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3/3/2013 8:05pm
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There are two chat rooms!  Click the arrow in the top of the chat room space to the right of Melanoma Chat.  a drop down window gives one the options of :

Melanoma Chat



It doesn't work as well as the old two chat room set up did.  If you jump from one chat room to the other your screen in the newly entered room is wipped clean.  Also the window no longer shows you who is in the other chat room like in the old days.  I have complained numerous times about the difference, but received no response from the MRF about it.

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Janner - (3/3/2013 - 9:30pm)

It's a FEATURE, not a bug.  (Standard programmer rhetoric).  The only problem is - you are the only one who can get in there no matter which room you choose!  We've tried the other chat room in the past, but you're right that you can't see who is in the main one.  But it works.  The private conversation is also nice so you can take someone aside and talk to them if the room is full.  Hopefully, we'll all be able to get in again soon and see if we can get the room moving again!