Posting a pic from Photo Bucket with new posting stuff

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8/4/2010 6:24pm
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So Bonnie,

Posting from PhotoBucket...

I went to share and direct link for layout pages and copied the http stuff.  Then I opened the little image icon next to the smiley and pasted into the URL box.  Then (since my pic was giant!), I had to do a redo so  I adjusted the height to 500 and it automatically adjusted the width and hit okay.  (I don't know what the other stuff does.  I will futz with it later as I gotta go and do my P90X workout now so I can hurt.

But I am gonna hit the spellcheck button 'cos it is also nifty and new.


 HMMM- so futz isn't a real word?  Who knew.

Take good care, K.







And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

Yikes it is still giant!   i previewed it and it looked good.   More futzing must ensue.

Take good care, K.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

I'm impressed I caouln't figure out how to post pics. You're ahead of me. I've had to commute to work this week so I probably won't mess with it till the weekend but cool.

"A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose"

Wow Carv,

That's a pretty long commute, isn't it?  I guess it is nice to see some of the folks you work with in person though.

Drive safely!

Take good care, K.




And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

OK -- I'm one of the one's who was whining over the inability to post images on here so here goes. Hopefully this will work and you can see how I spent my summer vacation -- drinking beer! I took this ten minutes ago.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it.  Looking good, Don!  Cheers!


Stay Strong

That has the look of a Deschutes Inversion IPA, and judging from your expression not the first of the day. 


It's a Redhook ESB.

Excellent test of Kathy's work that I was able to post this pic after a couple of these.

Wow - that's the life of Riley you have there, Don.

What's kind of creepy and yet cool is the way your eyes seem to follow me, wherever I go in this room - lol


It's about 30 years old, but we only put it out for a couple of months in the summer. Here's my son Spencer sitting in it last week. I'm liking the photo-posting!

Wow, Spencer has really grown up! Handsome, too! I know this young pre-med student in Michigan...she's a super smart and gorgeous girl...nice, too. I think they'd make a wonderful couple!!!  How long before we can get them together? 

Inquiring minds need to know...



p.s. LOVE your view of the water- beautiful !

anne -- I think it's Aug 27 that he is headed out to Ann Arbor. He might be interested!

Well, well, well, I might just have a match yet! I have two more irons in the fire...a childhood friend of mine and someone here AND another two friends are suddenly single.  I'm back in business!!!!!!


This is so darn exciting - the most fun I've had in ages. It doesn't take much to make me happy.


I'll keep you posted! Does Spenser like blondes?


Your friend, "Anne"

Does he like blondes? He wouldn't be American if he didn't.

Does this blond go to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor?

Yes, she does ;) I guess that's not my match :( Oh well, but it would be exciting!

Hey, no fair taunting the rest of us!

You look great.  Hope you are enjoying a fabulous vacay!

Take good care, K.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

Cool Kimmer, thanks

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

Just a test of resizing an image.  When you add an image, you should be able to change the height and width of the image so that it fits within the screen.

Ok, I think this is still not working quite right.  We will be working on fixing the size issue.  Thank you to everyone for trying out the new feature!

Kathy -- Forums usually do not resize photos, it's up to the poster to post the photo in the size they want, usually using a photo editor like Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements -- much cheaper!). I'd rather have no resizing or have it be optional -- don't like the idea of the forum automatically resizing.

Hi Don -  Resizing is optional.  When you go and add a photo, it will automatically scale to 100%.  If you want to change the dimensions, you can do this by adjusting the height or width.  The problem was when people did this, it did not change in the topic replies.  This has now been fixed. - Kathy

Kathy -- the hammock photos I posted above were resized. Unless you did it on a trial basis then it was done automatically. Here's the size info as displayed in Firefox:

800px × 600px (scaled to 635px × 476px)

As you can see, there was scaling involved and I didn't do it!

I'll post another below that should be 800 pixels wide. Let's see how it is displayed:

OK, so the photos are being sized to fit in the available space. Here's the details from the sunset shot:

800px × 600px (scaled to 555px × 416px)

It's was scaled smaller because the reply is indented so the available space is less. This is not necessarily a problem, but I think we should understand how it is working. If my photos were say 500 pixels wide then they probably would have been posted at original size.

While I'm chattering away, this also shows another issue with the forum and that is that's it's difficult to find new replies in a thread because they can be found anywhere along the thread if they are replies to a reply. I think it would be better if it was not possible to reply to a reply but only to the original post in a thread. That way all the replies would be in chronological order and new posts would be easy to find at the bottom of the thread. Just my opinion! You can always quote the person you are replying to if that's necessary (not a bad idea in any case).

If you are wondering why the sun looks kind of, well, hazy in the sunset photo, it's because our weather lately had been "smoke".

I'm also finding it hard to see the new replies (end up looking for date more than anything else.)  But I don't think eliminating the ability to reply to a reply is a desirable solution Don - it would make conversations even harder to follow (and participate in.)  I'd like the ability to be able to sort posts by time restored.

I also wish I could have changed the topic to show I'm talking about something other than photo bucket:)

Linda -- It isn't hard to follow in my opinion. This is the way most forums are set up -- that the posts are listed in chronological order, not 'outline form' like they are in this forum. You can quote a line from the post you are replying to or just use the person's name in the reply and it's obivious who and what you are replying to. I find it easier to follow the flow of a conversation like this and you don't have to hunt for new replies like you do with this format.

I guess we all read differently Don.. I don't visit other bulletin boards,  but do read news on line. The comments there are chronological and often times people respond to others 10-20 posts down.. I find this makes it very hard to follow the flow of individual conversations.


Are you happy with the fact we can't personalize the post title? (Can you tell I hate change:)

No, it was fun to change the title and make that part of your reply -- often humorously so. Also, as someone mentioned, you could have several topics going in the same thread which was sort of fun. I don't really get why they didn't go with an of-the-self software solution like a product called vbulletin which is a very poplular forum software. That has tons of features like changing the title. But......all in all I find the new forum OK. It works. I don't think it will kill the community like some seem to think.

Don, I was the one who mentioned it before -I'm like a broken record - still think it's a huge loss, both here and on the main board. For me it factors into the missing magic Jerry is talking about.  And yet you say a program would have been available off the shelf for this?   I hope some folks join me in asking for the feature back.

BTW, this is what I wrote before..  guess I'll step down from the soap box now but we irish are often spoon fed our magic so I can't promise to shut up for long. linda: )

Re: changing subject line within a thread

I loved this feature of the old board; it added clarity on the main board and humour OTB
Questions (related or otherwise) are often asked within a thread by patients, these can be overlooked if not for others changing the subject line to draw attention to the post. One thread could efficiently accommodate multiple concerns.
 It seems to me this was not a frivolous feature, but one that enhanced communication -a worthy goal on a cancer board.