I am back yet again

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3/5/2013 2:03pm
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Oh Boy, you guys are all great.....  You never can know just how much you cheer me up.  I am only thinking of CAMPING in approx 125 days.  Grundy Lake here we come.

As I am looking out the window at that mountain of ploughed snow in the centre of the court....my mind strays to the loverly soft water of Northern Ontario. Our opening meal will not be Lobisters (I know I know I am deveating from the norm)  but we decided on RIBS  made here slathered in sauce frozen solid then transported up to be finished off on a BBQ

Of course Champagne will flow....well what little we can buy.  But ahhhhh the fear of critters, the either hot, or wet, or cold weather.  The bugs that eat my feet, and make me have to actually seek medical aid, and did I mention Bears?  oh me oh my.   But this month thus far I have three medical appts one today, one tomorrow, and one on the 28th.  Who knows what else.  Oh ya and Bob is doing fine since his horrific crap of last may.

He will take it easy, cos I am not ready for him to just pop off.  I try to keep his stress down, and I know you guys think that would be hard on me...ya it is hahha but Love does wonderful things.

Bill, Jerry, and Jag I love you guys.  I love you all and I am trying to sort out my crowded mind to get back to where I want to be.  SHUNTS also suck.  But not as bad as Cancers.

We need fun guys and guyetts.  Lets just DO EEET!


Love Bonnie Lea

Hang in There