There is a mole in my scar issue!!!

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8/30/2010 11:36pm
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I had a mole off in September 09 that was malignant melanoma. Re-excised in Novmber and now there is a small mole in the middle of the scar tissue. How common is this? DO I get it checked out asap?? I am quite worried!!

Yes, you want it removed soon.  It is possible that the excision did not remove every cell and some grew back.  It is also possible it is nothing to be concerned about.  However, better safe than sorry at this point.  Call your doctor and get an appointment.

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I would definitely get it checked out!! I had what looked like a little freckle pop up in the scar from a prior melanoma surgery and it turned out to be melanoma.Don't ignore it! Hopefully it is nothing to worry about in your case, but I would get it checked out as soon as you can.

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I hope that you have had this checked out. It took me a year and and three different dermatologists to remove the growth under the scar tissue of a biopsy that had been miss diagnoses as an irritated nevus rather than melanoma. By that time I was Stage III and I had to have extensive surgery on my leg, removal of all the lymph nodes, radiation, and then reconstructive surgery to save the leg. So find someone who will take it off immediately.


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