Patient Stories

With a diagnosis of melanoma, the future can suddenly seem filled with uncertainty. Sharing experiences and reading the stories of others who have been through the same situation, can be comforting and reassuring.

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47 year old with Stage IV melanoma
My husband Ben, 34, diagnosed Stage IIIA in May 2014. CLND - Done! Now the biggie: interferon or not?
I was 18 and had barely begun living my life when I was diagnosed with melanoma.
My cancer story.
I thought I was too young to get cancer...I was sadly mistaken. Thankfully, I was delivered through faith.
Our Mum - our inspiration
Discovered a Stage IV melanoma...
Approaching one year since diagnosis!
I have friends tell me all the time how strong I am but it's hard sometimes when faced with this diagnosis. Two years ago I was Stage IIb and thought I was going to be good for a while...
I am 56 years old and have Stage IIIa melanoma.