Research Grants for Melanoma

Career Development, Established Investigator and Team Awards

The 2016 Request for Proposals will be available on or before December 7, 2015. Applications will be accepted from December 7, 2015 - March 1, 2016. Applications will be submitted and managed entirely online through ProposalCENTRAL. The RFP will be made available on ProposalCENTRAL beginning December 7, 2015.

Read about all of our grant award winners, including all of our new 2015 recipients HERE! 

Medical Student Awards

The 2016 Medical Student Award Applications are currently under review.

Grant Program Background

Since 1998, the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) has been supporting promising medical research that will further the goal of developing an effective treatment and possible cure of malignant melanoma, while also encouraging scientists and clinicians to join in this mission. The MRF is committed to advancing a national scientific agenda for melanoma research, coordinating with other leaders and funders, while funding research across the spectrum of melanoma – in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The MRF proactively partners with other leaders and funders (NCI, Congress, Department of Defense, Melanoma Research Alliance) to develop and collaborate on a broad agenda for melanoma research that takes full advantage of all opportunities, while also sharing challenges.

Each year, the MRF provides emerging and established scientific investigators with highly sought-after grants that will allow them to explore new avenues in melanoma biology, prevention and treatments, ultimately leading to a cure. Basic, translational and clinical research projects are considered.

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All questions or concerns regarding the MRF’s Research Grant Program can be directed to the Program Director at or by calling 800-673-1290.