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7/29/2010 7:58am
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Is anyone else out there?  or where did we all go?  I am going to at least  try to see how this all goes.  Afore I pass zee judgement.  Yesterday I went to the nuerologist....I confessed (like to a Saint)  and mentioned I had done a face plant onto our deck mid june and had a black eye and protruding eyebrow bone thing, but did not seek medical aid.  (I know I know)  way too embarassed. but with a shunt I should have known better.  He scheduled me for a CT scan (takes a long time remember?)  well  last night the hobbithall phoned, and I am going in TODAY at 4:30 for said scan of brain  (shunt and checking for subdural heomatoma or some such nonsense!  I promised from now on I would be a good Bonnie Lea.  HMMMM  I also have an appt to see my fav PS regarding the horrific scarring from the boobectomies and talk about possible what to do about the keloid that are bigger than your Mount McKinley!


what a busy week since coming home from my camp-a-thon. 

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