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10/9/2012 2:56pm
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DT to Cyn Cyn, come in....*static*

Still at sea?

F1 Austin -- there soon. It's going to be wild on this new beautifully designed track. 6 of us. Jersey June 16, 2013 may be happening.

Sergio Perez in the Sauber Ferrari motored is my driver.

Jackie's 60th I rented a Bell 407 and flew under Golden Gate Bridge. Pilot said are you sure and I said, I can do it... Have pictures.

Thursday is Nate's 10th. We recently added a beautiful bench at South Haven North Beach near pier, and another just went in on a trout stream on Portage Creek.

To my old friends - thank you.

To my old enemies - Peace Pipe.

Uncle Bill, you in a walker yet?



P.s. anyone seen the label maker from Florida? Almost forgot (finding my sign in was a trip). Bored Watcher.

BonnieLea - (10/12/2012 - 12:55pm)

Not quite a old friend, nor a old enemy, but me is me.  How are you Dan?  I is fine.

Bonnie Lea

Hang in There

DonW - (10/12/2012 - 1:43pm)

I think everybody left, Dan. But you can show us the pictures of your helicopter ride anyway.

BonnieLea - (10/13/2012 - 12:00pm)

something seems to be screwy Don.  If my reply to Dan got on his I phone?  and I did not see anything about a helicopter ride.  A memorium to Dan's son Nate. 


Ah well, mysteries of the internet.  All is well here in Ontario..... Run any marathons recently?

Hang in There

Nad T - (10/13/2012 - 5:19pm)

I'll email you some.

I can't figure out anything anymore. Just told Jackie I feel out of touch! Sync, Mytouch, ipad, new iphone and MORE! I want 1969 again!