Pediatric Melanoma

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8/27/2010 2:01pm
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Hi all!  I'm hoping for some ideas and thought this would be a good place to turn.  I am starting a new project to help other parent's who have children that have been diagnosed with melanoma.  We found out Rachael has stage III when she was 5.  She's doing great now and is 11 month NED.  Yay!

There is SO MUCH information for adults but a virtual void of info for children.  I'm going to try to bring what little info we have to one place (I'll have a link to here of course!), answer some FAQ's along the way and most importantly CONNECT people to other parents.  Very exciting!

Please follow the link to my blog to help me come up with a name for my new project.  I'm going to be giving out a cool prize to the winner!  (Hint:  Coolibar)

Thanks for your help!!