Melanoma and pregnancy

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6/7/2013 7:58pm
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A month ago I was diagnosed with stage I melanoma on my left leg. 0.82mm deep, no ulceration, <1/mm mitotic rate. I have a WLE and a sentinel node biopsy scheduled for this Monday (in 3 days). The same time as I found out I have melanoma, I found out that I am expecting my first baby!!!! I am very scared. I'm scared of everything... that it can hurt my baby, that pregnancy can "activate" more melanomas, that it can come back later....

Does anybody out there is or was in a similar situation? I would really want to hear about your experience.

UrsulaZ - (10/18/2013 - 12:42pm)

hello, dear.

My melanoma was discovered (at a more advanced stage than yours) when I was pregnant with my now-four-year-old son. My obstetrician monitored me a little more closely than usual, but the pregnancy was just fine, and he is perfect :) As perfect as a 4-year old boy can be. Try not to worry!