For Cyn about other Cyn could be you

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7/29/2010 1:54pm
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Hi Cyn,

If I were you I would let the MRF know about the Cyn issue. I saw your post to Bonnie. I'm starting a new thread because I think this may be an issue for others. Maybe you should put a comment under one of the MRF moderator post or email direct or there is also a feedback link. The reason I say that is it's possible if you had a patnet, you are the other Cyn and your patnet didn't get synched up with the new format. By that I mean when you tried to register there was a glitch and the patnet one you had kept you from registering with your name. I know I'm not making sense but I do think that it's possible you are both Cyn's. There have been responses about the issue of the patnet and profile synching up for some. Mine did work, my old patnet is now linked to Carver and is my profile but it didn't work out for some and they (MRF) will fix that. Hmmmm I checked (did a profile search) and there are 3 Cyn's. There is a stage IV Cyn who joined in 1998, a stage 1 Cyn13 who joined in 2002, a stage 2 CynD who joined in 2007 but the join date is automatically generated from the patnet and mine said 2007 although I joined in 2005. I think mine could have something to do with my changing patnet name from my original CS to Carver after a year or so. I feel like you had a patnet but I don't see it with your new name so you will probably have to synch that up (get the MRF to). Cheers, Carver PS I hope you're having a blast sailing. I'm jelous! I used to love to sail and had a boat but don't anymore.

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and a P.S. from me to you Cyn  I checked e-mail nothing from you I also did the FB thing as requested and nothing that was a few days ago when you requested it.


your mail is your work stuff so I dunno.   Do what Carver suggests.  Mine is simple here, I am the only Bonnie Lea ooops my burly Bob is home to take me to land of CT's.

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