Charlie S - is it your birthday?

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1/30/2013 2:13pm
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Today I made the discovery of this BB and from what I gather, it is an informal place to come and say whatever you wish and sharing one's feelings, whatever they may be!   I am going through and reading old posts and trying to get a feel for how everyone was using this BB and the type of topics they would talk about.  Apparently, most users have dropped off and it is not being utilized quite like it use to!  I discovered a post from dian in spokane from last year at this time and she was wishing Charlie a happy birthday.   I love Charlie's posts and his to the point answers, he always makes sense to me and has helped me out of my own confusion many times, since being diagnosed 3 years ago with stage IV.   I see from other posters, he is well loved, respected and is a bit of a icon on mpip!

I think my husband shares the same birthday and I would just like to know if that is I can additionally raise a glass to Charlie too!

Cheers Charlie!


O.K., I will reply to my own post.....I don't take myself to seriously.... 

Happy Birthday to Rick and Charlie!  This is a good day for me, I hope it is for you too Charlie!