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Last reply 10/16/2012 - 1:35am
Replies by: lobomerchant, Anonymous

Ive had quite a few moles removed from my body per the doctors request and I'm currently monitoring a few per his request as well. Well one tiny mole that was on my mid back was recently shaved off, grew back, but it grew back in as a cluster of moles. I know it's normal for moles to sometimes grow back when shaved, is this something that I should be concerned about?

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Last reply 9/14/2012 - 12:19pm
Replies by: BonnieLea

That's the lonesome sound of the wind.... kinda like our board here or bored here..ha 

Can't point fingers since I am one and the same... 

Bonnie Lea???  where are thou???? bears eatcha?  sure hope not.. How are you doing? 

Jag?  Et Tu?  Summer wizzed by and I spent a lot of time with my chitlins, boy do they grow up fast.  Is child rearing going well for you? 

Me? you might ponder?  well, I started getting some of my stories published in a U.P. magazine and now I have a newspaper that is going to run one every other week.  Also did a pitch to some of the larger papers in the area...  Hopefully people are finding the graphic, downtrodden and misery in this world mundane and lighten up some.  Ie. election year.... Nasty stuff all around right there...

Started a web page also and it is in its infancy, stop by and be the first to leave a comment.  Well, unless it's nasty, then don't bother.  its

Here's a story I wrote last week.  It's kinda long but there is nothing else to read on this bored anyway so read away. 

Even has a Vet cameo in it for you Jag.



GOING, GOing, gone....


by Sirwilho


            "See you guys on the other side," "Tell Ma I loved her," "I tried to be good.. really.. I did,"  "Elizabeth, Elizabeth... I'm coming to join ya!,"  all these messages and more escaped me as darkness moved quickly through my consciousness until a dim ray of light was left, only to be quickly snuffed out.  Dramatic?  Yes, sure was.

            "Get yer arse off the ground and quick screwing around," Pappy hollered. 

            "I thought he was dead for sure," my Mom responded. 

            Slowly, darkness was pushed aside by these agitated sounds.  "Whew, I am alive," my brain screamed out. 

            "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, you passed out," loving brothers squealed. 

            "Dang, sure wish I was dead again," brain sniveled.

            What made me relive these dark days?   Well, it came from a little event involving my son.  He was on a tour the other day while attending a camp that explored the wonders of animals.  One stop was to a surgical room where the Vet described different sizes of needles used during his surgical procedures.

            "Well Dad, it was like this," my son starts, "The room was small and there were about 25 of us in it.  They were all breathing heavy, thus hogging all the oxygen in the surgery area.  When the oxygen was nearly depleted, there was not enough for me and my brain decided to pass out." 

            "Hmmm," I pondered.  "Jeez, the poor kid has something wrong with him," the boys mom and I agreed.  Then it hit me, "Son, when did you pass out?"  I asked,.  "Right after the Vet talked about the needles," he said.

            "Ah ha!! Yes, of course.  The poor boys head went into overdrive after he thought of needles pushing through flesh and he dropped like a hot rock," I concluded.  Genetics... yep, the poor boy has my pass-out gene.

            The dramatic story today begins with my first pass-out experience and happened when our family joined up with many relatives for a camping adventure.  During our family bonding week it seemed that there was an abundance of time to play by yourself.  Innocently enough, it was during one of these alone times when I started using a pocket knife to carve my name into a very tough Oak tree.  The bark and fibers were like steel and required me to grip the handle firmly and push the tip into the trees layers.  I ended up pushing too hard and the knife closed scissor-like on my knuckles.  The right index finger took the brunt of the slashing and carved a nice slice to the bone.  This event happened in a split second so it took a moment for my mind to register everything.              First....pain; second...bone viewing; third.... blood; fourth....My first journey to the unknown where the lights went out, knees gave way, and I hovered angel like over my crumpled body strewn haphazardly on the forest floor.

            "Look at him!!!!, Now he's crying too," brothers Gump and Bishop sympathetically added. 

            Evidently, passing out makes you a wuss and a perfect target for ridicule.  Ghaaa, the shame of it all...  Days, weeks, and years afterward I heard it over and over... "Remember that time Billy passed out?"  "Dropped like a sack of potatoes he did," "Heh, heh, heh."

            Women have it great in this aspect.  They don't 'pass out', they 'faint'. 

            Terrible, surprising news hits the home front?  Down they go, and it's acceptable.  "Poor thing, give her some air and bring some water," the witnesses soothingly quip. 

            Not fair, not right, and sexist is my assessment on this.  Jeez, my brothers were ready to throw dirt on me then started arguing over who was going to get my bike.

            That wasn't my only time passing out, I have had plenty of episodes since then.  Once, at the age of 10 or so, I had to go to the dentist.  He was a big man with cucumber size fingers and cigarette breath.  The man was also a retired Army dentist who didn't believe in anesthetics.  No Lie.  

            This guy sucked the dentistry insurance allotment up very quickly from our family.  Luckily for him, my brothers and I drank Kool Aid with reckless abandon and the pure sugar loved chewing on our teeth to give us cavities.

            Gallon of water, cup of sugar, simple, yet tasty concoction.  Especially Green.  I'm pretty sure it was called Lemon Lime or something but was referred simply as 'Green,'  in our household.  "Red blows, make Green, dumb arse" my brothers would yell at me. 

            Sorry, back to the dentist.  He was kinda smart in some ways because a treat came after our treatment.  Hmmm... 'Treat-- Treatment'... might be something to that.  Anyway, a long, rubber alligator or spider was promised if we were 'good' while he was drilling for silver.  Not quite sure what his definition of 'good' was, so I would try to lay there without squirming, crying, biting, spitting, etc.  Passing out was categorized as 'bad' in my brain so when the darkness swept over the landscape of consciousness when he drilled into a nerve, I tried to suppress it for fear of not getting my alligator.  Too late.... I was gone hovering again. 

            The dentist seemed to like me this way, I surmised while floating above him and the lifeless me. 

            Tooth smoke from the grinding and drilling finally cleared, so he poked, (revived) me and gave up one of his gators for being 'good'. 

            Sidenote.... this rubber alligator was later used by a still non-confessing brother who put it in with my goldfish and subsequently killed them. 

            Gotta give a blood draw out of my right arm?  Hover Hover...  Needle from new dentist jabbing into my jaw bone?  Darkness, then Hover....  Flu shot?  Quick darkness but no Hover..

            The most recent attack on my conscious came several years ago while I was a supervisor working the night shift at Steelcase. 

            Our workload required us to endure a lot of overtime and I would often help out the crew in the making of desktops used in office furniture.  One of the last steps in this process was to trim off the excess edgebanding by using a custom made, really sharp knife. 

            My head wasn't entirely in the game as I trimmed off the edgebanding, and as a result, the knife slipped, then sliced a nice cut deep into my right thumb. 

            "Ok, that hurt and will bleed, but no biggie," was my thought as I quickly wrapped it with a clean towel and finished trimming the top. 

            It was the end of our shift and almost the whole crew was cleaning while I completed the schedule.  About ten minutes after cutting my thumb, a young lady from our team came over to say good night and quickly saw blood on the floor and the towel wrapping my thumb. 

            "Whadja do?,  Yer bleeding...let me look at how bad it is," she says.  "I'm fine, just a little cut is all," says me.  "Lemme see, just to make sure," she asks again.

            This is the moment where my credibility as a Supervisor and a Man quickly takes its turn Southbound. 

            "OK....See?  Not so bad," I say while slowly unwrapping the towel.  I spoke too soon since when the towel opened, it revealed the now clotting blood bloop over to one side of my digit. 

            I felt IT coming on fast when the wound was exposed.  "Easy Billie, it's just blood, it doesn't hurt," my conscious screams. 

            The pass out Gene was exercising its dominance and started to suck the whole building down into the great abyss.  "Bill!!!  ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?!!" screams the 105 lb. woman. 

            ITS taking me fast and there's no stopping IT while I try to steady myself.  The mouth is now paralyzed and I can't talk, knees then become wiggly. 

            "Just go to sleep," dominant pass-out gene murmurs, "don't try to fight IT, you can't."  The concrete floor is approaching and I am rendered paralyzed-like again. 

            "HELP, HELP!!!!"...the worker screams as she barely cushions my descent to the floor.  "He would have smashed his flippin' head open if I hadn't been here," is what I heard as consciousness comes back. 

            "Just relax Bill, we called the paramedics," the lead man says as I look up to see a circle of heads, like a halo, all straining to get a good look at my passed-outedness.   The concerned look from the crew is quickly replaced by the 'holding back a good laugh look'  as two crew members put my arms around their shoulders and carry/drag me to the break room.

            "I'm fine, really."  was my proclamation to the newly arriving paramedic.  "Nope...Ya gotta go downtown to the hospital and get some stitches and we called a cab to bring you,"  the EMT says.  "What?? A cab?, I can drive," says me. "Nope...Company policy, now get going."

            It's a Saturday night and almost 2:00 A.M. as I sit in the packed E.R. waiting room with quite a cast of characters.  Finally, an hour later, a smiling nurse comes to get me and continues smiling as I sum the nights events leading up to my mishap.  She is still smiling while explaining that she needs to 'numb up the area' with her syringe of numb potion.  "It's gonna hurt too, since its basically skin on bone where I have to inject you," 

            "Go ahead, how much worse can it get?" I say.  The smiling nurse is evidently governed by the Devil as she starts the needle injections into my tender thumb.  "How ya holding up?"

            Hover, Hover, Hover, as I look down on my lifeless body and the smiling nurse. 

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Mesothelioma information and hope is an informational resource that offers hope, ways to cope and success stories about mesothelioma and other cancer survivors.For more detail visit: 

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Replies 6
Last reply 2/21/2013 - 9:04am
Replies by: jimmylucas, Jenifous89, youtuy, Anonymous, Charlesk111


So here's the thing, I accidently spilled water on my iphone 4, although it has been fixed, it still get kind of "unstable", sometimes it just suddenly shut itself down.
Since iphone 5 is coming soon, I think I'll wait till then to get a new one.However, I have a pile of important contacts saved on my watered iphone 4 and I'm so afraid that they'll be gone with the damaged phone right before I could get a new one. But if I can copy these contacts to itunes, then next time I'll be able to transfer them to the new iphone,right? Or just copy to computer? Any difference?
Anyway, I just want the contacts to be backuped, any good idea? I use Dell PC with Win 7 system.I don't mind if I have to pay for a tool but it would be the best if there's a free and easy way.Help me please!!

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Last reply 8/10/2012 - 4:49pm
Replies by: Janner, BonnieLea, King


I don't know if it's me and my memory (very likely) but I can't remember how to find someone's email address.  I thought with the prior format, one could click on their highlighted post name and the email address would appear.  Now that seems to take me to their profile.

I've had an email exchange (I shared my email address on a post) with a member.  I must have deleted the email and I guess I didn't put her email address in my contacts.  I would like to contact her with more information.

Any help would be appreciated.  And BTW, in case you see this, her posting name is KMT2003 (Kelly).


Stay Strong

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Last reply 8/11/2012 - 9:16pm
Replies by: jag, BonnieLea

ya so nothing new. up here in maine doing the boat thing. lost the end of my nose earlier this year but they grew a new one for me. pretty as ever. no caps cause i m lazeee. hi to anybody that cares. hi to the rest too. hang in there jag. hugs to marie m. i dont visit the boards anymore. turned 70 this year and want to keep my head clear and enjoy life for now. pat is doing fine.

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Last reply 4/3/2014 - 2:32am
Replies by: Barrieimage, arronlee

Ever want to turn your scans into text? With this free online tool you can convert your pathology reports to text you can edit in seconds.

Saves you the trouble of loading software on your PC.

I typed my path reports painfully- copying each word before i found this technology. Must copy/paste to a notepad after it's converted for you.

I know, you can do this with Word, but I was very lazy and never learned how to use Microsoft Word very well.

OCR stands for
Optical Character Recognition.



If for any reason my link goes off line just use google and enter "scan to text online tool free"

Only God and Fools can predict the future.. Never, ever give up!

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John, I need to ask you something but I don't have your email. Please email me at

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Last reply 8/15/2012 - 12:52pm

My friend Pete lost his best friend Larry Poplawski to melanoma 10 years ago and recently hosted his 9thannual golf outing in memory of Larry to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.  As a melanoma survivor, I have been honored to help Pete with his outing for the past three years and would like to add on to his fundraiser.

From August 1stthrough August 10thI am hosting an online fundraiser to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation by donating all of my commission to MRF from my Thirty-One Gifts independent consultant sales. This means that 25% of the proceeds from any order placed with my Thirty-One account will be donated to MRF.  If you would like to place an order please go to select “Place an Order.”  Then choose the 9th Annual Lawrence Poplawski Memorial Golf Outing Event.

Please share this with your friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc. Sometimes people are more willing to donate to a cause if they get something in return (like maybe a cute tote)!

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct sales company that sells totes, bags and organizational products that can be personalized. Please note that Thirty-One is not donating to MRF. All donations will come from my commissions. If you have any questions, please post them here or email me:  welgetracy(at) 

Thank you,

Tracy Welge

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Last reply 8/6/2012 - 10:49am
Replies by: BonnieLea, jag, Kimmer

Have been reading this blog-quite inspirational, picked it up on my google alert for a new brain tumor treatments.  Hers is a personalized brain tumor vaccine that she is considering.

it is about a woman who was diagnosed with an astrocytoma at the age of 29.  She is a former runner and running again too..

I did a 2 mile round trip to Jedd's future elementary school.  Couldn't really run the whole thing.  I jogged for 2 telephone poles, then walked one, then jogged 2 more etc.  Endorphinsdo feel good.  Broke a nice sweat in the hot humid weather here.  Needed to get out after a full day of taking care of little Jedd.  Merry got to go out on calls for the business. I sat home in the "shoe box on the rocks" as Merry's first cousin from Australia named it after visiting us.  Fed Jedd every 2 hours, in between paid bills, wrote records, and tried not to fall asleep.  Needed to get out at the end of the day.  The run kind of woke me up a bit, so now I am able to be more productive at the end of the day.  Now my abdomen is sore from my first lung surgery where they tacked it with staples, in front.  

Watching the Tour de France, this time an Englishman seems to be in the lead (for now).

Will have to see if I can work up to 26.2 miles. 

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

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Last reply 7/31/2012 - 6:27pm
Replies by: Tracy Chicago

With my diagnosis of melanoma I've recently been thinking about purchasing a self tanning creme, and possibly splurging on a professional spray tan. I mentioned this to a friend, and she thought these cremes and spray tans could contain harmful chemicals?? Does anyone have information about the advers effects of these services?

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Last reply 6/30/2012 - 11:05am
Replies by: Janner

I had a bx returned as "spindle cell melanoma arising in atypical nevus" with "indeterminate malignant potential" in June 2001.  The area was removed but not known if it was fully excised (long story) and I was advised by surgeon that because of the area and other factors it would be a false peace of mind to perform more in depth excision.  I have not thought about this for some time now, but I have had MOHS to remove a BCC (2009) and have full-skin checks every 3-6 months at the discretion of my dermatologist.  This has come back to the front of my mind as I believe I have a recurrence of BCC (next check up in July), I have family hx of melanoma (father and paternal grandmother), and I have since had pain and other issues in the region the original bx was taken as well as other organ systems in the vicinity.  I am now also facing breast lump and wonder if it could be related.  I have not been able to have health insurance for several years now and do not have a PC provider that follows me, so I just don't know if I am connecting unrelated dots or should have reason to worry.

Here are my questions:

1) is it appropriate for me to seek information & stories from those on this site?

2) Shouldn't this have caused more noticable symptoms if it were related?

3) Should I have had bloodwork/is there a blood test that could help exclude this earlier disease process?

4) Can BC and melanoma be related?

I have also had 2 other excisional bx and many punch bx over the years.

I do hope I am not asking inappropriate questions and appreciate any feedback or suggestions to guide me in seeking the right care.  Thank you all very much : )

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Last reply 7/7/2012 - 8:51pm
Replies by: BonnieLea, CarolA

Hmmmm. Well some of you may know I (we)are AWACBE. My incision is still oozing but not bad. I am hoping to get the staples out tomorrow. But who knows now. The kidney seems ok. To those who thot I lost a whole kidney nope just a portion. (whahooo clear margins). Not mel simply RCC as if that is simple

Now boob onc wants further testing due to 3 or 4 unrelated cancers. I know mekong and LMM are related but boob and kidney??? So gots to ave ultra sound of chest wall (some lumps). Then follow up during first week of camping. Geeze a 4 hour drive to boob centre and 4 hours back. Since hubs can't drive for six months DD has to. God how I hate this dependency. Poop she has only been married for a few months yet here she is driving mum and dad all over the region. I haste this.

I will try to drive the truck. ( F 150). Never driven one beforehand fact I have not driven anything since first brain surgery (2007). Wish any one of you guys were here. But you is alllllll from USA. Tsk Tsk for me hahaha. Bob has apps now and of course alllllll my various hobbitall apps. Do I sound selfish ??? I hope not

Love always Bonnie

Hang in There

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On Sunday, August 12th, lace up your sneakers and join the Melanoma Foundation of New England at the starting line for the 2012 New Balance Falmouth Road Race. You can help spread awareness and educate others in the fight against melanoma.

Runners have been raising funds and awareness for the Melanoma Foundation of New England since 2004. Running for Cover, the Foundation's running team, has been running Falmouth for the past four years. We aim to raise more than $15,000 this year! Runner will be required to raise a minimum of $1,000 to help us reach our goal.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining Running for Cover, please visit our website, apply online, or email

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Last reply 6/20/2012 - 12:12am
Replies by: Janner

hi everyone,i am the spouse of a stage 3b melanoma patient,in the past 4 months my husband has lost 32 lbs. will the oncologist continue interferon or will they stop,just curious if anyone has had the same problem? thank you


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