Sugar vs. Stevia

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3/15/2013 7:44am
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I'm a believer in the least amount of sugar in my diet.  I do supplement at times with Stevia.  Since Stevia is a natural sugar like regular sugar, should I cut it out of my diet too?  I otherwise have a very healthy diet.  I eat gluten free, mostly whole foods.  Very little processed food.  I eat fruits, vegetables,  nuts, seeds, eggs, limited beef, chicken, fish and rice and rice noodles.  I also use supplements to make sure I'm getting all my vitamins and minerals.

Sugar vs. Stevia.

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jag - (3/15/2013 - 8:34am)

Here is the deal, Stevia is has been linked to lymphoma (some study I read about a while ago whilst researching the same thing).

Other than that, your diet sounds perfect.  As a rule I find that staying active and eating smaller amounts is good for almost everything, (and it allows you to have a treat here and there) 

Be well.


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