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7/29/2010 10:20pm
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I can't handle these changes in  my life...I come to the board and it's like operating inside a kaleidoscope.  I feel so shrieky, nasty and awful about this...I will stop until I can control myself.



Anonymous - (7/29/2010 - 10:42pm)


Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 11:59am)

a lot of this is simply much ado about nothing.  some here have professed to be in favour of that hopey/changey stuff.


TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 12:23pm)
Hmmmm, hopey/changey can be wonderful...like OBAMA, but it can also suck...like losing the essence of a distinctive community. You know, like this. Everyone is entitled to express an opinion, not that it really matters all that much. You know, like this :)
I do like the e-mail feature. I can hear a little mail boop alert and know a comment has been posted. That's nice, but the view of the board is sterile- like it's been alcohol scrubbed to remove the contaminants ( so far, no good). I played around a bit last night with my own post to see what each feature did- manipulation of post counts, profile options & that goofy 'insert link' function. Unless something is added or adjusted the gains in the social area have not exceeded the losses. Of course, the social area isn't the primary focus, so losses are not as important.  Many are . ( isn't that cute?)

TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 12:47pm)

AND another thing....

I had hoped that there would be an edit/spell check function ...there is no preview function. That was handy--mistakes could be fixed and portions of the post that you rearranged or left out could be reviewed ( not that I ever did that anyway)... but so far I haven't located anything like this on the menu.

Also missing...ability to just briefly reply in the subject line ( which WILL cut down on the utterly ridiculous "Attention Moderator" fools). Also, the see message in context was useful...all the replies could be viewed at once instead of opening each post- time consuming. Maybe some of these are hidden in the controls, I don't know.

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 1:52pm)

The lack of spell check and the lack of a preview is annoying. The inability to change the subject line stifles creativity and sterilizes the experience. No obvious support for inline photos. Standard html markups aren't recognized. And the whole thing is still just a small window on a giant page. It's annoying to read and I suspect that fewer and fewer will bother to try.


Most of the elements that made this board valuable to those who once used it are long gone. The current format doesn't seem to be one that will revitilize the community.

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 6:13pm)

Many browsers today come with spell check included (for example Firefox, Chrome, Opera). There are also plugins for Internet Explorer.

(This is not meant as a rebuttal, just as a potentially helpful hint for everybody who misses the spell check function.) 

TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 6:34pm)

This made me smile..."not meant as a rebuttal" ...even WITH my hair trigger temper ( not)  I would not take it as a rebuttal-ha!  Cute, cute, cute.

  --- maybe if I really use the goofy faces I'll get out of a lot of these jams, you think? I swear, I'm only 1% as mean as you people think I am..o.k.,maybe 20% and when I'm denied my coffee - 35%.

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 1:10pm)

excuse me, but please explain how a change of format loses the essence of a distinctive commuity.  just work around the issues you don't like and make suggestions on improvement.  it has only been 2 days.

TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 2:31pm)

Gosh for starters...here are a few things that 'sanitized the board"...I'd say limiting the availability of choice in the method of expression ( example: through  pictures ,videos, html enhancement)...this gave a view into  our personal nature / lives ---one way this board came to be so distinctive . The most overwhelming is the loss of the first posts of the original members of this board-SOME of whom are still here...some not. 1997...to 2003,specifically. The past Off Topic had about 100,000 posts, the MainBoard around 400,000 posts and the Darkside had many more than 400,000 when it was deleted ( they were numbered, much the same as they are here- now around 200ish) .That's a significant history -the quality and type of communication was compelling.  You don't find that kind of personalization on  message boards.

The whining about the loss of the Darkside has always been personality related,but this loss had wider reaching consequences. This precipitated the lack of member visitation in the chat rooms and slow down in overall board activity.Certain individuals may be happy that chapter has closed,but the loss created-the slack-has not been picked up by those individuals-isn't that always the way?

This most recent change isn't the only cause of the loss of essence...it's been cumulative. The private  ( vs. corporate/foundation) ownership of the bulletin board was able to give acknowledgment to diverse patient personality and enable emotional expression of the different methods of dealing with Melanoma.  This largess, compassion and understanding provided optional outlets for everyone and that has nothing to do with giving the current format a chance. That's gone-as is to be expected with change in focus and concern for liability. BUT, then, that was also a direct result of some with limited ability to function in an decade old environment that wasn't created to pander to delicate sensibilities.  Oh, and the brief period of time when that board was inhabited by so-called anonymous members with litigious natures or religious persecution complexes and crusades ( NOT that there's anything wrong with religion based standards...one reason there where multiple options !)

You're right in one respect, you have to make do with what you have, but that doesn't change the fact the differences are many and the results have been detrimental to the community.


jag - (7/30/2010 - 11:35pm)

 Here is a simple way to make the board more like the old one, Don't write a f***ing book.  Reading your new posts is right up there with reading  the yellow pages, I am asleep by the end and I don't need   That and having to give up caffeine lately has made me f***ing grouchy as hell about everything.  I don't know why I have changed to asterisks when I swear with the new board, but maybe change isn't always a bad thing.  

Remember. Short but Sweet, Short but sweet.  

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TinaR - (7/31/2010 - 1:34am)

Hmmm, something short like Fuck you? Nope, doesn't do it for me, John. If I make them short...how can I get everything in there that might offend someone somewhere ? It takes a lot of work to be this offensive, but you wouldn't understand that as you come by it naturally. I'd consider it a successful post if you  are asleep by the end...a blessing...you might forget to respond!

No, sorry, I can't do short and sweet is also difficult - once the spirit moves me...I am on autopilot.  I really don't like anything short....men, hair, waists, tempers,  conversations, etc.  It's the beauty that is me.  I would go on and on in this post, but it's 1:30 in the morning and I have to go to bed--but don't worry, the spirit moves me to chatter often, so you'll never have need of sleeping pills.  Give me a few of days and I'll return to visit you recharged and ready to go! God willing and all.  

jag - (7/31/2010 - 6:04pm)

 Anonymous is pretty right about you being easy to rile up.  You must have been a tiger in the sack, back in your stewardess/weather girl days I mean

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Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 3:46pm)

this would be understandable frustration if anyone here actually paid for the knowledge and to be a member of the community.  these times are difficult financially and time must be a factor, so it is obvious why changes had to be made.  i wonder if anyone thinks that all these complaints just sound ungrateful?

you have your email circle to which not everyone is privy and your stage one board, so no more time will be taken up by this anon having you write one of your long, defensive replies.

TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 5:02pm)

 Let me refresh your  memory ( or you could just look up at the previous replies).... I was ASKED to explain my previous comments.   I'm not  required to modify my opinion or the length of my explanation because you don't like me personally.

As for your ungrateful remark...advocating to keep the things we've lost isn't ungrateful---it's essential. The changes and how the format affects members directly affects the quality of the board. If you love it, you show up to maintain it.   Chat is almost always empty= virtually useless. It used to be filled with  people who visited throughout the day and night when they had a spare moment or more ( that is what attracts new people to come in- just in case you are not aware of how that works).  As the boards become more difficult to use and less vibrant - the time spent here will continue to diminish. You know that the MRF isn't providing the content by answering the questions- today or for the last decade plus- you're just being ugly.

Why the snarky comment on my personal connections to Melanoma? How do you think people come to the Stage One board? They are recruited off the Main board- for 8 years new people have consistently cycled in and out and it maintains around 200 members. These people also have private interaction not reflected in the content of the Stage One group .The personal e-mail circles, of which mine is only one, are a direct result of the "essence of this board" and a positive. Everyone benefits when the board functions easily, brings people in and the most important thing -KEEPS THEM HERE. That happens when the content AND environment are compelling  & you can't get it elsewhere. This board is losing this and we need to speak out about the loss.

So, tell me...you're not very bright or just being nasty? I bet I can guess   )Those darn cute smileys... I would really like purple font  in Comic Sans, too-but I'M NOT THAT UNGRATEFUL-pffft )

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 5:29pm)

smileys?  what smileys?

you do come off as very elitist., just thought that needed to be thrown in. you think it isn't 'snarky' to call peopke fools?  inquire about their intellgence?

and so it is possible to add a quick reply as has foolishly been done here.


TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 5:53pm)

What smileys?   Look at the yellow smiley up there right under the blue REPLY. You click it and then the smiley you want to add...like this one-

ME ? Elitist? Ha!  Do you mean in the generally accepted definition or as it might relate to certain groups on MPIP? Anything but elitist -I'm just a houswife in Pennsiltucky by way of New Jersey. That alone disqualifies me for the elitism tag ( Now, YAWN...there's your elitist-a real "silver spoon" fellow). As to the idea one group on the board deserves special consideration over another...nope, sorry, I'm an equal opportunity kind of girl ( I'm a Democrat and it just carries over).

Of course I think calling people fools or questioning their intellice is snarky and it's snark of the best kind when it's return fire !     I WANT SPELL CHECK ( grammar check would be nice too!)

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 7:13pm)

you are indeed elitist and misinformed if you think it has anything to do with socio-economic status.

it is so much fun to toy with you.  you rile so easily and are a simple target.  i plan to engage in more amusement in the near future.

TinaR - (7/30/2010 - 7:59pm)
Ha! I rile easily?  No, that's my volunteer job here, along with responding to fluff the topics along- duh. If you had spent less time bragging about your imaginary manipulation skills and more time actually reading the reply, you'd have noticed that socio- economic status was 1 of 2 points addressed. I wasn't quite sure which idea related to your problem with my post, but now I realize you're not interested in conversation, you're just one of THOSE. And it's a shame, too, because I AM a lot of fun and I'm even more than willing to take one for the team- you just don't have the ability to take advantage of it.   I miss those people.  Oh, you should try to take credit for that, too!!!  Yea, maybe you riled them so much they just had to leave, because it's what those who are all riled up always threaten to do. Oh, that and sue people !
I have a lot of sympathy and patience for your affliction so I'll share a tip from  Ms. BW concerning poor reading comprehension...move your finger along the bottom of each word as you read and you might be able to keep it all straight. Of course, the more times you puff out your chest and spill your embarrassing confusion all over the place, the more fun it is for the rest of us...even better- it raises the odds  your equally clueless friends might join in.  Now THAT is a contribution you could be proud of !  If you flush them out and get the board jumping, I'll even pretend you have mad skill toying with people! I bet you'd really like that- I can tell you're the type that likes a lot of approval.  I'm your girl, work with me.

Anonymous - (7/30/2010 - 7:05pm)

YES, but we want so much more than a quick reply ...which is why some operate like sand in the oyster. Lately, all we're reaping are stinky filter-feeders and no pearls :(

jag - (7/31/2010 - 6:02pm)

 Oh go stick it, you and your "If anyone actually paid for the knowledge and to be a member of the community" snarkiness is no different than Tina/R.  Go buy yourself a nice exclusive country club member ship and talk about melanoma.  Not just the major donators have a right to their opinions, here and things were much simpler before, especially for new people.  People are just stating the obvious with their complaints, not being ungrateful.  Although I have come up with a cool new trick using this board, I can think of plenty of other people who can barely check their e-mail who would be unable to log in, like my wife, she ttends to think her computer has "a virus" every time it is unplugged.  Fucking computer nerd. 

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bcl - (7/31/2010 - 7:14pm)

Merry should whack you for that last bit :)