eat more lobstah

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8/7/2012 10:38pm
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ya so nothing new. up here in maine doing the boat thing. lost the end of my nose earlier this year but they grew a new one for me. pretty as ever. no caps cause i m lazeee. hi to anybody that cares. hi to the rest too. hang in there jag. hugs to marie m. i dont visit the boards anymore. turned 70 this year and want to keep my head clear and enjoy life for now. pat is doing fine.

BonnieLea - (8/8/2012 - 9:16am)

Gee Mr. Bill, I had a birthday too this year.  and ate more lobster than ever!  Glad Pat is doing fine.  glad you got a new nose tip   So keep your head clear always...


Hang in There

jag - (8/11/2012 - 9:16pm)

Kindah, sounds kind of like something that would happen to Michael Jackson.

Happy birthday old goat.

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