good result from the arrhythmia clinic and now can use his left arm but still no driving

Ya breast onc appt on 12th. (4hour drive each way). Dedicated dotter or what. But bob is too worrisome for me to put off this appt. we were going to make a fun "date". But hmmmm. Jennifer is great and so are all of you

Yes I will post a story. The lake that we are at this year (within) grundy JLE calls "CORPSE" lake due to the smell in weedy shore when she and bob would haul out the canoe anchor. Only my dotter. So it's been to hot for any boo berries and I bet several hungry pissed off bears.

Today we bought 3 gynormas lobsters (in memory of dear Jerry Sullivan who hated lobsters. I just had too and I know he is chortling

We leave tomorrow when ever sonny boy arrives. SIL packed the truck

Ta for now dear friends

Love Bonnie

Hang in There