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AprilGage's picture
Joined: 02/04/2011
the patient's sister
apryle dawn's picture
apryle dawn
Joined: 02/15/2003
the patient
Stage 2

excision of mm 5-97 on my right leg just above my achilles tendon

was removed at University Hospital in denver colorado

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Joined: 12/28/2015
the patient's friend
Stage 3
aquamak's picture
Joined: 08/14/2013
the patient
Stage 3

WLE and SNB-10/18/2012
Left neck dissection and paroidectomy - 5/10/2013
Completed dendritic cell vaccine clinical trail - December 2013
Currently 18 months NED!

Aquidnecker's picture
Joined: 01/15/2010
the patient

Forearm biopsy from late Feb 2009 resulted in stage IIb amelanotic melanoma (pt3b) diagnosed mid-March 2009; radical excision, axillary sentinel node removal (negative), skin graft followed;...

arafer123's picture
Joined: 01/10/2015
the patient
Unknown Stage

Completely Removed with.biopsy

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Joined: 01/31/2011
the patient
Unknown Stage

Multiple surgeries and a year of Interferon injections.

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Joined: 08/29/2011
Aria's picture
Joined: 11/23/2013
the patient
Stage 4
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Joined: 01/21/2012
the patient
Stage 4


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