No support of boyfriend and friends

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6/15/2014 11:42am
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My mom have been diagnosed with a stage III melanoma in march.

Also, I have a grandma with senil dementia, and take a lot of me to take care of her (help with higiene, change diapers, medicines...).

My father e mother have not a good relationship, so sometimes they fight.

I think I may be on depression and always ask my boyfriend (that happens to be in USA, and I'm in brazil) for help.. and my friends too..

Yesterday I fought with my boyfriend because he said I'm always complaining and doing nothing and also my friends said that.

I am very happy for finding this forum, cause here there are people that have the same problem and can understand me...

Mother have a stage III melanoma


Hi Camila,

You have posted in the off-topic part of this board. You will get more responses if you post here: Not many people come over on to this site.