DIAN....Doing wonderfully on IL2

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3/22/2013 7:44pm
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I just posted on the main board (which is so rare for me~) Dian called!! It was so exciting to hear her voice. Did you guys know she has an ACCENT? Who knew????  Anyway, she did 13 out of 14 bags, is having some side effects, handling them phenomenally.
She can't post herself because she is having some computer problems there..but she sounds soooo good! It was wonderful to hear from her as I have been thinking of her constantly. So sad there is a whole country in between us.




Love, hugs, Marie

jag - (3/22/2013 - 8:40pm)


Thanks for the update.  Tell her we are all pulling for her.


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I think you just told her smiley

jag - (3/22/2013 - 9:13pm)

I bet she thinks you are the one with the accent.....

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She's from California.... and then further north.  Not a lot of accents going on in those areas.  I've never noticed her accent Marie!  I'm with JAG here, I think it is YOU with the accent!  cheekysmiley  Of course, you'd probably think I have one, too!  devil

I think anyone who doesn't tawk like me has an accent. Jan...I wouldn't know because you NEVER call me! Sunday...after this research paper from hell is done...CALL ME! Just so I can see IF you have an accent!


The phone works both ways, you know.  surprise