Tell BG thanks for voting for Obama

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11/17/2012 9:42am
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I'm quite sure she did. Not a mean racist bone in her very substantial body.  My guess is my vote and her's helped demolish good old "I can't make up my mind for what I stand for" Romney.  hahaha   Well she probably doesn't come here anymore, but maybe someone can give her the message.

Wow. I was certain that you were dead by now.

And that was my first thought on seeing you had replied!  A ghost from the past.  Short portly ghost at that. :) Does anybody know what happened to BW? Maybe its time for a class reunion?

Oh Mr. Fountainhead...  you do not know me, but I laughed at so many of your 'doings' in the past.  How are you these days, and how are the fountainettes and of course Mrs. Fountainhead.


Mr. Bill,  Bless You and your wifey.  It was great hearing from you thankyou for that.  I wish we all could get on to the group as we were, but of course things change.  But I think you know what I mean.


Bonnie Lea

Hang in There