This is an image that Bonnie Lea asked me to post.

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10/1/2010 12:06am
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Hope you feel better!

Sorry I couldn't figure out the image thing either.

This one is called "Pumpkin doing what he does best.

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

Why not upload it with your post directly? It will be more convenient. Or we can load your image from URL directly. Btw, does this forum allows attach files woth the post?

Yes, if you append your sampel image with your post, may the image issuse can be answered by some professsional person. If your image is stored on your native windows computer, you can directly load demo image from file, trust me, it is very fast.

Besides loading image from local file, sometimes, we need to use the image from web page, thus, we are going to download image from a certain web page, that is downloading image from url.