How to convert pdf to word or PPT?

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2/19/2013 10:29am
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I've bought a pdf format ebook and would like to quote some sections to make a word or PPT presentation for my teaching class, buy somehow I can only copy text but not the charts and photos which are the most important things. So how can I convert the pdf ebook to word or PPT document without changing the original layouts? Can Adobe do that? Or any other software?

Yeah I remember Adobe does have a professional converter can do that, but it cost a lot of money. You won't have to convert the pdf file. You can copy the text you want to your word or ppt file for further editing. As for the charts and photos, you can capture from the computer's screen and then put it into your file. In that way you can easily make your own word/ppt.
But if you still want to convert the file, you can refer to the following articles:
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You can copy the photos and charts using the PFD "tools>snapshot tool" then paste the item into Word or Power Point.

Converting a PDF to a DOC format can be challenging without Adobe Acrobat. As of October 2012, Acrobat XI Pro costs $199 on the Adobe website.But you don't necessarily need Acrobat to [convert pdf file to Word document]. There're lots of PDF to word/ppt converter on the Internet, just type your question to google and there'll be many recommendations.
I don't have experience on [converting PDF file to PowerPoint], but you can try to save every page of the pdf file as image and export to a new PPT document.

That's a common question pdf users've come across.
PDF(Portable Document Format) was originally developed by Adobe, therefore Adobe definately has the most professional converter to help you do what you need, with a pretty expensive price of course.I don't think there's any other way to convert pdf format to word or ppt without a software, unless you are a programmer.
Here're some information that might help you to solve your problem:
[url= to convert PDF to Word/PPT/Text/Epub/image/HTML[/url]
[url= to convert PDF to Word/PPT/Text/Epub/image/HTML on Mac[/url]

you can use image converter sdk,    I do this all the time, and if you have it just File -> open pdf and you can edit/delete/save whatever you want from a PDF

I haven't used Adobe for any pdf coversion, I would like to purchase some pdf to word and ppt converting dll license for their maturity and reliablity.

i don't know how to convert pdf to ppt but i can give you some advices in converting pdf to word because i always do such a work. you may try adobe firstly but i have ever tried but failed eventually. so i turned to some third party software which contains the function of converting pdf to many other formats . this sdk can do pdf to word conversion in c# ,net. vb, etc. as for ppt, i know some softwares are professional in such conversion , you can search on google. good luck.

It is quite easy to convert your PDF ebook to a Word document with this advanced PDF conversion SDK. You can download the free trial version for testing.

You can easily convert pdf to word by Kernel for PDF to Word software. The software can quickly convert multiple PDF file to word in few seconds. It is user-friendly and advance tool. You can easily operate this tool without technical knowledge. Visit software detail

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Hi, charles.

I have only tried the free trial package of another PDF converter to help me convert pdf to word or PPT. I am considering to employ the official condition to help me with the PDF conversion work.  Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Arron,

Thanks for sharing such easy to use PDF converter, but I did't find any pdf to ppt or ppt to pdf document converting tool within your offered pdf converting library, can you recommend another pdf converter that supports converting ppt to pdf or pdf to ppt?


For converting your PDF document to editable PPT presentation you can use PDF to PowerPoint Converter. By the help of this professional software you can easily convert the PDF file to PPT in just few clicks.