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5/2/2012 3:32pm
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I just watched a video on the yahoo news thingy about a New Jersey woman who allegedly took her 6 year old (red hair fair skin) dotter into a tanning booth.  She claims the dotter was just in the room not in the what its called coffin?


However, the video of the woman arguing that she did nothing wrong,  she is the most leathery off colour person I have ever seen.  My oh My what is the world coming to.  She sounds like she has a bad smoking habit, (rough voice)  so what will get her first....HMMMM  I know I am prob being judgmental but hey!  I THOUGHT most of the states had outlawed it?  the tanning parlour also figures in the on going police investigation.  She is charged with child endangerment, and bail set for I think 25,000.00

Hang in There

Anonymous - (5/5/2012 - 2:03pm)


Industry on the Today Show  re tanning mom ( how to turn a negative into a positive with a sympathetic media..) 


Joe Levy Smart Tan “This is a sun bed….. exactly what you find used in dermatology offices for sunbed procedures for photo therapy procedures – it is little less intense than that. There are millions of customers a year who come to us because this is just like what they get in a dermatologists office but less expensive”

interviewer “you’re talking about Vitamin D”

Joe Levy “absolutely it was developed for Vitamin D production in northern Europe..”





( may be good for Vitamin D production but that is not the reason for photo therapy procedures at the dermatologist's office! )

BonnieLea - (5/10/2012 - 8:01am)

annonymous person (wish you had a name) 


It was also when I was very very young like 9 or so, I had excema on my fingers and the treatment was UV lights.  I remember well, thinking  oh Magic purple light.  Years and eons later, when going over my history as to why II developed Melanoma, that was also written down by the oncologists at our major cancer hospital here.

My dentist would not even use it when doing filling though the old fashioned way of setting stuff takes forever.  So me wonders why things never seem to improve, and why doesnt that 'woman' realize that she is not good looking now nor ever will be.


I take Vit D3 and try for a couple of five min intervals in the sunlight.  I never tanned, never layed out in the sun, but I was exposed at a very early age to a blistering burn when my dear mom fell asleep when I was a baby "sunning' in the pram.

My thoughts only on this.

Hang in There