Thanks for your advise, my brother is using interferon (c) and about to get married ... Is this ok ?

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10/10/2012 3:56pm
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Dear All,

My brother is about to get maried. Within two months and by that time he will be having two shots remaining for his recovery course which is (not sure) 48 shots, once weekly. He started his course a year back and now he scheduled his wedding end mid-December, am asking him to postpone as he is negatively effected by all these shots and his health is not good at all suffering from general weakness. Anyways, please help me with the following concerns.

1- Will marieage will effect negatively on his health, I mean will he act as a normal husband?
2- Will this effect on pregnancy chances for his wife as he will take 2 shots in his first two weeks of his honey moon.
3- Will this effect on baby

Another concerns you may advise will be of great help, as I just need to make sure that this will not effect on any one either him or his wife or od willing you're baby.

Thanks a lot for your concern and interest to advise.

Much blesses to all of you.