The DarkSide and old friends

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7/31/2014 2:00pm
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It's been years since I've been around. Not even sure if there would be anyone who'd remember me. For anyone who might remember. Just a note to say I'm still kicking. And will always be grateful for the late night darkside chats and wicked humour that helped me through an incredibly tough time.

Jocelyn - (8/16/2014 - 9:19pm)

I remember the name, your name. It's been years. I hardly every come here, just happened to drop by tonight, and saw your post.


KyCyn - (9/9/2014 - 4:54pm)

I remember you and Jocelyn - and so many others!  I'm still kicking too (obviously) and glad to see both your names.

I come here once in a blue moon to see if I see any names from the Dark Side as well.  That place helped a lot of us, and I think of that community of people with much fondness.