Whoa.. go away for 8 months or so, and things have changed a LOT!

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7/31/2010 8:37pm
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BG here.  Heard so much about the "new" board.. hadda come check it out.  All I can say is.. yikes.  This ain't the board I'd gotten use to the last 9-1/2 years!

Just a lil update for my old friends, and I'm not using names for a reason--(family crap):  After much tutoring, frustration and such, the 2 oldest girlies passed school last year and will now be in 4th and 6th grades.  The "baby" will start Kindergarten!  Nooooo.. I'm not feeling old, much!

The oldest broke her hand last week after she fell off the back of a 4-wheeler in my home state/town.  I've been 'there' all summer looking after mom, who isn't doing very well.  She had a mild heart attack last week, but is home and doing as well as expected.  Docs don't think she'll be around much longer, but they ain't God.  We'll leave that up to Him.  I came home this week to get the girls registered for school and get "A"s hand looked at and x-rayed; headed back tomorrow for 3 weeks.   Mom's had a rough year so far.  The first of the year, she spent 6 weeks in the hosp. getting arteries rotor-rootered and faux arteries put in.  Was in 2x more for breathing problems, then was AT the hospital when she had the heart attack.   We'd been to the doc who'd sent her there for a doppler on her legs, then we were supposed to meet doc in ER afterwards to go over tests.  While in ER, she was in the process of having the attack.  I guess if you're gonna have one.. the hospital is the best place to be!

The reason I'm not using names is because of certain family members who are now DEAD to me, though they're alive and breathing.  I found out they had been embezzling/manipulating mom out of a LOT of money.  I ain't talking pocket change---THOUSANDS of dollars, possibly up to or above 1/2 million$$.  Still getting facts and figures and organizing them.  I'm going after them on criminal and civil charges, and let's just say it's been a friggin' blast..NOT!   It's a real pisser to find out kin-folk you've loved and adored all your life aren't what or who you thought they were.  I ask, respectfully, that you NOT refer to me by my real name if you post any replies.  BG will do just fine, or don't use any name at all.  Better yet, don't reply! haha!   I ain't gonna be around for awhile to see it anyway, but others "COULD".   I admit, I doubt they've ever been to this place, but with the way my luck's gone lately, they could be lurking to see what I post to try to use against me in the future.  I'm GONNA win this war for my mama---I have truth, facts and credible witnesses on my side.  They have nothing but lies (and a lot of $$$).  

Since all this landed in my lap (I didn't go looking for it---it found ME), I've been stressed to the max.  I HOPE it's only stress.  I have started slurring my words, saying words backwards or the wrong words (just like when I did interferon).  I just had a clean brain MRI in December, but my onc. wanted me to have another in June---I had to politely decline because I had to take care of mom.  I've noticed a couple of BIG lymph nodes right above my arm-pit (right side) that aren't going away, and a tumor-like something in my right foot (between the pads).  I'm not (too) worried, but will be having all scans again in late August.  My mom doesn't know and I don't want her to find out.  She's got enough to deal with.  She has COPD, congestive heart failure, and a severe curvature in her spine that ain't helping.  She has her bad days, and her worse days.  Today's a "worse" day.  I've hired an LPN who's been a dear friend all my life, and whom I trust completely, to sit with her 24/7.  Thanks to the nasty kinfolk, if mom lives 2 years, she's gonna be broke.  (Dad had her set for LIFE and all the kids, too.)  It's damn hard to sit and watch your mother suffocate.  Please pray her last days won't be filled with suffering.  She's grieving over a child lost to money/greed.  She's already lost one child to cancer. 

Gotta run get thru packing.  All my best to you all. *hugz*  

I am so sorry to hear about everything you and your family have been going through. I'll be sending out good thoughts and prayers for your mom and for you. I hope that it will turn out that your health problems have nothing to do with the beast. What a terrible thing to find out family has been taking advantage of your mother. I hope that will be rectified. I don't come here much anymore either but have been since the new board went up so good to see old faces (not old in years as you're younger than me so you aint old). Take care, Carver

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sorry to hear this B..  we had a similar family situation a few years back - my SIL's were devastated that one of their own could be so f'n selfish.  I think it pained them more than the parents, but maybe they were just better at expressing it.  I know you're too busy to think of yourself much, but please try to schedule follow up appts soon... will be thinking of you and looking for an update when you have time,  linda

thoughts and best wishes for the best outcome for one and all continually going to you and yours.  Ttake care BG

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I am so sorry to hear you're going through so much BG.  I hope your health issues are related to all this stress and not anything else.  As to families, well, don't get me started.  I will say that I think the adrenelin we get from anger actually helps us.  Well it must, or I wouldn't be here. 

Hang in there.  I'll keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.  Email if me if you'd like.  I'd like to know how your family fared in the place we have in common (yikes this anonymous stuff is hard).  Our son's house was fine but the surrounding area, not so well.  You know what I'm talking about.  OMG - I sound like DAN - LOL!!!!!

Take care and stay strong.



Great to hear from you, though I am sorry you have had so much trouble these last months.  Family has the ability to provide unparalleled support and help, or an amazing level of grief.  Sounds like you have hit more than your share of the later.

I hope you can find a way of dealing with the stress.  It is tough, I know.  You can't make stress go away just by wanting to lower your stress level.  But stress isn't good, as you know very well.

Please keep us posted, particularly on your lymph nodes, etc.




Hey BG,

Miss you to and I hate all the other stuff that you got stuck with.  There is a special place in HE** for "family" like that.  Sometimes I think "family" steal from other members because they think they can get away with it and justify it.  The more money someone has, the more venomus and toxic our relatives can become.

Please take care, and if you don't post about your nodes and stuff, and leave us hanging here, I WILL reach out from cyberspace and smack you *grin* for leaving us to bite our nails to the quick!

I was thinking of your grandbaby.  Jade just started kindergarten today as well.  They are almost the same age, and I remember what your daughter went through.  Too bad you can't post a picture of her due to OMG "family"?!

Thinking of you,


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 Hey BG, very sorry to hear of your troubles.  Board hasn't been the same without you.  Best to you and the "grandgirlies"

Will keep you in my prayers


ps, I knew who "the southern leprachaun" was.

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BG! so sorry for all the problems and issues with the family.

I hope MamaG is doing better now.




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