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1/29/2013 10:01am
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Per Bill I will throw out a couple rants.
1st Rant: A stalker is stalking a friend of mine.
So.... My friend has taken out a PPO out on this guy, had the cops come over numerous times, they even went to talk to him and told him to lay off the stalking. Does stalker care? Nope. He continues to leave: dog poop; fire starter kits; matches; cans; coins; brake fluid; or anything else in his car that he can throw out. Police can't arrest the guy without proof so she needs a surveillance camera to catch him. OK, how F'ed up is this?
You can't rant without a solution so how about this one:? Shouldn't there be a Stalker Clunking business where you pay them... Say $300 and a guy goes over to stalker dude and clunks him on the head with a 2x4 then says if he stalks some more, more clunkings? And then, he gets chipped... (Like you put in your dog in case it runs away), this way stalker guy/gal can be tracked.
Now, you might say this is unconstitutional and the stalker has rights. True, however, look at the rights the stalker guy is taking away. (My friend is in constant fear, because the guy is a wack job)
Lets say stalker guy gets clunked and finally decides to stop spending his time in this wacko behavior. He now has extra time to possibly become a use to society, stalkee person then doesn't have to live in constant fear and can also use her time better. Win Win.

2nd Rant: Tenant gives me ulcers.
So... I had this renter who was late on her rent every month. (In her mind she wasn't late because she gave me a check), however, her check was never good so I would go to the bank with check and try to cash it. If I just deposited it and it bounced (happened over and over to me) I got dinged. I then wise'd up and would have the cashier see if the money was in her account, if it was, I cashed it, then deposited it.
Finally, she moved out and squared up on what she owed me. I go to the bank and was surprised that the check cleared so I cashed it then deposited it. Life is good, bad renter lady is now not causing me grief, etc. etc.
Today I get a letter from my bank with the check from renter saying insufficient funds., and they deduct the money from my acct. Big F'ing F F F F F F F.
Other than these rants, life is grand.


jag - (1/29/2013 - 10:09pm)

I like the rant idea Yoop, good on ya, take a baseball bat to the stalker and throw the deadbeat out on her ear.  Better yet, turn that rental into section 8 housing and make Uncle Obama pay for it, be sure to insure though-in case it gets burned down by a crack wh-- or meth head.  

Anyway, just read that poor old Abby died.  I remember sitting at my kitchen table when newspapers where real paper, and reading the Dear Abby section- usually common sense wisdom from some Judge Judy like old bag.   Can't say I miss her much, I'll bet the last decade or so she has been dribbling cottage cheese out of her mouth, like Bill in the soon to be old folks home.  The only reason I bring this up is that maybe we do need an Abby like character here on the otbb-almost like crazy Roxanne, but just kinder, less liberal, and a little more sane.  If only we could have somebody to write to about things like the brother in law who always drinks all of the beer, the little Jersey girl (hint hint hint Marie) who got a tramp stamp on spring break.  Everyday things like if Grandma smell fun is it related to her depends? or why does everybody always make fun of the spanish speaking guy who always has different cell phones and girls visiting him on the corner?

Oh well, I bet there won't be much else going on here for a while.  I haven't spoken to Bonnie Lea in a while, I hope she is well, If anybody cares Jedd is now a crawler and I can barely keep up with safety proofing the house, his wasteband, radius of curiosity (and movement) expands on a daily basis.  If he keeps growing like he has (23lbs and 29 inches at 8mos) I'll soon have to start ripping off liquor stores to pay the grocery bill.  

and so that's the way it is.  

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

yoop - (1/30/2013 - 4:45pm)

Nice hearing from you John,
Yeah, no Bonnie Lea in a while, hopefully she will drop by.
Wow, Jedd is crawling all over? This time in their lives always made me nervous, the constant trying to pull up, falling.. Yikes. Sure is fun watching them grow.
No more renting out houses anymore. Done.. A big pain in the arse.
Stalker dude left his calling card again last night I heard. I wonder what a person gets from stalking.
Me to unknown guy, "So, whatcha do fer fun?" " I stalk," replies stalker. "Stalk?" "Yep,I F'ing stalk now shut up or I will stalk you." Hmmm, odd.. The mind of a stalker.
See, now you are on to something relating to the Dear Abby comment. Almost like 'Jimmy the bartender' in Men's Health. Maybe certain people then have areas of expertise like you are the vet guy, Marie is tramp stamp chick, bill gives advice on how to disguise 'old person smell' and boats and how to post pictures. Dan can pretty much chime in anytime. Yawn is the pharaoh. Roxanne.... Weather, Bonnie Lea- bears/camping. I could go on and on but have to create some sort of sustenance for two growing kids.

MarieM - (2/7/2013 - 8:45am)

Hey!!! Tramp Stamp...spring break???? MOI?????
<SMACK> Take that BACK........I am the proud mother of three young adults now...with not a tattoo in the house. (Nor a motorcylce!) I set the rules when they were very young here....my pet peeves. (I also KNOW that the middle guy keeps some kind of motorized bike thingy at a friends house....but since there's no tattoos...I don't let him know I know).

NOW take that BACK!

KyCyn - (1/30/2013 - 9:29am)

Yoop and Jag, thanks for the rants, interesting reading ;)

MeNDave - (1/31/2013 - 9:19am)

Can I attach a resume to apply for the "Abby" position?  I have 20 yearsof experience in bartending... I've heard it all...

Don't ever, EVER, give up!

MeNDave - (1/31/2013 - 9:22am)

But obviously my typing has room for improvement...

Don't ever, EVER, give up!

yoop - (2/1/2013 - 8:40am)

Your typing skills are just fine. 20 years eh? Hmmm, do you know the secret in making the "perfect" Bloody Mary?
Resume not needed so we will skip to the interview. Question one. Johns moobs are swollen because he is nursing so where can he pick up a real good bro?
Question two..
Bill has penis envy but has a very nice boat, RV, house(s). How can he wipe away the 'really old person' funk from his body.
Your answers will be kept very confidential.