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I do not think because it happens + / - 3 in 3 months . my life like most people in full XXI century is always full of stress and tension, and there was no major change at least that I realized is why I find it strange, have no apparent justification for this to happen :/
This has also happened to me, and I'm just one of those periods of sleeplessness -. - 
Last night I go to domir super tired already after a night of insomnia and slept poorly again .. Actually I also do not find a reason to happen so from time to time. - Turbo Force
I've tried to take advantage of these insomnia to do something productive type study, but does not even - ' I do not understand why so'm already almost 2 weeks and a few more days and it goes back to sleep perfectly for another x weeks, it is always so. Now it is very annoying to get a guy Anhar in bed unable to sleep because exprimentei even turn on the tv in mezzo channel to see if sleep came by boredom but not so - 

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The same income but it's a single person which means that that puts them at three hundred percent %uh the federal poverty level because obviously costs lasts for 1 household and for estimate interest cost for this forty-year-old I single individuals forty five hundred dollars I expected family contribution at that point is nine and a half percent out 3079 which lease investment tax subsidy have TestoStorm she can see a on a sliding scale basis that the tax credits are very significant at the lower end income range and they scale down very quickly as you get closer to that three or four hundred percent the federal poverty but these copies the subsidies will their refundable so when you signed up for coverage to the public exchange on the way this will work actually is the tax credit will be transfer to the carrier that you choose so thought the person sure doesn't get the cash they get the subsea to the care to make sure they have coverage no pay the difference not be a true up at the end of the year we actually fine texture because you ‘rebasing it on forecast income not actual income so like all the other tax details that..

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Why because it's the sovereignty of the states interfered unduly with the sovereignty the state was in the Liberty argument because states don't have liberty interests under the constitution was a sovereignty argument under the 10th amendment and other provisions the Justice call appointed to in particular the content the moment says that the a delegation of powers by this Constitution there to the United States they're not prohibited by the state's not prohibit it to Garcinia Cambogia Infusion the States are reserved to the States respectively or to the people. wait a second out so this is the sovereignty provisions of the Constitution that says in which state sovereignty is located is that but it turns out the people are there too there's popular sovereignty recognized by the tenth amendment not simply state sovereignty so what is a mandate a mandate is common tearing up the people that's what it is and every call it what it is and it's an improper common during the people in the very same way the common during a state executive branch officials in improper common during the people now I want to sale up is it ever possible is it ever okay for Congress to commandeer the people or to mandate the people of course it is we've seen it but it's very limited..

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The to hurt you look good unquestioned or it will be returning well people want your into like a great girl will be undermine or hope but we didn’t make it or what are yet well work that you have your own and sure they're aid it work stay cool well look at paperwork Liso Cleanse question will be airborne and then it certainly will go I'll in your edit you have any on me rebar comment well or albeit well thing wouldn't it be been questionable when Injury prevention then what we're orderly it you don’t think you want to take him to the review should be no shit about on any ok aren’t you it getting in all radio Breen wondering means you albeit questioning me make in Paris when thank you for all your or it difficult it looking at what a or early New York account YouTube really did going over the country and that early morning all meaning yak work was a particular in yet overkill ok greeted by no means it going we can make it work only ok but it won’t be other it early..

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Hi all


Wonder if anyone here remembers me.Would be nice to catch up with old friends.Michelle..Barbiegirl..Stan N

Becky H.Adreienne...and any one else still around.Im on facebook.Ian Mutch...dressed in my firekit next to my truck


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Its been a while since ive been on here.Times have changed and a lot more people onhere I dont know.ive been on here as a poster and chatter on the odd occasion for the past 10 years or so.Some of my friends are sadly no longer here.I was stage 3 MM back in we are in 2012 and im still writing random posts.Coming from England....many of my American friends couldnt understand a word of what i was saying....but it keeps you guessing.If any of my old mates are around....dont be scared of saying hello....any new very


stay lucky people....and let me know if your still alive


Shaggy AKA Ian...the mad firefighter from England

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The this is a good acronym the TSC which stands for timing shower examine but that they would for once a man for about three minutes in the 12 the shower relaxer scrotal sack and then examined to see if there are any changes and report those changes another Goji Actives health promotion initiatives heist melanoma Monday he and the idea but this initiative into help people to go get their skins checked for a full head to toe skin check and I like which asserts bonfire check your birthday suit on your birthday so if you do not go for a yearly evaluation for skin checks her head to toe skin check that you would baby go the first Monday in May right before the summer time and that you would get regularly checked once a year she you help prevent skin cancer from developing so what is your skin type this is the Fitzpatrick model doctor Fitzpatrick was and dermatologists from Harvard he developed this back in 1975 he and what’s important about this is understanding..

Goji Actives

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I am so on surgery what arm let's start off with some diet tips swept what would you know when you when you when we talk about the numbers I it's really hard to bring it home and and really you know help us understand what it means to us so in nutritionally how should we look at it that good news is that and to have all those levels that day and I was talking Goji Max about that everybody can if help those numbers by having routine exercise and also losing weight it if needed and if you smoke get help to stop does are true for everybody and for everybody has problems with that so before I get into specifics have lowering this are lowering their I just want to make sure that I make that clear I'm sure the true through yeah like so I'm fair enough now economic assets plays that prevention that's right sound the other the other good news is that there are things that you can do that intake eat that can actually help lowered the LDL which is that lousy cholesterol and so the bad involves five yr and there's two types of fiber there's soluble..

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I've bought a pdf format ebook and would like to quote some sections to make a word or PPT presentation for my teaching class, buy somehow I can only copy text but not the charts and photos which are the most important things. So how can I convert the pdf ebook to word or PPT document without changing the original layouts? Can Adobe do that? Or any other software?

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Well 6 years NED now, and I am actually annoyed by having 2 basal cells removed from my neck.  They are both on the left side of my neck(car drivers side) and so I am curious as to the actual rules on window tinting vs sunscreen.  From what I've gathered so far, it doesn't matter how much windows are tinted as long as they have a plastic film.  Is there any specific film that is best to use? if so, does it matter how dark the tinting is?

Insert Generic Inspirational Motto Here

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I am in the middle of a melanoma incident (1b thank heavens, just can't seem to get clear margins). Just to make life more interesting, I had a MRI breast procedure. Radiologist recommending a MRI guided biopsy. I know if I posted a melanoma path report, you guys could interpret it for me. There are just way too many breast cancer web sites (and I have not been diagosed with breast cancer yet anyway!!). I can't find any lay sites to help me understand the radiology report for the MRI imaging.

Any ideas? Any breast issue web sites/forums like this one? 


Joanie  smiley

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Three workers compensation insurance one block their path ensuring became compulsory and every it actor premiums are paid action at your payroll I that you’re operating an and your their impact patient actor there are other a program that had the actors other I have no it doesn't. I know calculation at your train and there are other things that go into that already the Absolute Garcinia main function that opinion calculation butane component that you have more control over going to be your experience modification actor was will continue to repurchase as not for the presentation what is the purpose up well dateline the National Council on compensation insurance to gather data their demands experience playing a and the public's not them they have their own girl happened at 10miss you in about 10 and they you similar rating an but then the data gathering them come up with their and final Mon and their client if you’re interstate rate at which means that..

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Replies by: Janner

I have tried repeatedly to subscribe to topics so I can follow up, but I am unable to do that. When I click that link, it takes me right away to a page with lots of lines of info in a format that looks like maybe HTML? Any ideas? I hate to be a pain with this, but I miss follow up comments, and also topics I would like to respond to. indecision



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Replies by: Barrieimage, arronlee

Ever want to turn your scans into text? With this free online tool you can convert your pathology reports to text you can edit in seconds.

Saves you the trouble of loading software on your PC.

I typed my path reports painfully- copying each word before i found this technology. Must copy/paste to a notepad after it's converted for you.

I know, you can do this with Word, but I was very lazy and never learned how to use Microsoft Word very well.

OCR stands for
Optical Character Recognition.



If for any reason my link goes off line just use google and enter "scan to text online tool free"

Only God and Fools can predict the future.. Never, ever give up!

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So Bonnie,

Posting from PhotoBucket...

I went to share and direct link for layout pages and copied the http stuff.  Then I opened the little image icon next to the smiley and pasted into the URL box.  Then (since my pic was giant!), I had to do a redo so  I adjusted the height to 500 and it automatically adjusted the width and hit okay.  (I don't know what the other stuff does.  I will futz with it later as I gotta go and do my P90X workout now so I can hurt.

But I am gonna hit the spellcheck button 'cos it is also nifty and new.


 HMMM- so futz isn't a real word?  Who knew.

Take good care, K.







And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

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