mucosal melanoma recurrence

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1/26/2013 1:29am
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Hi All,

I had melanoma in Tongue in 2007 and my 2/3 of the tongue has been removed. I was under constant observation. Now this has recurred again in my larynx area.

Again doctors are advising the major surgery for this recurrence. They are suggesting that my entire voice box has to be removed. I may undergo a surgery in  a week.

Whether anybody has faced similar Cancer recurrence in this area? If So, what

1. What will be the impact of the surgery in this area.
2. Will I get  my voice .
3. Do we have any other better treatment to make sure that this will never recur again
4. Which is the best hospital in the world to treat Melanoma
5. How can we ensure that this will will never recur again.

I am waiting for the guidanace from you friends.




Janner - (1/26/2013 - 2:18am)

You have posted this question on the "Off Topic" bulletin board.   You need to post your question again on the main melanoma board.  I will say that there is no way to ensure anything when it comes to melanoma.  In addition, when you repost, I would include your location.  While there are hospitals that treat more or less melanoma, there isn't one hospital that can advertise they have better results than anywhere else.   I have been on this site for many years and don't recall anyone else in a similar situation, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.  Sometimes, people don't post unless they can relate to a story like yours.  Again, please post this on the main bulletin board.