not thrilled about the post counters either..

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7/31/2010 7:33pm
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sure they let us know how many people are reading. But for a severely ill patient it could be agony to post and see 20- 30 -40  viewers and not hear a peep.  In the past I've seen posts about bleeding mets sit around for a long time..   seeing readers and no replies might add to the feeling of helplessness.  


That's a good point.  I think people who have been around awhile understand that a lot of people will read a post and not respond if they don't have anything they think is of value to offer but for a newcomer it could be particularly hard. I keep harping back to newcomers but to me they are often those in the most need for support and in some cases do turn to a board like this when they are very vulnerable.

"A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose"

yes, newcomers are my main concern too Carver, we need to do everything we can to make this place work for them. (Even if it means coming across as harpies:)
I'll send in this concern too - think I'm up to five now.

A view counter is pretty standard on most bulletin boards.  I actually think it is good for newcomers - AND more experienced posters.  Maybe they will understand that if they are getting lots of views and no replies, they might need to clarify their message.  In fact, maybe THAT could be added to the FAQ's.  If you see a lot of people viewing your post with no replies, maybe you need to change the title, or rephrase the posting.   Adding a new post clarifying your original one will also move the topic upward - also a good things.



Well it may be common elsewhere, but mel strikes people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life; not everyone comes here with techno smarts. I know I would have given up if after registering and figuring out how to post I got lots of lookie loos and no info.  In my example I used bleeding mets... I'm trying to be sensitive here, don't want to scare folks. But sometimes Janner, there are no replies to some pretty scary questions. If, with the new sorting system and view counter, a severely traumatized poster (not a little stage one like me) saw people reading but not commenting I expect at least a few of them would take that to mean their situation was dire indeed and give up on us. I doubt someone that distraught would have the wherewithal to go to FAQ or bother rephrasing their question. (And now that we can't jump in and change the subject line to help them along it just makes matters worse.)

Of course I can see how a counter could be fun for more experienced posters, especially ones who love attention, but they are not my concern. 


should add,  I'm all for frequently asked questions  ...would love one for posting photos. But I know more than a few people in real life who have no desire to learn the ways of the web; they would have no idea what a FAQ was.

And I expect some timid folks would never consider asking a question twice.

"And I expect some timid folks would never consider asking a question twice.".


I expect timid folks would not even register.  That's more the reality.  I remember going to a Seattle symposium years ago.  I talked to quite a few people there who knew me and my posts, but said they had never posted on the board.  And THAT was when there was no registration.  I don't have a problem with registration in general, keeps everyone on the up-and-up.  But it will deter folks much more than a simple view counter.  Just my thoughts.



When I mentioned timid posters I was referring to your assumption posters would rephrase their post when they got no replies. The registration is out of our hands, the finer details, hopefully not.