Mom's Melanoma

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6/11/2013 3:41pm
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My Mom is 79 years old and she was diagnosed with a recurrence of Melanoma yesterday.   Her story with Melanoma has been a couple of years.  About 4 years ago she had some Melanoma on her right arm.   It was determined by a surgical oncologist to to a wide cision graft.  Unfortunately it came back and last year at this time they did it once more.  This past January she broke her leg and we sort of forgot about the Melanoma (my fault) and it was not until the weather got warmer that I noticed it was back.  She thought it was scar tissue as she noticed it nine months earlier and pointed it out to the surgical oncologist who said it was probably scar tissue from the latest graft.


I am scared to death for her.  Tommorow she gets an MRI and Thursday she is getting a PET Scan.   What confusing me is the doctor did not do a biopsy he is assuming that since that is the sight of the previous melanoma that this would be a natural conclusion.


Has anyone heard of scar tissue that masks itself as melanoma?