changing subject line within a thread

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7/31/2010 3:53pm
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I loved this feature of the old board; it added clarity on the main board and humour OTB
Questions (related or otherwise) are often asked within a thread by patients, these can be overlooked if not for others changing the subject line to draw attention to the post. One thread could efficiently accommodate multiple concerns.
 It seems to me this was not a frivolous feature, but one that enhanced communication -a worthy goal on a cancer board.

 (Posting this here to avoid crowding the main board, but I see it primarily as a main board concern.)


That would be a good suggestion to make on the link where they are asking for feedback (the left hand one). I think the more people that make suggestions, the better the enhancements will be. I think it's good even if someone has already sent the same feedback so they'll see how many are concerned with a certain feature.

"A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose"

Thanks Carver, I will.