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5/17/2013 9:00am
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Dear One and all.


The other day I went back to PMH (princess Margaret Hospital) to review a mass of recent tests.  The results are:  TA DA  my tests were all BORING! yes that was the key word.

I am now officially discharged from PMH after 9 years of six month appts.  I am being transferred to another hospital for a new trial clinic for long term followup for melanoma patients not undergoing treatments.   in other words I think it translates to NED after all these years. 

Of  course I still have on going issues with my "earlid" as the black stuff keeps on comiing back, then they biopsy it, and it goes on.  I still have six months checks for the RCC that was removed and will always be watched for any signs of BC coming back.

  BUT those are all at different hospitals.


Those of you on FB know this but the rest  of you??

Love Bonnie


P.S.  JOHN pls write you owe me hahaha.  Barbie Girl you need to answer my questions regarding your new spot on cheek.  You were soooo worried and now I hear nothing....what happened?

Janner, I love you

Love Bonnie

Hang in There

jag - (5/19/2013 - 10:20pm)

Hey Bonnie!   Everything is well here (down in CT).  Just had a basal cell removed from my neck and my dear wifey was diagnosed w/a stage 1a (Eff You See Kay!).  As always she motored on through and remains an anchor in my life.  I am actually 5 years NED since March-had 2 cranies along the way of just radiation junk.  Now that my BCC is gone, I do have a slash wound on my neck, but I am cancer free!  Since my 30s was not my most wonderful decade.  I'm really looking forward to the 40s(not something you would normally here from somebody in their late 30s).  Just had a 1st birthday party for Jedd last week.  He had his little bowtie on and charmed all of the girls there.  Great kid, sleeps well, always smiling.  Never thought life would get this good back when I was going through all of the brain surgery garbage.  Glad to hear that you are on the up and up.  Tell those crazy Canook docs to fix your black eyelid thingy already!  Haven't heard much lately from Yoopers.  I have a feeling he is off writing his stories somewhere on and on about ole Buckeye Shrimpy and Gumper.

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