started running again today.

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7/10/2012 11:31pm
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Have been reading this blog-quite inspirational, picked it up on my google alert for a new brain tumor treatments.  Hers is a personalized brain tumor vaccine that she is considering.

it is about a woman who was diagnosed with an astrocytoma at the age of 29.  She is a former runner and running again too..

I did a 2 mile round trip to Jedd's future elementary school.  Couldn't really run the whole thing.  I jogged for 2 telephone poles, then walked one, then jogged 2 more etc.  Endorphinsdo feel good.  Broke a nice sweat in the hot humid weather here.  Needed to get out after a full day of taking care of little Jedd.  Merry got to go out on calls for the business. I sat home in the "shoe box on the rocks" as Merry's first cousin from Australia named it after visiting us.  Fed Jedd every 2 hours, in between paid bills, wrote records, and tried not to fall asleep.  Needed to get out at the end of the day.  The run kind of woke me up a bit, so now I am able to be more productive at the end of the day.  Now my abdomen is sore from my first lung surgery where they tacked it with staples, in front.  

Watching the Tour de France, this time an Englishman seems to be in the lead (for now).

Will have to see if I can work up to 26.2 miles. 

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Kimmer - (7/17/2012 - 5:25pm)

Good for you, John.  I am just aiming for a 5k right now...  I can manage 2 miles of my 2.8 route, so small steps for me!  Hubs is aiming for that marathon...he has no trouble going 14-15 right now.   Love my Merrell barefoot shoes!

Have you read BORN TO RUN?  Fabulous and really inspiring. 

Hope you all are doing well.  I  bet Jedd is getting bigger and bigger.

Take good care, k.  

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

Well, lord knock off me shoes.   I am not running, but back from holidays.  Very hot humid, and NO RAIN Ithese northern woods.

Oh John, I would love to see you looking after Jedd and Merry out earning the bacon!  Take care of your tummy.  I had a broken rib abefore we went camping, and boy tween Bob and his ICD & not driving, and my rib we were a pair.  The check up I had to come down for (BC) showed the mess is all deep seated scar tissue, no lumps that are bad.  I still need to see the BC onc for every 3 months.


| will soon go see the kidney guy, and also the derm.


Love and Hello Ki9m

Hang in There

jag - (7/22/2012 - 11:07pm)

Bonnie, I have not run since the first time.  I felt paralyzed all week, but I'll be out there trying once the heat wave passes.

Sorry to hear you and Bob got roasted up at camp.  Our dingy little house is in itself a camp.  (No mudroom, in the winter 3 steps with your shoes on will have the bedroom floor cold, wet, and salty)  Windows are too small for air conditioning in all of the places where it counts (kitchen).   Had a guy renovate the basement (built on a slab of granite) so really cool, and cave like.  Guy was very much like the unibomber, extremely smart competent, and homeless looking.  Neighbors were scared, but the dogs liked him so you could tell he was ok. Shaped the doors and sheet rock around the natural rock, carved an inventory room into it as well.  

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Your cave should well be coolish.  We are lucky to have AC and have never really used it much before this summer.  Today it is going to be in the late 30's and about 40's (over 100)  humid and we hope some rain.  Neil sonny boy has gone to China for work, and a 5 hour delay for the 14.5 hour trip.  Then he goes to Manchester UK the delay Bob feels  is due to the massive flooding in China.


Neil going to Shanghi.   I am always praying for him when he travels like this.  BUT YOU even running the 2 mile round tripis must keep on gathering strength every way you can.

I would but I am LZY


Hang in There

jag - (7/31/2012 - 6:19pm)

3.2 miles today, longer distance between poles (downhills are easy)

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1.2 more soon you will be called speedy gonzalas stead of Jag....  (dont ask me, cos I am right now fogged in the brain a tad!  but I do understand this is a good thing.

Hang in There

jag - (8/3/2012 - 9:28pm)

Another 2.0 miles today Bonnie, I want to see if I can get Guiness to record me for the fastest one lunged man in a marathon ever.  24:00 total time with that speed, I can finish it in under 24 hours.  I will accept shameless sponsorship for this endeavor and sell rubber wrist bracelets for 0.99 for the John Gallagher DrinkStrong foundation which will benefit all cancer peoples of all races and genders and ages and species etc.

Brain isn't foggy Bonnie, trust me, its the heat.  

Hope you are well.


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jag - (8/3/2012 - 9:31pm)

Oh, and for protection, I took along my ferocious cavalier Buttercup, Biscuit is scared to run outside and still thinks he can get back into number 1 position w/Merry.  Now he knows what it feels like to be number 2, (and I'm learning all about #4).

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Oh John, please make my wristband out of that NIFTY NEW STUFF  (silicone)  or maybe even that dangling blingy  GOLD!!

congrats to you and to Buttercup.  I like the John Gallagher drink strong foundation, I will sponser you with wobbly pops (gotta 'neak them across the border'  cos of courrse I dont have a pass-a-port.


Had a adjustment on the shunt.  the headache went away, and yep 24 hours later it is back, but I am not wixing up my mords. (pronunced merds)  not to be confused with a sort of french word ....


Of your you being Irish wouldn't know about foreign swear words.   I am pround of you  can we not add the inscription of one lunged, and many craiotomied two legged sprinter of sorts?


more proper and special....

Hang in There