MRF Logo Use Guidelines

The Melanoma Research Foundation’s (MRF) logos and marks create a visual identity for the organization’s mission, programs and resources. It is imperative that use of the MRF’s logos and marks are used only with the organization’s prior consent. Here’s why: 

Trademark Rights

The MRF owns all legal rights and trademarks for the organization’s logos and taglines. Should these materials be used without the MRF’s prior approval, the MRF is at risk of losing its trademark rights. According to the International Trademark Association (ITA), “it is possible to lose rights in a mark by allowing third parties to use the mark without controlling how it is used. This can include failing to control the nature and quality of the goods and/or services offered under the mark by the third party…”


The MRF’s logo and marks build recognition of the organization’s brand among the public. Consistency among this visual identity is critical. The power of the MRF’s visual identity is at risk of being damaged if the marks are used without prior permission. 


The melanoma community trusts in the MRF’s mission and the organization is dedicated to preserving this confidence. The MRF’s logo and marks must reflect the organization’s values and commitment to combating melanoma. Should the marks be used in a manner inconsistent with the MRF’s mission, the organization’s reputation and authenticity is at risk. 
The MRF owns all legal rights to use the organization’s logos and taglines. Use of these materials by any external party (individual or company) without prior written authorization by the MRF is strictly prohibited by law. To request usage permission, email