Miles for Melanoma Champions

Research shows that exposure to the sun increases the risk of a melanoma diagnosis. For endurance athletes who train outdoors, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can mean racing for more than medals but for also their lives.

The MRF is proud of our athletes who train hard and raise funds to create awareness about melanoma prevention and the high risk of melanoma among endurance athletes!  Join our Miles for Melanoma Champions today and swim, bike, and run to raise money for the fight against melanoma. Any event is the right event for this amazing group of people - run a race of any distance, bike in a century ride or in a city ride. You choose the event and make a difference in the fight against melanoma.

Join our Miles for Melanoma Champions Team in three easy steps:

  1. Register online with our Champions Team. It's free!
  2. Create your fundraising page. Tell everyone why you support the MRF.
  3. Raise your required funds by one month prior to race day.

Need help finding an event in your area?

Here are just a few helpful resources for races around the county:

Contact us if you still need help finding that perfect event!