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7/30/2010 11:48pm
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 If you see a post by somebody you don't like, you can push it off of the page, by responding to all of the posts around it, then it will just disappear.  Doesn't work if that person is in another thread.  

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jag - (7/30/2010 - 11:51pm)

 And if you see a post by somebody you do like you can just keep replying to it and monopolize the board with that person to keep everybody off of it.  I bet 2 people working together could get rid of everybody.   

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Anonymous - (7/31/2010 - 12:38am)

Or you could just keep talking to yourself like your doing.  You seem to entertain yourself well.

Carver - (7/31/2010 - 11:43am)

On a serious note, that is one of the concerns I have about the main board. Not that anyone would intentionally push a new board participant with a specific question off the board, but it could happen accidentally. If someone has a post that a lot of people keep responding to or if there are several like that such as NED posts or updates from someone a lot of people know, then a newcomer could have there post pushed down and a lot of people might miss it if they don't keep scolling back through the board.

The way it used to be was that if you viewed the board by post instead of thread it was the same way it is now which was good if you checked the board a lot. But it was also good that the threads were ordered by the initial thread post so you could scroll through them up to the point you checked last.

The way it is now you can't scroll through threads by when the thread was posted since they are ordered based on the latest response. I hope as an enhancement that will be something that comes back in the future because I think it could be an issue in terms of knowing when someone new has posted and often they are the ones most in need of responses.

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bcl - (7/31/2010 - 12:49pm)

Great point Carver. In the past I have resisted creating new posts on the main board so as not to move urgent posts down the board.. now I feel if I reply to one from a few days ago I will be doing just that.  I hope they fix this quickly, newer scared patients need to be a site priority.

jag - (7/31/2010 - 5:36pm)

 maybe a good solution would be disabling the popup to the top of the list function.  That way, it would be pretty similar to ye board of old, only it would look like the old board with collapsed threads.  Right now the setup is like viewing the board sorted by posts.  If that was the way the board was displayed in the past, newbies would have no idea what the conversations were about. Yet if they just kept the threads in the order they were posted, it would be a lot like the old board with all of the threads collapsed.  

That was not an attempt to move this post back to the top by the way.

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Carver - (7/31/2010 - 6:03pm)

I think that would be a good solution. It doesn't really matter on the OTBB but I am concerned about the new scared patient who finds their post buried before anyone sees it to respond. Also, the subject line on new patients is sometimes so specific that they don't get replies quickly because people are skimming for what they are familiar with. I don't participate much any more but I sometimes look for new people that aren't getting responses. If they have a question I'm not experienced with I like to check back and make sure someone answers it and if they don't I try to do one of those friendly, sorry I don't have experience with that personally but . . . posts figuring it's better than nothing. However, I don't want to have to scroll through 4 pages to make sure someone gets some kinds of reply.

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bcl - (7/31/2010 - 7:19pm)

I emailed my concerns about this earlier.. hope it gets addressed quickly.

Nad T - (8/1/2010 - 4:51pm)

Anyone mentioned Obama lately?

Would this work on removing him from power?

Secret Service is there to protect him from us and US from him.  Coup very close. 

Troops come home  - no jobs - trained killers.  Obama is keeping this war going where exactly HE wanted it and we are getting beat up.

I came home to unemployment and 66 bucks a week or a job at 3 an hour.  20-25 bucks to work on consrtruction outside.

My future bride would drive up in a '65 GTO and the site would go nuts.  So much so that we have both now moved to invisibilty.  We have this friend who is a molecular scientist..  It may be John.

Kimmer - (8/2/2010 - 8:27am)


Thanks for serving and helping to keep us safe.

Invisible?  Kewl trick!

Take good care, K.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius